1977 Chevrolet Nova


As one of the quickest new vehicle improvement programs in General Motors’ history, the Nova was Chevrolet’s solution for an affordable compact car. It was originally intended to compete against the Ford Falcon, a competition that would last for years. During its eighteen years of production, the Chevy Nova went from an affordable little car to a legendary muscle car that offered a wide range of body styles, specifications, and variations, but a great start doesn’t guarantee a great end. Success. However, this does not overshadow the significant impact of some of the previous generations on compact and muscular cars, from the world of passengers to racing drivers and racetracks. Here, we will focus on the 1977 Chevrolet Nova.

The 1977 Chevrolet Nova was an affordable “traditional” compact Detroit. From 1975 to 1979 the Nova sold very well and was once one of the most used cars on American roads.

History of Chevy Nova 

With the successful introduction of the Falcon in 1960 by Ford, American compact cars gained popularity. Chevrolet’s plan for this booming trend was to create an affordable and desirable car. Soon after, they were making the 1962 Chevy II; a car built on General Motors’ X-body platform. Chevrolet’s intention was not to make the 1962 Chevy II a revolutionary car, but rather to make it a simple compact car for Chevrolet buyers.

 The choice of the name for this model has been the subject of much discussion in the Chevrolet organization. At the last minute, they chose “Chevy II” instead of “Nova” for the main title of this model, apparently because Nova didn’t start with a “C”. However, the name “Nova” still found its way into the first-year model, but only as a slogan for the top model series. In 1969, Chevrolet changed the name of the Nova car and left it to Chevy II.

Chevy II looked very similar to the Ford Falcon it was modeled after. The 1962 model had different body styles: sedan, station wagon, two-door hardtop, and convertible. Ford Falcon offered customers the same styles and two more; a two-door station wagon/sedan and a utility coupe.

1977 Chevy Nova Performance:

The 1977 Chevrolet Nova is equipped with a 5-liter V8 engine that produces 145 hp at an rpm of 3800 and 332 NM of torque at an rpm of 2400. It was a rear-wheel-drive vehicle focused on the greatest speed increase. Three motors and four transmissions were accessible for each 1977 Chevrolet. Nova. Purchasers could pick between a 110-torque 250-cubic-inch in-line motor, a 145-pull 305-cubic-inch two-chamber V8, or a 170-strength, 350-cubic-inch four-chamber V8. The NOVA could likewise be outfitted with a weighty assistance suspension or sports assortment.


The 1977 Chevrolet Nova highlighted another upward grille and a reconsidered upstanding hood adornment. The back of the Nova additionally got new three-section taillights suggestive of the Caprice. It additionally included upgraded wheel covers and more extensive polished wheel opening strips. “Worldwide in style, American in work,” accentuated the Nova deals handout. Nova offers an “exceptionally extraordinary mix of exemplary style and good judgment”, the leaflet proceeds to say. That last remark was about Nova’s sensible size. The actual nova, it is said in the showcasing materials, are “not minuscule, not very large, not very costly”.


Most certainly, even though they sold (generally) inadequately in a couple of years, principally because Chevrolet put up more models for sale to the public that was eaten up in its market fragment. The Nova’s from 1962 to 1979 were straightforward and tough vehicles, and the V8 adaptations were especially amazing as a result of their little size and lightweight.

The 1985 Nova, because of the Toyota Corolla and inherent a joint plant with Japanese administration frameworks, was one of General Motors’ greatest cars at that point. The Nova was really planned as a minimized economy vehicle. Nova is viewed as a muscle vehicle, particularly SS models with the 327 (5.3-liter) V8, 350 (5.7-liter) V8 with four-chamber carburetors, or the 396 (6.5-liter) huge square Engines. Liters) and 402 (6.6 liters). Strength started to decrease later in 1971, and in 1973 the SS was only a bundle of looks. Nonetheless, many Nova’s have been adjusted with reseller’s exchange parts and marked as muscle vehicles.

1977 Chevy Nova Highlights:

There is a metropolitan legend that says that Nova sells ineffectively in Spanish-talking nations since “Nova” signifies “counterfeit”. It isn’t a fact that “nova” in Spanish has a similar superb significance as it does in English. While “no va” signifies “will not go”, scarcely any Spaniards would decipher “Nova” as “no va” as Snopes.com brings up, the thing that matters is actually similar to saying that “Remarkable” is a terrible name. a lounge area set since it very well may be perused as “surprising”. Truth be told, the Nova sold well in a few Latin American nations. Nova was famous as a hustling driver because of its low weight. In this way, check cautiously for indications of misuse, particularly torsional harm to the back suspension or monocoque.

1977 Chevrolet Nova

Owner Manual

The Chevrolet Owners Manual included with the original vehicle purchase will review internal and external operations and routine maintenance required to keep the vehicle in top shape. Replacement versions are available should an owner find theirs damaged, lost, or stolen. Specific years of the Chevrolet Nova Manual are also available on the secondary market.


From the inexpensive small car to the legendary muscle car, the Chevy II / Nova offered a multitude of models, specifications, and body styles during its 18 years of production. The 68-74 models left a big mark in the world. History of the American classic. The compact car and its exterior design became one of the most successful Chevrolet car designs in its own era.

Despite the relative failure of the sixth generation Nova, we believe the size of the fourth and fifth generation of this automobile makes most of it possible. It was the popular compact classic car of the 60s and 70s. It is a vehicle of sensible size, sufficient execution, and basic tastefulness. The Nova has yet to morph into a smooth, calm, or wealthy ride in any way. It is a simple and skillful guide. By far its most important asset is bodywork with generously average vehicle space, but with an exceptionally conservative profile and particularly large entry height.