1979 Chevy Truck


Like all other automobile companies, Chevrolet or Chevy is long in the automobile industry for over a century. It released its first vehicle known as The Type C. Since then the automobile company has manufactured trucks, sports cars, coupes, SUVs, etc. With the release of trucks, Chevrolet produced the Chevrolet C/K series of trucks. The Chevy trucks were one of a kind back in the day. These trucks remained popular in the market for nearly 40 years before the release of the Chevrolet Silverado. The 1979 Chevy Trucks are a masterpiece and one of the best truck models of its time.

The Chevy Trucks are available in a number of various trim options – eight to be exact. This includes two types of transmission options: two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The C trims in Chevy C/K trucks are two-wheel drive trucks, and the K trims are four-wheel-drive trucks. The K trims are best for off-roading travel due to their four-wheel drive transmission. If you want a truck for a normal city/country drive then any of the C series models will work best for you.

The payload range of Chevy trucks ranges from 4900 pounds to around 10,000 pounds. Consequently, the four-wheel-drive trims K10, K20, and K30 carry the best off-roading driving experience with a payload range of up to 10,000 pounds.

1979 Chevy Truck First Look

The 1979 Chevrolet C Series is a classic truck, especially when paired with a trailer. As a pickup truck, the 1979 Chevy truck can be used as a pickup, trailer, crew cab, trailering packages, and campers. Not surprisingly, the truck has a vintage look with the company’s logo in-between the front horizontal chromed grilles. The front hood has sport striping, striping on the sides, and a tailgate.

The bumpers of the truck are either body-colored or metallic/chrome. Its front seating allows a comfortable seating of three people. The interior of the truck is mono-colored which enhances the beauty of these trucks. All trims of the pickup trucks have had a vintage look since the model came out in 1979. The 17/18-inch alloy wheels amplify the truck’s exterior look. Being a vintage vehicle, it’s not easy to find a new 1979 Chevrolet truck. However, a restored 179 Chevy truck looks marvelous with exterior and interior modeling.

Truck Specifications

Engine Capacity4.1 & 4.8-Litre L6, 5.0 & 5.7-Litre V8, 6.6-Litre V8 and 7.4-Litre V8
DrivetrainTwo-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive
Drive Transmission3-Speed, 4-Speed, Automatic
Fuel Mileage14-18 mpg Combined
Fuel Tank Capacity16/20 gallons
SteeringManual or Power
BrakesManual or Power
Cab TypeConvertible/Bonus/Crew
Payload Range4,900 to 10,000 Pounds
Tire Size15 to 18-inch Alloy Wheels

The 1979 Chevy Truck is packed with six engine types based on the trim model. The two-wheel-drive C10 also includes a standard 4.1-Litre L6 engine with a capacity to tow 4,900 to 5,600 pounds. A two-wheel-drive 1979 Chevy C30 can tow up to an incredible 10,000 pounds weight, the same as the four-wheel-drive K30. These performance-packed trucks are built to move heavy-weight material, campers, and trailers. A few available features also include an auxiliary fuel tank with a capacity of 20 gallons. The auxiliary fuel tank is available in all truck trims.

Owner Manual

The 1979 Chevy Truck Owner’s Manual covers the main features, functions, and capabilities of the vehicle, as well as instructions and guidance for operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting. Also included are the specifications regarding sizing, power and other technical aspects of the truck.

1979 Chevy Truck

Additional Chevy Truck Owners Manual versions for any given year, model, or trim can be located and to ensure proper vehicle maintenance.


The 1979 Chevy Trucks offer powerful terrain drive. Both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive transmission, the 1979 Chevy Pickup Trucks offer a smooth ride. The 1979 Chevy 350 produces a whopping 155 horsepower with a torque of 225 pounds-feet. Similarly, the 1979 Chevy C10 has a 4.1-Litre L6 engine with an optional V8 engine variant. With a powerful V8 engine, the 1979 Chevy truck has a towing capacity of a maximum of 5600 pounds. It can pull a camper, a chassis cab, or a trailer effortlessly.

The 1979 Chevy Truck is perfect for a camper due to its powerful V8 engine. It has options for both automatic and manual transmission with the basic package comprising shock absorbers, stabilizers, and a body wiring harness. The most important feature is the camper body tie-down that holds the camper in a certain position offering heavy-duty shock absorbers. Apart from that, all trims have a gasoline engine, either V8 or L6. The V8 gasoline engines can tow heavy equipment up to 10,000 pounds, such as a large fifth-wheel trailer. With a 4-Speed or automatic drive transmission, the 1979 Chevy Truck offers an over-the-top truck experience for its time.

Truck Series and Trims

This Chevy truck is available in more than 10 trims. The trim models comprise two drivetrains: either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The two-wheel-drive truck models include the C10, which is a convertible truck comprising of 4.1-Litre L6 engine. The available engine options in this particular trim are either a 5.0-Litre V8 or a 5.7-Litre V8. Consequently, the BIG-10 comes with a standard 5.0-Litre V8 engine and an optional 5.7-Litre V8 or 7.4-Litre V8 engine.

The C10 Diesel is a 5.7-Litre V8 diesel engine, which is not recommended by many users. The 1979 Chevy C20 has the base model with either a 4.1-Litre L6, 5.7-Litre V8, or 7.4-Litre V8 engine. It can pull a weight of around 8200 pounds.  However, the C30 trim is similar to the engine trim and has an enhanced towing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds. The K10, K20, and K30 trims also have similar engines, including a 5.7-Litre V8 or 6.6-Litre V8 engine. With the four-wheel-drive transmission in all the K series, the powerful 1979 Chevy Truck can tow up to 10,000 pounds. Subsequently the Camper Special Package is perfect for camping and road trips.

Exterior and Interior

The exterior body of the 1979 Chevy Truck portrays a vintage look due to its model year. The reshaped or restored truck has a more refined look due to a fresh body paint job. Similarly, the rectangle front headlights and horizontal bar grilles highlight its timeless signature look. The C/K series are available in both short-bed and long-bed. The customers can also choose between a slammed look or a lifted look. The mono-color interior includes a three-passenger bench seat set, as well as a dash equipped with an speaker system, AM/FM, cruise control, and air conditioning.


The 1979 Chevy Truck is one of a kind, classic truck found mainly in the countryside. The restored GM-produced truck is certainly a better option if you like to roll in style. Since the truck is of heritage, enthusiasts can buy an old one to restore. However, if you are looking to buy a truck for daily use, try exploring other options with the latest trims. The 1979 Chevy Trucks have seen their prime days during their time, and we recommend buying one if you are looking for powerful vintage trucks.