2002 Ford Excursion

The Ford Excursion, which debuted for the first time in 1999, is not only large but also has the capability of being outfitted with sufficient high-end components to compete with almost any automobile. This makes it more appealing to upper-middle-class consumers who need the skills it has. The most luxurious trim level available for the 2002 Ford Excursion year is the Limited Ultimate, which comes standard with a long list of upscale features such as dual captain’s chairs in the second row that is upholstered in leather, heated front seats, controls for the climate and audio system on the steering wheel, and a rear-seat entertainment system that includes a video screen that is mounted in the ceiling.


The 2002 Ford Excursion is offered in 4 trim levels:

  • XLT
  • XLT Premium
  • Limited
  • Limited Ultimate

Performance and Fuel Economy

The basic engine is a 5.4-liter V8 that produces 255 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque on models equipped with two-wheel drive. On models equipped with four-wheel drive, the base engine is a 6.8-liter V10 that produces 310 horsepower and 425 pound-feet of torque. A 7.3-liter V8 diesel engine that generates 250 horsepower and 505 lb-ft of earth-shaking torque are available as an add-on. There is no option for a manual gearbox in the Excursion; all engines are paired only with a four-speed automatic transmission as standard equipment.

The Excursion comes standard with a trailer hitch and can pull 11,000 pounds when equipped with all-wheel drive. As a point of reference, a Chevrolet Suburban 2500 fitted with an 8.0-liter Vortec V8 can tow 12,000 pounds. However, the Ford has a few more cubic feet of storage space available than the Chevrolet. The Excursion has a cargo capacity of 146.4 cubic feet, but the Suburban only has 138.4 cubic feet.

Cabin Comfort

The 2002 Ford Excursion has a very hospitable cabin on the inside. It makes little difference where in the vehicle you sit since all of the seats provide enough space for the occupants’ legs, heads, and elbows. The front seats, the second row, and the third row. It is possible to have a comfortable journey for six persons, yet there will still be 48 cubic feet of room for stuff behind them. The Excursion has enough seating for up to eight people for shorter journeys, such as going to a restaurant, and up to nine people if you purchase the front bench seats rather than the bucket seats.

Removable 3rd Row Seating

If you take off the bench seat in the third row of the 2002 Ford Excursion, there is enough room for five passengers and their belongings. The seat on the third row is simple to remove: To move the seat, you must first rotate the seatback forward, then pull on a bar at the foot of the seat, and then drag the seat toward the back of the car. The seat moves along on rollers.

Seat Comfort

This is a car from 2002; back then, possibilities for updated features and lots of technology weren’t available. However, in addition to a plethora of comfort amenities, the model for this year comes standard with a couple of the essentials. The Excursion boasts front seats made of heated leather buckets with power and lumbar support for the driver. It can accommodate up to eight people. Additionally, the rear seats, including those in the third row, are split-bench seats with a configuration of 60-40. In addition to that, it has a tilt steering column as well as a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Additional Features

This vehicle also has a parking assist system, a compass, cruise control, adjustable pedals, remote keyless entry, power windows, doors, and mirrors. In addition, if you do a lot of traveling or find that you need to transfer your belongings regularly, the Excursion comes standard with a roof rack equipped with crossbars and a rear step bumper. And let’s not overlook the running boards, which make getting in and out of the car much simpler.


  • Height: 80.2 in
  • Length: 226.7 in
  • Width: 79.9 in
  • Curb weight: 7,688 lbs

Engine type: 6.8L V10 OHV 20 valves Triton

Fuel tank: 166 L

2002 Ford Excursion

2002 Ford Excursion Factory Service Manual

These manuals go through every aspect of how the car operates. The vehicle’s purchase price does not include the 2002 Ford Excursion Repair Manual.

  • Safety Restraints
  • Instrumentation
  • Before Driving
  • Starting and Operating
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Specifications
  • Capacities
  • Servicing
  • Customer Assistance

The service manuals for the 2002 Ford Excursion are vast and cover every aspect of the vehicle’s operation.

2002 Ford Excursion — Owner’s Manual

When consumers purchase a 2002 Excursion, they get a Ford Excursion Owners Manual containing all the required information for future maintenance and modifications.

  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance Record

While this list is thorough, the owner’s manual for the 2002 Ford Excursion provides more operational suggestions to enhance the user experience.

2002 Ford Excursion Price

The 2002 Ford Excursion has its price listed below:

  • XLT: $35,330 or €33428
  • XLT Premium: $36,680 or €34705
  • Limited: $39,145 or €37038
  • Limited Ultimate: $40,140 or €37979

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MPG of the Excursion?

The average MPG is 13.7

Are Ford Excursions All-Wheel-Drive?

They are available in 2WD or 4WD

How many miles can an Excursion last?

500,000 miles..The shortest reported mileage is 300000, and there are a few reports of 600,000 miles.