2014 Ford Focus

Ford has never failed to satisfy its customers when it comes to any car type, truly. It offers a wide range of car types for everyone to choose from and surely one of its prominent car lines has been its compact cars.

The 2014 Ford Focus is Ford’s very highly rated and preferred compact car perfect for every need. This model specifically the 2014 Ford Focus has been rated number 16 in the top compact cars category. It offers a wide range of excellent features that covers excellent design, interior, drive, power, and mileage which altogether makes this car stand out. It is a compact sedan, perfect for daily commutes.


Power159-252 HORSEPOWER  
Engine Type160.0-hp, 2.0-liter, 4 Cylinder Engine (Flex Fuel Capability)
Seating Capacity5
Mileage30 combined MPG
Transmission6-Speed A/T
DrivetrainFront-Wheel Drive
2014 Ford Focus

Owner’s Manual

The 2014 Ford Focus Manual covers the specs, operation, and routine maintenance of the vehicle. Many more of the Ford Focus Manual types are also available.


When it comes to the value of the Ford Focus, this compact car is surely low-priced. It is designed to be affordable, compact, and easily drivable for daily commutes. What could be said to be its main feature is how it is for sure the best daily purposes. Especially families, they do not have to worry about taking out a car that gives low mileage and comfort just to run some errands, this compact car will give them ample space to easily grab all their groceries and carry them from any destination with very low fuel consumption. Keeping all this in front, this car is said to guarantee the value for its price, undoubtedly.


To our and pretty much your surprise, the base price for this car starts from only $16,810 and goes till $24,115 maximum! Honestly nothing. This could be said to be only the cost of the car. And this feature surely makes this car so demanding. All of the specs talked about above in less than$20,000 even? Rare phenomena. And this is exactly where it outstands its competitors too. The price variation is because of the different trim levels Ford has to offer in their 2014 Ford Focus. The customers are offered with 5 variations all in this compact car just so they could exactly get what they like at their favorable price. What surely is a competitive advantage for this sedan.

Trim Levels

Ford Focus, 2014 model comes in 5 trim levels. These are 4dr Sdn S, also known as Ford Focus-S, the two SE styles that are 5dr HB SE & 4dr Sdn SE. And lastly, the two titanium styles are 4dr Sdn Titanium and 5dr HB Titanium. The basic and cheapest of all trims is the S Sedan model whereas the expensive one in these is the HB Titanium. They are prices as follows;

Trim LevelsStarting MSRP
4dr Sdn S$16,810
4dr Sdn SE$18,615
5dr HB SE19,115
4dr Sdn Titanium$23,565
5dr HB Titanium$24,065

The slight variation in prices of this sedan comes along mainly because of the shape of the car and other infotainment or comfort features as well as the exterior color features. What are common to all is the engine type, transmission, and other drive features. The 4 door sedan S is the basic one, with a normal sedan shape. That means it is rather less compact than the rest bus sure does have a bigger trunk space than the other trim levels. But it has fewer infotainment features as well as a simple interior. The 4 door sedan shape has other 2 models as well such as the SE and the Titanium. The SE has a better interior and better infotainment features and more range in exterior colors, and the titanium sedan has an excellent interior, a better performance giving engine, and a better drive. On the other hand, the two trim levels that come in the hatchback shape are the most preferred and surely are the main models of the Ford Focus 2014. In this shape, although the trunk space decreases quite a lot, the car gets compacted and has 5 doors now. These again come in SE and Titanium models, similarly with a difference in performance and interiors. Choosing between all of these trim levels surely is hard since all of them are worth their price and are surely unique.

What’s new?

Talking about what makes this model so much surprising than the rest is the introduction of A Sport Appearance Package especially for the Focus SE trim level that includes sport cloth seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, and an available rear spoiler. These sports editions are surely those what has attracted so many customers. Not just this, the Ford Focus has an option moon roof or the optional rear spoiler. With other optional features relating to its infotainment features and its leather upholstery. What has been a considerate and a legendary thing about the ford focus in all these years is its excellent styling, drive, its handling and braking powers, safety, low noise levels, and of course its interior quality that ford has always ensured to maintain.


Many compact cars offer fierce competition to this locomotive, but the main ones are the 2014 Kia Forte, 2014 Mazda3. Let’s look at which fails to compete individually.

The 2014 KIA Forte could be said to have better in-car entertainment features. More latest ones such as satellite radio, USB port, and Bluetooth. Other than that their main features are almost the same. Where they compete with each other is safety. Forte lies far behind in safety features and no one ever compromises in safety. Thus, this gives Ford Focus a bigger edge.

 2014 Mazda3 is said to have better performance than the Focus but it lies far behind when it comes to comfort and interior. The interior of Mazda seems to be old and not that stylish for which it too, fails against Focus since the performance is not that greatly bigger, slight differences are present which get negated when it comes to the interior.