The Hyundai 60CR-9A excavator weighs 13,010 pounds with a Tier 4-Final Yanmar 4TNV98C diesel with 63 horsepower. The maximum digging depth is 11 feet 9 inches, and the bucket’s breakout force is 9,190 pounds. The swing radius is 3.7 feet. According to the manufacturer, the joystick and main hydraulic control valve are well-matched, resulting in precise control and quiet operation. A summation method for arm flow saves energy, decreases cavitation, and boosts speed. Using a boom swing function, the boom may be swung to the left or right within an operational range.

Performance and Fuel Economy

Hyundai’s R60CR-9A has a 6.2-ton operational weight and a traditional tail swing arrangement. This type has an extra-large cabin that provides excellent operator comfort in legroom, vision, and surroundings. As a result of client requests, this model is equipped with an optional steel track system, blade cylinder load holding valve, and additional hydraulic lines. Dig depth, reach, and dump height is improved with the long arm option and an extra counterweight.

Arm Arrangement

Choose the arm arrangement that best suits your requirements.  There is a conventional power arm that has a maximum breakout force. Equip your machine with the optional extended arm for increased reach and digging depth (select models). The vast majority of them can be attached to a clamp.

Operator Comfort

You’ll be able to remain working all day long thanks to Hyundai’s ergonomic controls. Controls are conveniently placed on the left and right sides of the console. Pilot-operated hand levers have been ergonomically designed to manage the dozer blade and track extension. In addition, the switches on the left-hand console are arranged for ease of use and increased output. Hyundai has a long history of producing equipment that puts the operator at its design center. If your compact excavator is quieter, simpler to operate, and heated to your preference, you’ll be more attentive and productive. Hyundai’s current models carry on the history of ergonomic machines that put the operator first. Enjoy increased passenger space, easier-to-operate controls, better temperature management, and reduced noise levels in your new vehicle.

Lift Capacities

Conventional tail-swing versions often have the highest lift capacity compared to Hyundai models with low or nil tail swings. Excavators with smaller stances (width) may also be used to go past doors, gates, property borders, or other obstructions that may be present. In addition, it might be useful for transporting the machine on a vehicle’s trailer. Regardless of the conditions, the boom, arm, and bucket of a Hyundai small excavator are all under your complete control. Your exact motions and trust in this control allow you to accomplish the work with your machine rather than doing it by hand. A unique valve system and torque-limiting piston pumps give this reliable control, matching force with demand.


Make periodic maintenance a part of your Hyundai small excavator’s operation. You can easily and swiftly perform preventive maintenance with Hyundai’s industry-leading service access checkpoints. Instead of wasting time attempting to go through checkpoints, conduct the task in your shop, which will allow you to accomplish regular maintenance and save money!

9A Line

The Hyundai 9A line of compact excavators is powerful in a tiny package. Each model is equipped with a Tier 4 Final engine, delivering excellent performance while using less gasoline. These little machines pack a powerful punch, are built to last, and get the job done even in tight quarters. Hyundai’s construction equipment is built to exacting standards using only the highest-quality parts and systems from the industry’s most reputable manufacturers. The Hyundai R60CR-9A has been engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use while delivering lower running costs and higher output.


  • Engine type: Yanmar 4TNV98C
Hyundai Robex 60CR-9A Excavator


These manuals go through every aspect of how the vehicle operates. The vehicle’s purchase price does not include the service manual for your HYUNDAI ROBEX 60CR-9A EXCAVATOR.

  • Safety Restraints
  • Instrumentation
  • Before Driving
  • Starting and Operating
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Specifications
  • Capacities
  • Servicing

The HYUNDAI ROBEX 60CR-9A EXCAVATOR service manual is comprehensively vast and cover every aspect of the vehicle’s service and repair.


When consumers purchase a HYUNDAI ROBEX 60CR-9A Excavator operator manual, they get an owner’s manual containing all the required information for future maintenance, vehicle operation, and features..

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

While this list is thorough, the operator’s manual for the HYUNDAI ROBEX 60CR-9A EXCAVATOR provides more operational suggestions to enhance the user experience.