Linde 386 Series Forklift

Linde corporation’s equipment is the perfect example of excellent German auto engineering. Linde was founded in 1906, and it is the exemplary machinery that has kept it running and growing for over a century. This article will focus on the Linde 386 Series forklift.

Linde is especially popular for its forklift production; name a forklift, and you’ll find Linde producing it. Be it an electrical forklift, IC forklift, pneumatic forklift, hydrostatic forklift, narrow aisle forklift, or warehouse forklift. Of all the forklifts Linde has ever manufactured, it takes special pride in its 386 series.

Introduction to Linde 386 Series Forklift:

The Linde 386 series feature a line of electric forklifts famous for their efficient functioning. Linde calls it its bestseller, having sold above one and a half million units. The factors that make consumers trust the 386 series are its versatility and unmatchable reliability.

History of Linde 386 Forklifts:

The first model from the 386 series was the E1-20 forklift that first came out in 2006. It has decoupled chassis and lifts mast and overhead tilt cylinders. The ergonomic features were significantly enhanced, leading to the enormous demand for this model, especially by the industries that have to run the equipment for longer to meet their production and transportation demands. Yet another benefit was the zero combustion gases coming out. It was pretty similar to the “V” series, but the “V” series was not electric, unlike the “E” series, and thus burnt a lot of fuel to get the job done.

Differentiating Features:

Two-engine front-wheel-drive provides excellent traction control, enhancing the performance of the forklift. It has an onboard charger for easy charging. The cab is decoupled, and thus it prevents the vibration from reaching the operator. Furthermore, this model offers excellent safety and thirty variants manufactured to work in different industries, including the construction sector, mechanical engineering facilities, and logistics sector.

Models of Linde 386 Series:

Linde 386 series has come up with two forklift models so far. The first one is E1-20, while the other is E16 P-E20. Both models have come with various specifications and hydraulic functions. Let’s have an overview of both models one by one.

Linde Forklift Series

A E12-20 Linde forklift can be specified according to specific needs. This includes variable engine sizes, aisles height, width, and more. The axle is very flexible, and the operator can turn it 180 degrees with one steering movement, allowing it to work efficiently even in confined places. 24- or 48-volt batteries operate tow AC motors installed in the front axle. This great power offers the equipment incredible speed and the best performance.

An energy management system is installed to ensure the whole battery is utilized. Furthermore, one can install Li-ion batteries that offer multiple-shift features subsiding the need for battery replacement. Its lift capacity is 1.2-2.0 tons.

Safety Features:

This forklift tractor offers excellent safety to the operator by featuring a protector frame that creates a solid close protection zone. The circuits used in the forklift have outstanding reliability and safety score, while the traction control system ensures that the equipment gets enough power even in harsh conditions.


The E12-20 forklifts ensure that the operator has enough cabin and leg space to work efficiently without feeling fatigued. It has an adjustable armrest and wide entry rest to provide additional comfort to the operator. Mast and axles are separate entities, and the space between them prevents the operator from discomforting vibrations during the operation.


The E1-20 forklifts are built so that the operator can handle them without many skills. The front wheels always roll in the opposite direction to reduce the tire pressure, and the steering system has low resistance that further diminishes the energy consumption.

  • E16P-E20 PHL EVO:

The E16P-E20 is different from E12-E20 since it has four wheels, unlike the latter, with three wheels. E16 P-E20 also comes in many variants to accomplish various tasks at different job sites.

They offer excellent stability yet allow the operator to perform tasks even in the tightest spaces with the axle stub at the rear wheel that the operator can rotate at 175 degrees. The compact front axle with powerful motors ensures maximal performance. The battery replacement is easy, or one could also use the onboard charger. It can carry around 1.6-2.0 tons of load.


It also has a compact operator area frame that provides the operator with a highly protective and closed cabin space. Lift mast profiles and tilt cylinders are compact and nicely stacked, offering the operator a clear view while operating the machine.

Linde Forklift Service Manual
Linde E16 Forklift Service Manual


This forklift tractor has an adjustable seat and armrest, and the Linde forklift manual guides how you can adjust these according to your height and comfort to avoid strain and fatigue. You can purchase both the service repair manual and the owner-operator manual for your model Linde Forklift.


It offers easy yet precise handling allowing the operator to perform all the tasks efficiently and perfectly. Adjustable power dynamics offer energy efficiency, and the four-wheel structure provides high lateral stability.

All these factors make the Linde 386 series the best choice for industry and construction work owners, making it Linde’s top-selling forklift.