The Massey Ferguson subcompacts GC2400, GC2410, and GC2610, which the GC1700 series succeeds, have shown to be well-designed, ergonomically pleasing, and long-lasting, and the GC1700 series is no exception. Following feedback from customers and dealers, Massey Ferguson partnered with Iseki, who developed both the previous generation and new GC, to make modest tweaks that resulted in the GC series is even better than before the changes were implemented. This article focuses on the MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTOR GC1705.

It is made of four models: the 22.5 gross horsepower GC1705, the same capacity GC1710 TLB (tractor, loader, backhoe), the 25 hp GC1715 (tractor only), and the same horsepower GC1720 TLB (tractor, loader, backhoe). While running in the power take-off (PTO) mode at 2600 rpm, the GC1705 and GC1710 generate 18.7 horsepower, although sharing the same 68.5 cubic inches (c.i.) diesel engine as the GC1715 and GC1720, respectively. It produces 19.6 PTO horsepower at 3000 rpm, which is somewhat more than the prior value of 18.6 PTO horsepower.

Performance and Fuel Economy

Powered by a two-range hydrostatic transmission operated by a side-by-side pedal configuration, Agco’s MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTOR GC1705 can travel at speeds ranging from 0 to 9.1 mph with complete control over the vehicle’s speed. Cruise control and a rear PTO with 540 rpm and a mid-PTO with 2000 rpm are standard. An open center hydraulic system with 4.3 gpm (GC1705 and GC1710) or 4.8 grams per minute (GC1715 and GC1720) accessible for implement needs, and 2.0 grams per minute (GC1720) available for power steering functions makes up the hydraulic system (all four models).

At hitch point, Massey Ferguson values the three-point hitch (3PH) lift capacity at 1,190 pounds, showing that this series is meant to do more than just look attractive. Due to the lack of access to controller design, as was the case with the previous generation GC series, if you wish to use a circular saw, rotary cutter, or tiller, you will have to estimate the position when returning the 3PH to the working height.


  • Height: 72.8 in
  • Length: 97.6 in
  • Width: 47.25 in
  • Shipping weight: 1433 lbs

Engine type: Tier 4 Final, 3-cylinder diesel

Vehicle type: Sub-Compact Utility tractor

Fuel Capacity / Gas Tank Size: 6.6 gal

massey ferguson Tractor GC1705


The Massey Ferguson GC1705 Repair Manual is comprehensive and cover every tractor component. Service manuals were not included with the MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTOR GC1705.

  • General Information
  • Specifications
  • Torque Specs
  • Maintenance
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • PTO
  • Ground Speed Controls
  • Controls
  • Cab
  • Platform and Fenders
  • Seat
  • ROPS
  • Removing the Fuel Tank
  • Front and Rear Axles
  • Brakes
  • Wiring Harness
  • Electrical System
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Safety Switches, Fuses, and Relays
  • Instrument Panel
  • Hydraulic System
  • Hydraulic Schematics
  • Joystick Valve
  • Hydraulic Valves and Cylinder
  • Steering System
  • Mower Deck and Components

Massey Ferguson Repair Manual books are designed for technicians and dealerships in tractor maintenance. Every maintenance or repair task performed by a tractor owner should accompany a service manual.

Design, Functionality, and Quality

A fixed-height rollover protection system (ROPS) is provided on the MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTOR GC1705, which is meant to clear a standard garage door; however, a higher ROPS is provided on the TLBs for backhoe use, which measures 86″ when fully extended but can be folded. Seatbelts are of the automotive kind. When not in use, they retract out of the way to save space. The GC1705 and GC1715 have dimensions of 97.6″ in length by 47.25″ in width, respectively. The GC1710 and GC1720, on the other hand, have dimensions of 177″ long by 53.94″ broad, respectively. They all had a ground clearance of 6.7 inches and wheelbases of 57.1 inches. The tractor weighs 1433 pounds alone, whereas TLB weights may exceed 2670 pounds. The tractor’s only weights are 1433 pounds.

Big Engine Power

When the diesel engine was started, the dBA meter read 82.1/86.1 (min/max) from the Massey Ferguson TRACTOR GC1705 exterior (viewable from the driver’s seat). The assumptions that the new Tier-4 powertrain was substantially quieter were confirmed when a GC2400 was tested on the lot simply for fun and received an 84.9/87.9 score. There were comparable disparities seen at 1500 and PTO rpm. Construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar Inc. is installing a new CB05 type on backhoe-equipped tractors (GC1715 and GC1720), which can dig down 78 inches and reach up to 102 inches.

The backhoe could be equipped with 10″ or 12″ buckets, has a 140-degree swing arc, and has a digging power of 1950 pounds when properly configured. The GC1700 series tractors are designed to be backward-compatible with previous software versions. If you have an early GC2400 and want to upgrade while maintaining your present mid-mount mower, loader, and implements, you may trade in the tractor solely, and everything will still function as it does today.