1968 Ford Mustang

1968 Ford Mustang is the predecessor of its 67’s counterpart. It came with better safety options and offered a sense of freshness to America’s auto industry. The initial variant of the 1967’s model displayed the side markers and shoulder belts, making the vehicle the safest vehicle of all time.

First of its kind Details

It was the first car of that time to feature a shock-absorbing two-spoke steering wheel, one-piece chrome details instead of the side scoops, and an emblem surrounded by a single band connected to the grille by a horizontal line rather than the two horizontal lines. The Rearview mirror was housed on the windshield rather than the car frame, and the v8 version allowed you to reset the odometer. In short, the 1968’s Ford Mustang could easily be distinguished from its ancestors because of several major changes. Furthermore, the smooth economic conditions made it accessible to the masses.

Overview of Versions:

1968 Ford Mustang had considerable models and versions that could fit people with different budgets, needs, and tastes. The GT returned to the market in 1968; California Special and High Country Special boosted sales in California d Colorado, respectively. Red Bird Special Mustang became the most iconic vehicle in Virginia and North Carolina since it featured a gold badge with a red cardinal on its rear, and the cardinal was the state’s bird. Let’s have a brief overview of the famous 1968’s Mustangs:

The Shelbys:

The 1968’s Shelbys came in the following three models:

  1. GT-350 with 306 hp, 302 cubic V8 engine.
    1. GT-500 with 335 hp, 428 cubic inches V8 engine.
    1. GT-500 KR with 400 hp, 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet V8 engine. (KING OF THE ROAD)

These Shelby models featured hood pins, twin head scoops housing the leading edge of the car, fiberglass front valance, and America’s first twin rectangular driving lights.

Mustang GT and GT 390:

1968 Mustang GT was versatile since you could add it to any other Mustang with 302 ci or 390 ci V8 engines. The 302 cubic inches V8 engine was associated with Mustang GT, and the more powerful 390 cubic inches V8 engine represented GT 390.

California Special:

California special was a base model hardtop with mid-body striping and additional body components. Their manufacturing point was the San Jose, California plant. California special Mustang came with an Interior and exterior décor trim package, exterior ducktail spoiler, mid-body tape stripe, and 1965 Thunderbird taillights.

NHRA Cobra Jet/135 Series:

In 1968, the FE428 ci V8-powered Cobra Jet fulfilled the dream of seeing a lightweight car with powerful engines on the market. Ford produced 50 lightweight Mustangs with 335-hp engines under this series.

“Rainbow of Colors” and “Colors of the Month” Special:

Under the “Rainbow of colors special” series, one could order a car in any of the 13 special factory colors. The “Colors of the month special” series promoted specific colors for each month. For instance, they developed Black Hills Gold for New year, Passionate Pink for February with its relevance to Valentine’s Day, Emerald Green for March, and so on. A South Dakota limited edition- Special Dakota Days Gold Mustang featured Black Hills Gold color, sports wheel, and slat hood. Twenty convertibles and five hard tops cars under this series.


Retrieving the data on the performance of all the models from 1968 is difficult. However, we can judge it on the base of available data. Mustang GT-390 had 390 cubic inches V8 engine that produced 335 hp. In a driving test, the top speed of GT-390 was recorded at 125 mph, 0-60 mph for 6.3 seconds, and a quarter of a mile for about 15 seconds.

Fuel Economy

Fuel consumption depends on the engine specified for a particular model. The data from the 25 vehicles conclude that the Mustang gets an average MPG of 12.46 besides a 0.23 MPG possible error.


The 1968 Ford Mustang was more comfortable compared to the 1967 model for its increased interior space for sitting. The shock-absorbing steering wheel, door handles, and more comfortable seats added to the luxury it offered.


  • Length 183.6″
  • Width 70.9″
  • Height 51.6″
  • Fastback 51.6″
  • Convertible 51.4″
  • Wheelbase 108″
  • Treads 58.5″
  • Fuel Tank: 16 gallons
1968 Ford Mustang

1968 Ford Mustang Service Manual:

The Ford’s service manual should be accompanied with a Mustang parts catalog for thorugh and complete instructions on how the mechanics could fix each issue the car could encounter. Together the repair will address diagnostics, service procedures, proper reassembly and much more. Addressing a repair on a classic vehicle without the proper literature could result in an improper and costly repair.


1968 Ford Mustang cost:

  • Base Hardtop: $2707
  • Convertible: $2920
  • Fastback: $2818

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my 1968 Mustang worth?

The Mustang GT with a 390ci V8 in good condition could fetch about $70,000

What car was the best seller in 1968?

The Mustang

What was the top speed of the 1968 Mustang?