1996 Lincoln Town Car


The Lincoln Town Car is known for luxury sedans throughout history. Lincolns offer comfortable sedans and SUVs that offer a comfortable and silent drive experience. Competing with Cadillac in the drive experience, the 1996 Lincoln Town Car offers one of the best luxury sedans you can ever find for that model year.

With automatic transmission and a cavernous interior with a seating capacity of six, Lincoln Town Cars offer perfect smooth rides to all the passengers. Many automobile companies offer luxury, sports, comfortable and professional sedans. Some companies offer luxury coupes while others offer luxury sedans. Some automobile companies even offer luxury convertibles. While most of the automobile companies offer luxury two or four-seater cars, Lincoln offers full-size luxury sedans and SUVs with six people seating capacity.

The newer Lincoln models are more comfortable as compared to older models. However, the 1996 Lincoln Town Car is among the best full-size luxury sedans to get at an affordable price. Comfortable like most sedans and powerful like most supercars, the 1996 Lincoln Town Car is a mix of the two as it covers a powerful V8 engine with a luxurious sedan.

First Glance

There is no way of apprehending the first glance of the 1996 Town Car because the luxury sedan first came out more than two decades ago. Like most traditional cars, the 1996 Lincoln Town Car has the same elongated shape similar to old cars. Luxurious like the Limousine, the Lincoln Town Car has a sleek look that takes its viewers back a few decades. Its brawny, big bonnet packs a powerful V8 engine. The four-door sedan looks nothing like the vehicles made today.

Nowadays the four-door sedans offer a four-passenger seating capacity, with a cramped back seat. However, this is not the case with the 1996 Lincoln Town Car that offers a six-person seating capacity with a spacious back seat. Accordingly, horizontal front headlights and bar grille with the company’s logo in the center portrays the vehicle’s signature look. The vertical rear lights are attached to an elongated rear bonnet with 22.3 cubic feet cargo capacity.

People get surprised when they see such a huge cargo capacity because the majority of the sedans offer half or two-third of Lincoln’s boot area. The vehicle does not have a unique look compared to most sedans today, but the luxurious, comfortable vehicle is a great value for money.

Basic Features

The basic features of the 1996 Lincoln Town Car are briefed below.

Seating Capacity6
Engine Capacity4.6-Litre V8 Gas Engine
Engine Power210 Horsepower
Drive Transmission4 Speed Automatic
Drive TrainRear Wheel Drive
Mileage17 mpg in the city, 25 mpg on the Highway
Fuel Tank Capacity20 Gallons
Cargo Capacity22.3 cubic-feet

These are the basic features offered by the Ford produced Lincoln four-door luxury sedan. The 1996 Lincoln Town Car packs a powerful engine for a luxury sedan because it has to compensate for six passengers. Additional features include ABS power breaks, rear window defroster, and remote keyless entry. Apart from the basic features, airbags and traction control are the luxury features in the 1996 model. Also, the vehicle has 16-inch aluminum wheels and a luxurious suspension shields the passengers against bumpy tracks.

Owner’s Manual

The 1996 Lincoln Town Car Owner’s Manual was included in the original purchase of the sedan. This includes all operation and routine maintenance of the vehicle.

1996 Lincoln Town Car

All other types of books for the Town Car, including Lincoln Town Car Repair Manual, can be sourced for purchase.

Additional Features

The abovementioned features and some other basic features are covered with the base model of the vehicle. However, you can upgrade your vehicle some additional at some cost. These features include leather seats, heated seats, sunroof, and trunk-mounted compact discharger. Another feature covers traction control and all these combined additional features enhance the luxury of the Lincoln Town Car.

Vehicle Trims

The 1996 Lincoln Town Car was introduced and launched in the following three trims: Executive, Signature, and Cartier Designer. The Executive Trim is the vehicle’s base model with the lowest price. As you ascend from Executive to Signature and lastly to the Cartier Designer, all the trims have the same basic features. The only difference in all the trims is some additional features.

For example, ABS power brakes, power windows, power door locks, and speed control in the Signature series. Likewise heated seats are in the Cartier Design series. All the trims have a price difference of $2000 to $3000. Today, all the Town’s trims offer more or less the same features, so no need to opt for the most expensive variant.

Exterior and Interior

The exterior of the vehicle portrays a sturdy, elongated look. The unique frontal shape of the vehicle is the signature look of the 1996 Lincoln Town Car. To that end, this styyling is retained in all the latest models. Most of the sedans had the same exterior back in the day. However nowadays you can easily distinguish a 1996 Lincoln Town Car from all competitor sedans.

The interior of the vehicle includes standard equipment with dual-power mirrors, dual cup holders, and center armrests, speed control, a digital clock, and automatic temperature control. Not surprisingly, the entertainment system of the vehicle comprises the conventional stereo including AM, FM, and Cassette stereo. Front airbags are covered in the dash that offers protection to the front seated passengers. The rest of the interior is not much different from competitor models, but the luxurious, comfortable seating and stable drive make the 25 year-old-vehicle stand out today.

Final Verdict

As compared to most of the sedans today, the 1996 Lincoln Town Car may not seem the best option at first glance. However, when you compare the price range and features offered within such a low price range, all other modern sedans seem inferior in front of the Lincoln Town Car. The vehicle is affordable to purchase and inexpensive to maintain. That is why it is considered a good option as a first car. Moreover, Town’s mileage is closed to most of the sedans today, so why not get an inexpensive Lincoln Town Car that gets the job done. It is important to note that the price of the 1996 Lincoln Town Car may vary due to its condition because being a vintage car, you can only get a used one. With all said and done, the Lincoln Town Car is truly among the best luxury sedans ever made.