1997 Ford F-250 – Overview and Issues

When Americans talk about the best trucks that have gone down history lane, Ford F-series has always been one of them. It has been the selling pickup truck of all time in the country. However, Ford had not been paying much attention to the engineering and remodeling of the car since 1980, since the sales were fine even without any investment in the remodeling of the car. However, the deadline started approaching fast for the stringent trucks in the last decade of the 1900s, and thus, the company approved the remodeling request of the model. This article focuses on the 1997 Ford F-250.

The 1996 Ford-150:

After quite a few years of production and approval of the remodeling request by the company, the Ford F-150 model came out in 1996. It was a complete redesign with overhead cam engines, passenger car accouterments, and short and long-arm front suspensions. Overall, it gave off a bold, much-desired look for the new decade.

The Ford F-250 joined the gang right a year after the release of the F-150 in 1996.

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What is the New in 1997 Model?

The 1997 F-250 model is yet another with a redesign that imparted a completely different look. The exterior looked more swoopy with a highly enhanced interior. Although it was an addition to Ford’s truck lineup, like all other models of the F-series, the chassis was rigid that offered car-like handling.

The Exterior and Safety:

All models of the F-250 offer an increment in length; the SuperCab is designed to have enough space for the rear passenger to seat and accommodate comfortably. The SuperCab featured a third door as more pickups were acquired for personal use. Both models of Cab boast the Styleside and Flareside cargo boxes on both sides.

The safety measures are also suitable with a reliable set of airbags, and the driver could turn off the restraint in cases when the child protection seat is installed. It also has side-impact standards for trucks for 1999. Furthermore, you could get an anti-theft system as an option that prevents you from any unfortunate incident.


The truck came with a few engine options. The initial introductions were the 4.6-L V8 engine and the 5.4-L V8 engine. The former engine produced 200 horsepower at 4500 rpm with an overall torque value of 290 ft-pounds at 3250 rpm. Nonetheless, the latter was even more powerful, with a power generation of 235 hp and 330 ft-pounds torque.

A third engine came a few months after the release of the earlier two engines, and it was a 7.3-L turbo engine that ran on diesel to produce even greater energy while reducing the fuel economy.

The HD F-250 is also an option because they have “Heavy Duty” written on the car badge. The engineering has been inspiring as you could avail yourself of the option to get models with different cargo bed sizes and configurations.

It didn’t get the title “Heavy Duty” for its different features. Still, the manufacturers used this namesake to differentiate from the light-duty F-250 truck that was just a 7-lug F-150, without any relation with the OBS Ford F-250 and the SuperDuty F-250.

Pros of 1997 Ford F-250 Truck:

A lot makes the Ford F-250 owners say that this is the best truck they have ever had, and some even expressed their love for the truck, saying that it will bury with them. Some fantastic things about Ford F-250 include its excellent towing and hauling capacity, capable to pull anything, Its reliable manufacturing quality, and its comfortable interior.

The owners also loved how it drove smoothly with a fantastic transmission and off-road drive. The appearance, value for money, and handling and steering factors of the 1997 Ford F-250 are impeccable. The wheels and safety features combined with the features mentioned above make it the best truck you will ever drive from the 1990s. 

The Common Problems of F-250 and Related Problems:

With the pros come the cons because no vehicle can be 100% perfect. However, the Ford F250 owners manual and service manuals cover the common issues and repairs that add value to the brand’s authenticity. The most common Ford F-250-related problems include the following:

  • Some drivers noticed that the engine would make a tapping and knocking sound as soon as they ignited it. The V8 engines had this problem of spark plug ejection. However, the “check engine” light turned on and helped the owners detect the issue in time. The engine misfired at all speeds with this issue.

Spark plug ejection is a crucial issue that was resolved only when the owners got the spark plug port threads repaired.

  • Check light engine blinks, indicating another common issue is a coolant leakage that occurs when the engine overheats, as the intake manifold is purely plastic.
  • Sometimes the engine started producing a ticking sound that indicated the cracked exhaust manifold; replacing the exhaust manifold solved the issue.

With the pros dominating the shortcomings, Ford F-250 has been a truck of choice for all truck lovers.

1997 Ford F-250 Owner's Manual


In addition to the owner’s manual mentioned above, you can also purchase parts catalogs, and service repair manuals to help you fix and maintain your 1997 Ford F-250 yourself.

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