2011 Mercedes C Class


Mercedes-Benz offers Sedans, Convertibles, Station Wagons and Coupes in its C-Class. 2011 Mercedes C Class cars include sedans and coupes as the most selling cars. C Class Mercedes is the perfect blend of luxury and performance, making it a comfortable midsize car. Whether we take about the C Class Sedans, Coupes, or Convertibles, the 2011 Mercedes C Class offers an upscale luxurious look with comfortable seats for both the front and back passengers. The built-in infotainment system comprises an instrument panel including all the basic multimedia sources.

Opting for a car with a mixture of luxury and performance, the 2011 Mercedes C Class keeps its drivers content with the performance it delivers. Although it does not offer a large boot area as compared to some of its competitors, it delivers a comfortable driving experience that diminishes its flaws. What’s best about the 2011 Mercedes C Class is that it provides refinement of higher-class series at affordable rates.

First Glimpse

Loaded with a ton of features, the 2011 Mercedes C Class has a horizontal bar grille up front, with the brand’s logo in the centre. The horizontal grilles do not change for newer C Class models, so enthusiasts can quickly distinguish between the C Class cars and other types. Brand’s logo, like a hood ornament, amplifies the sleek angular front look. A new owner manual could be found in the glove compartment. Automatic Angular Front LED lights are accented, offering a long range. A sunroof in all C Class cars pertains to the luxury part of the affordable variants.

Principal Features

C300 and C350 differ in the basic features. The C300 deviates towards a more luxurious side, while the C350 can be associated with the sports trim. The C63 AMG is a powerful variant, with basic comfort of C Class type and extra luxurious features. The basic seating capacity of all C Class variants is two people in the front and three at the back.

 C300C350C63 AMG
Seating Capacity555
Fuel17-18 mpg in City, 25-26 mpg on Highway with Fuel Tank Capacity of almost 17.4 gallons18 mpg City, 25 mpg Highway, Fuel Tank Capacity 17.4 gallons13 mpg City, 19 mpg highway, 15 mpg Combined, Fuel Tank Capacity 17.4 gallons
Engine228-horsepower, 3.0 Litre, V6 Engine268-horsepower, 3.5 Litre, V6 Engine451-horsepower, 6.3 Litre, V8 Engine
Transmission6-Speed Manual/7-Speed Automatic7-Speed Automatic w/ Manual Shift7-Speed Automatic Transmission
Wheel17-inch Alloy Wheels17-inch Alloy Wheels18-inch Alloy Wheels
Boot12.4 ft²12.4 ft²12.4 ft²

Engine Capacity

As already mentioned above, the 2011 Mercedes C Class comes in three variants; C300, C350, and C63 AMG. The engine capacity of all these variants differs in the engine type, the horsepower provided by the cars and cylinders. The C300 offers a rear-wheel drive for comfort and an all-wheel drive for the sports mode. C300’s engine offers a 3-litre V6 that can produce 228 horsepower.

The All-Wheel-Drive variant of C300 is powerful as compared to the one mentioned above. It is much better than an RWD V6 Engine. The C350 also has a 6-cylinder engine; a V6 engine. It differs in the displacement i.e., 3.5-litre thus, producing 268 horsepower. Both C300 and C350 have a sports mode or sports variant, but it is nowhere closer to the Mercedes C63 AMG. The C63 AMG almost reaches the sportscar status with a 6.3-litre, eight-cylindrical V8 Engine that roughly produces about 451 horsepower that scratches the itch of sportscar enthusiasts.

With such powerful engines, the 2011 C Class Mercedes still manages to keep the fuel consumption at a reasonable and economical level. The C63 AMG offers high fuel consumption for a midsize car of C type, but its twin-turbo V8 Engine puts behind all the complaints its drivers might have.

2011 Mercedes C Class

Owner Manual

In the dashboard console, the 2011 Mercedes C Class Owner’s Manual was included with the vehicle to describe operation and vehicle maintenance. Any Mercedes C Class Owners Manual may be found on the aftermarket in OEM form.

Price of 2011 Mercedes C Class Cars

The three variants of Mercedes C Class Cars each have a different price. The starting price of C300 is $33,990. The C300 has a further division of C300 4MATIC, C300 4MATIC Sport, and C300 4MATIC Luxury. Each of the three variants differs in the drive transmission, drivetrain, fuel efficiency, structure, interior, exterior, and other similar or dissimilar features.

The C350 has a starting price of $39,990, due to a bigger engine and more horsepower than the C300. Mercedes C63 AMG is the most expensive car among the class, with a starting price of $58,200. It differs so much in the price because of a bigger V8 Engine and doubles the amount of horsepower i.e., 451-horsepower.

Although the mentioned prices are the company prices during the launch, it is difficult to find a new 2011 C Class Mercedes because of it being such an old model. C Class Mercedes is still in production as the car brand launches a newer, upgraded model each year. However, if you are interested in the 2011 Mercedes C Class, you can buy a used model at a used car dealership or online.

Exclusive Add-on Features

Mercedes C Class is preloaded with a bunch of features, making it a perfect blend of luxury and sports midsize cars. These features include an automatic power sunroof, power windows, dual-zone climate control, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity supported multimedia, airbags; front, side, overhead, driver’s knees, and rear, anti-lock disk brakes, cruise control, eight speakers surround sound, interior air filtration, and countless other features you can imagine in a Mercedes Car.

You can also upgrade some of these features to get an even more exclusive ride experience. The add-ons include Rear View Camera, iPod Kit, Harmon/Kardon Dolby Atmos Sound System, Roof Spoiler etc. Enthusiasts interested in car modifications can upgrade their C Class Mercedes with Panorama Sunroof, Illuminated Door Sills, Spoilers and much more. The preloaded features are enough for the majority of people, but you can go upgrades for a cost.

Final Verdict

2011 C Class Mercedes is packed with luxury and comfort, with a choice of C300’s comfort, C63 AMG’s power or C350’s blend of both. The features you get for a C Class are somewhat similar to the competitors in many domains. The car lacks behind in two areas only, small boot space and a cramped back seat. Although the front seating provides a comfort and luxury experience, the back seats may drag the car behind. C Class Coupes overcomes the latter issue by offering a seating capacity of two people. Nonetheless, the 2011 C Class Mercedes is a good choice because it easily fits the budget.