2013 Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a popular crossover SUV range manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. The specifications place it somewhere between the Ford Explorer and the Ford Escape; it shares its underpinnings with Ford Fusion Sedan, producing a model lineup Lincoln MKX. It has a long, glorious history with world-class models like the 2013 Ford Edge.

Introduction to the 2013 Ford Edge:

The 2013 model year came with the standard all-wheel drive option on the base SE trim level. Moreover, some of the features were shuffled, and its well-rounded nature made it one of the top choices, particularly for a mid-sized crossover SUV.

Once you decide to buy a crossover, you might get confused about whether you want a large, mid-sized, or small one. Most people love to go for the mid-sized for its mixture of the maximum interior space feature of large crossover and the easy maneuverability of small crossover.

2013 Ford Edge Owner Manual Set

The maneuverable size of the 2013 Edge, with its luxury interior and high-tech features, makes it everyone’s dream Crossover. It also includes features like adaptive cruise control, a dual-screen rear seat entertainment system, the sync voice command system, blind spot warning and cross-traffic alert, and the MyFord Touch electronic interface.


Driving a Ford as of 2013 is a luxury for drivers because it has an incredibly comfortable and well-composed ride with a quiet cabin because of sound insulation. It offers solid handling that is less difficult to control around corners. It is a sports model that is more agile and sharper, but the enormous wheel size can be degrading for the right quality.

The four-cylinder turbocharged engine produces more torque than a base V6 and better fuel economy.

Performance and Fuel Efficiency:

A 3.5-liter V6 Ford engine is the powerhouse of the 2013 Edge that produces 253-pound torque and 285 horsepower. It comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission; the owners can get all-wheel drive as an option, but front-wheel drive is standard.

It has a suitable fuel economy that stands at 19 MPG in City and 27 MPG on highways, which drops a little with an all-wheel drive.

Ford Edge manual for Sport model mentions a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine that produces 270-pound feet torque and 240 horsepower with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Safety of the Ford Edge:

This crossover SUV offers great security features, including stability control, full-length side curtain airbags, front-seat side airbags, and antilock disc brakes. It has a Ford MyKey system that allows parents to control the driving of their teen kids by limiting Stereo volume and vehicle speed.

All models except the SE have an optional vision package that offers cross-traffic warning and blind spot systems. The Limited model can also get a collision warning system. It has received a four out of five rating in the most recent government crash tests. The breakdown of this reading shows three stars for frontal protection and five stars for overall side protection.

Interior of Ford Edge:

The calm and quiet yet roomy interior cabin of the 2013 Ford Edge looked way ahead of time, equipped with high-tech features like MyFord touch. MyFord Touch is Ford’s built-in interface consisting of three display screens that can input commands for various audio and navigation functions via voice, buttons on the steering wheel, touch controls, and phone. While this idea seems very practical and convenient, it is not easy to identify the controls immediately, and one can accidentally press the wrong one.

The comfortable front seats minimize the chance of fatigue during long trips while the back reclining outboard seats have enough legroom; However, headroom can be limited with the dual pane Vista roof option. The middle seat is suitable only for short trips because of its slab-like seat back.

The crossovers’ rear hatch can be tricky for shorter drivers to close without the power liftgate. You can get a whopping 69 cubic feet of cargo capacity when the back seat is down. Nonetheless, a 32 cubic feet capacity, even with the back seat in use, is enough for domestic and utility purposes.

Ford Edge Common Problems:

Broken electric sensors, transmission issues, and stalling engines were the most common complaint among the Ford Edge owners.

  • Broken electrical sensors complained usually arise at around 50,000 miles. The door-ajar sensors repeatedly failed, causing quick battery drainage because of the turned-on lights and chimes. As per the Ford Edge manual, the replacement of the latch assembly could resolve the issue. However, it may come back multiple times.
  • Another common issue was transmission issues that resulted in a “shift to the park” warning light. The replacement of the gear shift selector usually resolves the issue.
  • Stalling engine usually comes from a failing throttle body. The owners can replace to get rid of the issue.