Crown Forklifts – Overview & Top Models

Crown Forklifts have earned a reputation for being a leading and innovative world-class forklift brand and other material handling equipment manufacturers. It takes pride in producing 85% of its own lift truck components, including drive units, motors, and electronic modules. They boast that their equipment is Crown on the inside and Crown on the outside.

Crown is famous for its services, which include manufacturing, distribution, servicing, and supporting material handling products that provide value to each customer. That is why they now have a broad global dealer network responsible for storage solutions and support services.

Material Handling Warehouse

History of Crown Forklifts:

Unlike many other automobile manufacturing businesses, Crown was also initiated as a family business in 1945 that turned into a material handling industry after another 15 years. Now the company has more than a dozen manufacturing plants throughout the globe.

1930 to 1950:

The initial two decades have been particularly significant for the Crown Equipment corporation which grew from one room operation in our rural American community to an internationally recognized company that is now the most extensive lift truck manufacturer.

The company’s foundation is attributed to two brothers, Allen A. Dicke and Carl H. Dicke, who did it in 1945. Later, Carl’s son, who was also the chairman Emeritus, James F. Dicke, joined the company, and now his grandson James F. Dicke 2 is the crown equipment chairman and CEO. James F. 3 serves as the president of the company and the 4th Dicke family generation to become part of this business.

Crown manufactured temperature control equipment for furnaces. The company progressed to produce antenna rotators as the public’s interest view towards the television. The company says the antenna rotators production in 2001 after a decline in worldwide demand.

1950 to 1975:

The company diversified again in 1951 when it started repairing and manufacturing electronic and mechanical components for the government and private industry. After many successful bids, the company built a strong business in its locality. Not much later, Crown turned into lift truck production. They started lift truck production in the 1960s and produced material handling equipment consisting of high-quality lift trucks. Crown equipment didn’t compromise on quality and became one of the fastest-growing material handling companies.

They moved out of the United States in 1966 and extended their sales, marketing, and services to the Australian region. It expanded to the European marketplace in 1968 and purchased an Irish manufacturing plant. By the end of the decade, Crown started planning on marketing lift trucks throughout Europe after making them all available in the United States.

1975 until Today:

Now Crown produces a variety of electric forklifts. At the same time, the sales and service of the products are the responsibility of their distribution network, which includes Crown-owned as well as independently-owned distributors. The company is responsible for training dealers and sales personnel in all disciplines. Their network of dealers operates in about 100 foreign cities. Now it has several plants in the United States, China, Germany, and Mexico, with major operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, and New Zealand and over 50 locations in the United States.

Another reason for the Crown’s popularity is its top-notch design. The 1970s witnessed the side stance design of the Crown that was innovative and daring.

Crown forklifts Top Models:

The Crown now manufactures forklifts in a considerable variety, and the selection includes forklift selectors, pallet trucks, electric counterbalances, stackers, internal combustion counterbalances, reach trucks, and man-up order pickers. Here are a few top Crown forklifts.

Crown forklifts Very Narrow Aisle Turret Truck:

The Crown’s TSP series very narrow aisle turret truck is manufactured to maximize performance and work through the narrowest spaces. The Crown forklift manual reveals the sturdiness of the material and operation of this popular Crown forklift. It has an exceptional capacity, height, and travel speed that ensures optimal performance and long-term reliability. It has all the controls to optimize every move while ensuring operator comfort. The top Model of this series is TSP 6500 turret truck and the TSP 7000 turret truck.

Crown Forklift Operator Manual
Crown Operator Manual

Crown forklifts RC Series:

RC series pretty much handles every on-site job. If you are looking for that one forklift that can handle a variety of tasks, whether it’s transport or replenishment, dock work, or retrieval in the aisle, the RC series is the go-to option for its compact, maneuverable solution, better combined with exceptional ergonomics comfort and ride control.

It is attachment friendly, offers versatility, and is ready for multiple environments. It also offers an adjustable armrest, multitask handle, dual-pedal design, and entry bar safety switch. The top RC series model is RC 5700 three-wheel stand-up forklift.

Crown forklifts CG Series:

CG series is reliable and versatile, with the power to maneuver any heavy task in the smallest spaces. Crown’s cushion tire forklifts are designed for longevity, strength, and performance and are equipped with increased hydraulic hose diameter, a heavy-duty cooling package, and enhanced confidence at every point. The best models from this series include CGC 35-55 box car edition and CGC 35-55 LPG.

Crown FTW

From its early beginnings to its current status as a global leader in the industry, Crown Equipment Corporation has shown a dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. With a wide range of forklifts and material handling equipment to choose from, it’s no wonder that so many businesses trust Crown to provide the solutions they need. Whether you’re looking for a powerful electric forklift or a versatile pallet jack, Crown has a product that can meet your needs.

FAQs about Crown Forklifts

What engines do Crown forklifts use?

Crown forklifts use engines from top manufacturers such as Perkins, Yanmar, and PSI.

What is the warranty on Crown forklifts?

Crown forklifts come with a standard warranty of 12 months or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first. They also offer extended warranties for up to 5 years or 10,000 hours.

Where is the data plate on a Crown forklift?

The data plate on a Crown forklift is usually located on the chassis near the operator’s seat. It contains important information about the forklift’s model, serial number, capacity, and weight.

How much can a Crown forklift lift?

Crown forklifts have varying lifting capacities depending on the model and type. They can range from 1,500 pounds to over 100,000 pounds.