Deutz Fahr DX 130 Tractor

Deutz Fahr is a German agricultural machinery manufacturing company. It came into existence in 1968 after it acquired the majority of share capital in Fahr, a company already producing agricultural equipment. It joined the Italian group in 1995. This article will focus on the Deutz Fahr DX 130 Tractor.

History of Deutz Fahr:

The Fahr machine factory got established in 1870 and became one of the most popular manufacturers of self-binders. Their first tractor was Fahr F22, which was built in 1938. Later, they produced many land-farming machines and equipment, like forage choppers, grain mills, presses, thrashers, and hoists. It started producing forage harvesters in 1896, and harvesters for cereals, reapers, and combine harvesters from the company came to the market in 1909. They also produced hay, straw harvesters, and machines for transport, fertilization, and tilling.

First Factory

The first engine factory in the world was N. A. Otto and Cie, produced in 1864. This company produced atmospheric gas engines in 1867 and won a gold medal for the most economical powered machine for the light industry. The factory was expanded in 1872, and GFD was founded.

Otto developed an ignition with a low-voltage magnet in 1884 that Robert Bosch acquired for his business. The production of self-propelled machines started in 1894, and the mass production of diesel engines began in 1907.

The company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1914, and it has produced an overall horsepower of 90,000 up to this date. 3400 manual workers were employed at the company, a consortium was founded in 1921, and the company’s name was changed.

Aquisitions and Mergers

Many companies merged with Deutz later, and the Deutz F2M 315 was produced in 1934, followed by the production of the F3M 317 and the people’s tractor F1M 414. It was a single-cylinder, water-cooled engine producing 11 horsepower, the first mini tractor worldwide.

It acquired Klockner in 1937 and was renamed KCD, the largest group in Germany producing all sectors of the Indian industry, like trains, ships, aircraft, tractors, cars, and lorries.

The post-war damage caused them to stop production during the 1944 winters, and 74% of Cologne production sites had been destroyed by the war’s end. The reconstruction started in 1945, and the situation and production returned to normal after five years.

Company Size and Workforce

This year marked a workforce of 13,000 employees, production of 40,000 engines for a 1.5 million overall horsepower, 1000 tractors, and 6000 industrial vehicles. It was the era of air-cooled engines, the first of which was the 15-horsepower F1L 514. The company also introduced direct power takeoff with dual functions in this. And the new generation engines with front suspensions improved driving comfort, and hence, the company recorded a huge sales success.

Deutz-Fahr was established in 1968 after acquiring the majority of shares in Fahr. Many launched models in the coming years and the in-track series of multi-role tractors came out in 1972. Its Deutz Fahr parts catalog highlights multiple automatic hitches for implements, a front lift, and a forward cab layout. The first tractor line of this company launched in Argentina in 1980 had around five models, and since 1982, all their tractors have featured the Deutz Fahr brand. The company manufactured its millionth tractor in 1992.

The Deutz Fahr DX 130 Tractor:

The Deutz Fahr DX 130 Tractor is a row crop tractor that produces 120 horsepower. It is a four two-wheel drive with final planetary drives and a hydraulic foot-operated differential lock system. The steering is hydrostatically powered, and the brakes are also hydraulic discs. The cab is standard with air conditioning, and 24 Speed power shift transmission is one of the most significant features.

The Deutz Fahr DX 130 features open-center hydraulics with one to three valves that allow a total flow of 27 GPM. The power takeoff is independent, and 540 RPM is offered by a turbocharged, six cylinders, air-cooled diesel engine. It is a hydraulic dry disc clutch.

Even though the tractor seems to be a great deal, the owners may face some common problems. Of course, keeping the machine maintained can help defer these issues.

Common Problems with Deutz Fahr DX 130 Tractor:

Getting work done on a medium or large farm with an ineffective tractor takes a lot of work. Therefore, one must always know what consequences his tractor can face. In the case of the DX 130, these problems include the following:

  • Faulty fuel sensors may be the problem with these tractors from the first day, making it hard for farmers because the gauge keeps changing positions.

The wrong ratings are possible because of the faulty fuel gauge, resulting in more inconvenience.

  • A failing 4W switch is also a common problem that causes the front drive shaft of the new tractor to bind up. Such a tractor can dump oil in the field, severely affecting crops.
  • Another issue is a failing transmission sooner than expected, resulting in farmers constantly worrying about changing walls and air filters.
  • Charging the tractor battery every time you want to use it might be bad for one’s physical and mental health, but unfortunately, it is a problem with Deutz Fahr tractors. It may be caused by the material buildup on the battery that needs to be cleaned daily.