GMC – History & Top Models

One of the most popular car manufacturers in America is GMC. This vehicle brand is known for making top-notch larger-sized SUVs and trucks. The latest models of GMC vehicles have amazing off-road capabilities. Initially, the brand has also produced amazing military vehicles, transit buses, fire trucks, and motorhomes. They have been serving the automotive industry for more than 100 years now and have always astonished the masses with their amazing vehicles.

GM Truck Co to GMC

General Motors was founded by William C. Durant in 1908. On the other hand, there was the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company that was founded by Max and Morris, the Grabowsky brothers, in 1902. Rapid vehicles typically consist of an engine cover, a vehicle frame, and a seat. The one-ton trucks were initially produced by them. In addition, one of the trucks from Rapid vehicles came out to be the number one in conquering ‘Pike’s Peak’ in the 1909 road competition.

However, in 1909, the founder of General Motors, William Durant, acquired Rapid Motors, merging it with General Motors. This resulted in a rebrand as General Motors Truck Company, commonly known as GMC. 

It won’t be wrong if we say Durant was among the pioneers of the automotive market. However, his career started in the carriage industry, which successfully turned him into the largest manufacturer of carriages nationwide. With the rise of the automotive industry, Durant quickly changed his side and purchased a small company named Buick. Later on, he founded his own General Motors, which started covering several small car companies.

The 1.5-ton GMC Truck

It was at the 1912 New York Auto Show when the GMC nameplate made its first appearance. The first vehicle produced an amazing 1.5-ton truck in which William Warwick, along with his wife, traveled all the way to Seattle and back to New York. This made GMC the first-ever truck to cross the country.

GMC and World War I

As World War I started, GMC focused its attention merely on making vehicles for the military. This included troop carriers, ambulances, support trucks, and the like. GMC contributed around 8,500 vehicles to the military to be used during the war.

The Rise of GMC

Later on, they started making different vehicles, including buses. The production of buses continued much till the 1980s. In the meanwhile, GMC produced various truck designs that included better color options and other amazing specifications. GMC Owner’s Manual of those times constituted all the tips for operating those vehicles.

In the 1930s, GMC focused more on redesigning the existing models with features that were more in demand. They brought amazing streamlined styles and two exterior color schemes. It was undoubtedly the golden time period that brought GMC’s first-ever SUV and Yukon into the automotive market.

GMC and the World War II

With the beginning of the second world war, GMC once again shifted its attention to making vehicles for the US Armed forces. This time, they manufactured about 600,000 vehicles.

World war II ended, and GMC once again got back to making unique designs. The main features of GMC vehicles noted in the post-war period included integrated headlights and a lower grille.

GMC owner manual

GMC Models

The company continued to bring more and better designs. They produced the most models between the 1960s and 1980s. Though most of those vehicles have been discontinued, many of them are still produced by the company. They have always provided consumers with high-efficiency vehicles equipped with modern technology. Let us have a look at some of their top models.


They are midsize SUVs having bold and attractive looks, typically integrated with the finest technology. They are amazingly spacious vehicles that will be the best for any kind of trip.


They are midsize CUVs having unique C-shaped lights and luxury interiors. They have appealing interiors that serve top-class comfort. Additionally, Terrain is quite spacious, is feasible for passengers, and serves cargo solutions as well.


They are small pickup trucks named after the Colorado state. These vehicles are known to retain 83% of their value over a span of five years.


The Yukon is a massive, powerful vehicle. They have a large capacity, a robust engine, and hold some amazing safety features.


It is a lineup of luxury trucks and SUVs having top-class features and advanced safety features. The Denali gives one of the best driving experiences.


They are full-sized pickup trucks that first made their way to the market in 1999. It is one of the most recognized vehicles in the US. It is a twin of Chevrolet Express.


The Sierra pickup truck has an outstanding performance and design. They have high-performance LED lights and amazing smart space solutions. There are additional connectivity and infotainment features that make driving Sierra an overall fun vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GMC a reliable truck?

According to RepairPal, GMC trucks score a 3 out of 5 for reliability.

What is the average mileage for a GMC truck?

Most GMC trucks can last approximately 250,000 miles

What are common problems with GMC trucks?

HVAC problems, oil consumption, poor headlight visibility, and engine problems were the most common problems reported with GMC Trucks.