Harley Davidson – History and Top Models

The history of Harley Davidson is just as fascinating as its bike features. Harley Davidson’s direction in the motorbike industry makes people think that some prominent think tank initiated its production. In a world of big automobile companies it would make sense, but that’s not the case.

It was about the early 1900s when William S. Harley worked with Walter Davidson and Arthur to draft a small engine to fit the regular bike. Soon after, the first Harley motorcycle in history was built. They completed the bike manufacturing in 1903, which was a successful attempt; however, it didn’t have enough power to climb up the hills, and the rider had to provide pedalling and engine power to get the job done.


Harley and Co. didn’t call it a day and started working to make it more powerful and efficient to overcome the low-power limitation. They developed the engine and the bike frame and put the improved bike in a race in 1904, where it secured the fourth position, adding more to the motivation of the Harley brothers.

They only aimed higher and higher until they got their engines listed in an automobile journal in 1905 and started developing their bike’s working model. It is when they stepped into the proper motorcycle production industry at a very small level.

That year, they produced only five bikes that the first Harley Davidson dealer in history in Chicago sold the same year.

Out of the Shed:

Harley-Davidson was lucky enough to have fast progress because of its consistency and hard work. In 1906, they stepped out of their shed and established the first Harley-Davidson motor factory, where they manufactured fifty motorcycles. They were looking forward to a second floor for their factory in one year.

In 1907, they produced 150 motorbikes, and the police department was happy to buy them all.


They didn’t settle for less and kept adding more to their bikes with innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. The factory grew hundreds of times more comprehensive than its shed in the coming years to meet the increasing demand. It has earned Army-Navy E-awards that determine the excellence of motorbikes they produced in World Wars 1 and 2.

Harley History

The best thing about Harley-Davidson motors company is that they kept up with the modern era’s demands. As a result, they introduced many advanced features as the decades passed.

Top Models of Harley-Davidson History:

In a period of a little more than a decade of Harley history, Harley-Davidson produced models that the world will never forget. Let’s overview a few breathtaking Harley-Davidson models.

1915 11F:

Harley-Davidson released its 1915 11F model a decade after the launch of the Harley-Davidson motors company. It was a classic and the first model to feature three-speed transmission, massive intake valves and an automatic oiler. The massive intake valves allowed it to generate 11 hp power. The electrical system featured an ignition system and rear taillight. Its outlook looked like a combination of bicycle and motorbike, which might seem ridiculous in the current era; nonetheless, it was a huge hit back in 1915.

There aren’t many around today, but seeing one of these old models, especially when properly maintained, can be a delight.

1936 EL Knucklehead:

Knucklehead’s “Hemi” combustion chamber engine produced a whopping 40 hp power that was significantly greater than the powertrain of previous models. The initial models had 61 cu-in engines, but they were upgraded to a 1200cc version by 1941.

The outlay and design were still much behind the time. However, they added a hand shift, foot clutch and brakes at the left handlebar. It was pretty basic, but it’d be quite a challenge for the riders of the current era to ride one of the Knucklehead bikes.

Harley Owner's Manual
Harley Owner’s Manual

2006 Harley VRSCSE2:

Fast forward to 2006, Harley’s Custom vehicle operation team came up with this power-cruiser motorbike. It has a modern-day outlook. Even in 2022, this model from 2006 may inspire many with its powertrain and beauty. Its 1247 cc Screamin’ Eagle revolution engine can produce 123 hp energy. You may study the Harley-Davidson owner’s manual for this model to seek more details on what made it the top-selling bike of the year.

The company had an idea of its beauty, and thus they made this muscular giant available in three stunning colors: red pearl, platinum pear, and charcoal black; the colors also came in combinations.

2007 XL1200N Sportster Nightster History:

The Sportster model is yet another perfect balance of the performance and looks that came out in 2007. It adds to the bike’s value with front fork gaiters, bobbed rear fenders, owner manual and a license plate on the side. The 1200-cc V-Twin Evolution Powertrain was attached to the five-speed transmission system, which made the ride smooth yet powerful.

It has been a decade since its release and is still the most sought-after bike of that era.

2012 CVO Softail Convertible:

CVO lineup took Harley-Davidson in the category of the domestic motorbike industry. The 2012 Softail model became popular as soon as it was released. It had a windscreen, back seat and removable backrest. Women specifically loved it for its low seat that is perfect for an average women’s height. Men loved it for its appearance and fantastic performance.

Today’s Harley owners continue work together with the company to create an unrivaled culture. Customization, maintenance and motorcycle repair remain at the heart of keeping a Harley on the road. The recent models are only adding to the pros of Harley-Davidson’s company history, enhancing its reputation. You may visit their website to learn more about the new and upcoming models.