The S70FT Series is a versatile warehouse forklift built for inside operation. It is appropriate for various applications, including industrial and commercial equipment, fabricated metal items, and motor freight transportation. Problems with the engine, electrical, cooling, or hydraulic systems account for over 70% of industrial forklift downtime. Many of these mechanical concerns are no longer an issue with the Hyster Forklift S70FT since design changes have decreased downtime by up to 30%.

Performance and Fuel Economy

Three high-output engines, four high-performance gearboxes, three hydraulic controllers, and four cooling system choices are all available in the S70FT forklift to ensure that your forklift is perfectly tailored for the task at hand. The Auto Deceleration System can increase brake life by up to 60% since it automatically slows the car when the accelerator pedal is pushed and released. Controlled power reversal reduces tire spin to virtually a minimum, resulting in a 50% increase in tire life over traditional approaches. Customization options are available for this function based on the driver’s preferences and prior driving experience.

Hyster‘s transmission gears and shafts have been strengthened by as much as 15 percent for the most rigorous duty cycle situations. To achieve this, it has been re-engineered to be harder and bigger while giving up to three times the working life of preceding versions with advanced clutch packs.

Design, Functions, and Quality

Each of the three new aluminum core radiators in this series has substantial design and component advances. This allows for industry-leading cooling capacity, which is critical for enhancing vehicle uptime. Additionally, this action may prolong the economic life of your Hyster fleet.

The operator compartment is simple to operate with a three-point entrance design. Features include a handgrip, armrest/hip restraint, and a big non-slip step. The overhead guard’s curved leg provides more shoulder clearance, while the extra floor space gives workers more places to put their feet.

Operator comfort may be adapted to individual preferences thanks to the availability of distinct seats, which have been improved in style and adjustable features. When driving in normal circumstances, the regular non-cinch seat belt provides a more comfortable ride for the driver. This permits the driver to remain in control of the S70FT Forklift even while the vehicle is being driven backward.

Hyster Forklift S70FT

Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual for the HYSTER FORKLIFT S70FT provides all of the information you’ll need to know about the forklift’s operation and maintenance in the future.

  • Safety and security
  • Operation of each component
  • Features
  • Maintenance and care
  • Specifications

This Hyster Forklift Manual will explain when and how to utilize its many features and functions.

Taking Cues From Cars

This seat belt is designed in an automotive manner and has a built-in mechanism that locks the seat belt when necessary. Driver tiredness and driver satisfaction are reduced when the noise level at the operator’s ear is low. This can result in an overall increase in productivity.

The separated drivetrain decreases the impact of powertrain vibration. Hyster’s road-inspired shocks on the operator’s comfort throughout the shift. The swing-out bracket allows the LPG tank to be removed from above the counterweight, making the changeout process more convenient. Using the optional EZXchange bracket, the tank’s robust platform is lowered, minimizing arm and back strain and making tank changeouts even easier.

With the Auto Deceleration System’s brake pedal design and minimal braking requirements, it is possible to reduce operator fatigue to a significant degree. The 12-inch steering wheel with a spinner knob boosts steering responsiveness, control, and efficiency with just four full rotations lock-to-lock, decreasing shoulder strain. Every operator can accept a tilt steer column with infinite adjustment and an optional full-suspension seat as an option. The use of controlled rollback on ramps may aid in the reduction of driver fatigue while also greatly increasing truck and load control on-ramps.

Specifications of the Hyster Forklift S70FT

  • Height: 7.17ft
  • Length: 7.9ft
  • Width: 3.8ft
  • Operating weight: 10604.3lb

Engine type: 2.4L

Vehicle type: Forklift

HYSTER FORKLIFT S70FT Factory Service Manual

The HYSTER S70FT service manuals cover every aspect of forklift operation and maintenance. The service manual should accompany every Hyster S70FT repair:

  • Maintenance
  • Brake System
  • Hydraulic Gear Pump
  • Capacities
  • Transmission
  • Specifications
  • Cylinder Repair
  • Diagrams and Schematics
  • Main Control Valve
  • Cooling System
  • Mast Repairs
  • Operational Checkout
  • Electrical System
  • Steering Axle
  • User Interface

The repair manual for the Hyster S70FT is intended exclusively for technicians and dealerships. As such, the main audience is a skilled mechanic responsible for normal forklift maintenance and repair. To that end, factory original service instructions ensure that any forklift maintenance or repairs are done correctly and precisely every time.