JCB 536-60 Agri Telehandler

The JCB 536-60 Agri Telehandler is a powerful EcoMAX-powered Loadall. It is supported by a chassis that is built for load-bearing and stability. The side-mounted JCB engine works with JCB axles and transmission to provide dependable drivetrain performance from tried-and-true components. There is an immediate steering mode option between three modes for simple operation, a tight turn radius, and excellent maneuverability.

Performance and Fuel Economy

The JCB 536-60 AGRI is designed for maximum efficiency. Its EcoMAX engine generates much power and torque even at low speeds. That implies more labor for less engine effort, which saves gasoline. The roomy, comfortable cab also aids productivity. Easy maintenance and tough components are also common, maximizing utilization. Every JCB 536-60 AGRI TELEHANDLER is intended to be as productive as possible, with several features that help you get the most out of every drop of gasoline.

Productivity, Strength, and Durability

The short wheelbase and wide steering lock angles of a JCB telehandler 536-60 AGRI save important time on the farm, particularly when space is restricted. Smart Hydraulics helps to guarantee the quickest cycle times, keeping farm production high. At the same time, the Auto Smooth Ride System (SRS) explained in a parts catalog increases load retention and comfort (and hence productivity) while traveling at high speeds on highways or in fields. The Auto Bucket Control technology from JCB, which is accessed through a feature button on the joystick, makes it simple to meter out or empty material from your bucket or manure fork. Material is expelled swiftly and precisely.

Extra Strength When Needed Most

A robust inverted U-shaped boom pressing completely welded closure plates and massive boom overlaps of more than 1m are standard. Hoses on our AGRI telescopic handlers are routed through the boom for optimal protection, and engine bonnets are shielded from harm by being side-mounted and recessed on the chassis. AGRI Loadalls with a lift height of 7m or above include fold-up rear lights that may be maintained clean and fully protected from on-site damage.

A one-piece completely welded chassis maximizes strength while minimizing weight. High-duty axle feet assist a JCB AGRI telehandler to absorb the huge strains created by continual heavy loading. The boom is situated low in the chassis, resulting in an incredibly sturdy construction with excellent over-the-shoulder sight. Centrally positioned lift, tilt, and extension rams reduce boom twisting and are kept in place by centrally installed keyhole castings for added structural stability.


  • Height: 8.17 ft
  • Length: 14.93 ft
  • Width: 7.52 ft
  • Operating weight: 15432 lbs

Engine type: Tier 4 Final / Stage IV, 2200rpm

Fuel Capacity / Gas Tank Size: 38.6 gal


JCB 536-60 AGRI TELEHANDLER Factory Service Manual

The service manuals for JCB Telehandlers are very extensive and cover every aspect of functioning. A service manual must be included with every repair done to a JCB 536-60 AGRI TELEHANDLER. Mechanics will find information covering:

  • General Outline
  • Functions and Construction
  • Inspection and Adjustment
  • Dismantling and Assembly
  • Standard Value

Repair manuals for the JCB 536-60 AGRI TELEHANDLER are only available to professionals and dealerships that perform maintenance and repairs. Any engine maintenance or repair work performed by the owner should accompany a service manual in conjunction with a JCB Telehandler Parts Manual.

EcoMax Advantage

EcoMAX has been tested in 70 machines for over 200,000 hours in the most demanding workloads and settings. Our telescopic handlers have JCB-built hydraulic cylinders, cabs, axles, transmissions, and engines; all engineered to perform in perfect harmony for maximum dependability. The severe testing methodology for the new AGRI Loadall series comprised sustained high-stress loading of the chassis, boom, and other important components, as well as cold temperature testing and recurrent transmission usage over thousands of cycles. To prevent corrosion on AGRI Loadalls in the long run, the cab was dipped in electrophoretic alloy before painting it.

JCB 536-60 AGRI TELEHANDLER — Operator’s Manual

Customers who purchased a telehandler new from a dealership found a JCB Telehandler operators manual that included all the information needed for future maintenance and updates. As such, it should cover topics like:

  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance Record

This list is broad because the JCB 536-60 AGRI TELEHANDLER owner’s manual provides various operational tips to enhance the user experience.

Safety Features

With three points of contact and ergonomically positioned grab grips and stairs, cab access on these telehandlers is very safe. Hose burst check valves (HBCVs) on a JCB AGRI Loadall prevent the rams from collapsing in the case of a hose failure. Our standard-fit reverse alarm protects bystanders for added security. Loadall operators benefit from exceptional all-around vision because of the low boom profile and pivot. With our operator presence switch, the accidental operation is a thing of the past; this feature stops your telescopic handler from moving when the operator exits the seat.