Jungheinrich ETR345

Jungheinrich is a material handling equipment-producing company; Its reliable products, innovations with real added value, and sophisticated solutions speak for it. They are particularly famous for their sustainable approach to producing their equipment that values the environment as it should. Besides the production of world-class machinery, the company also looks forward to developing its culture and vision by offering professional development opportunities in a future-oriented and exciting working environment. This article will focus on the Jungheinrich ETR345.

The company began 65 years ago, and it has been working with technical leadership, outstanding service, and customer orientation deep-rooted since the first day. It is now one of the top three intralogistics brands worldwide.

They produce state-of-the-art forklifts, reach trucks, industrial IT equipment, warehouse racking, and storage equipment.

Jungheinrich Parts Manual

Introduction to Jungheinrich ETR345:

The Jungheinrich ETR345 is a single-reach truck manufactured running two shifts on one battery charge. It offers the precise operation of travel and hydraulics with an enhanced multifunction control handle. Its new rigid mast results in excellent load stability and capacity retention at higher heights. Its key feature is a spacious operator compartment with extensive body padding for comfort, functionality, and flexibility. The informative display panel makes the operation easy for the operator while offering the current technological advancements. It is a 36 Volt electric pantograph reach truck that can carry up to 3000 to 4500 lbs.

Advantages of ETR345:

This single-reach truck boosts strong performance, moving more pallets per hour and lowering the overall cost of ownership while keeping operators comfortable and productive.

Premium Ergonomics:

The operators of Jungheinrich ETR345 forklifts can be more comfortable and productive, largely due to the economic compartment that minimizes operator fatigue. Several standard features make this world-class designed reach truck beneficial for the operator, ranging from the low entry and exit step to the intuitive multifunctional control handle. Productivity can be as high in the last hour of the shift as in the first.

Heavy Duty Mast:

The Jungheinrich parts manual ETR features a heavy-duty mast with durable rollers and mass trails designed to meet your most demanding applications. Operators can precisely and securely position loads at all lift types combined with cushioning in mast staging functions.

Higher Performance and Greater Productivity:

One of the fastest in the industry, the reach trucks hydraulic system reaches a lifting speed of up to 165 feet per minute and helps operators move more pallets in lesser time. The ETR series can run up to two shifts on one battery charge, which helps you get the most out of the workday.

Operator Control panel and AC Technology:

The inner compartment has an easy-to-read display panel that gives the operator essential information to complete his daily tasks. The information on the display panel includes a battery discharge indicator, clock, power meter, 180 degrees/ 360-degree steer direction indicator, and performance mode selector.

Three-phase AC technology for drive steering and lift offers several advantages over traditional direct current motors. Rapid acceleration, smooth directional changes, and precise speed control happen thanks to this AC technology. Innovative use of regenerative brake ensures that the machine doesn’t lose available kinetic energy. The end result is greater uptime due to maintenance-free motors without carbon brushes and longer operating times due to energy reclamation during braking make it the dream reach truck for every business.

Space Saving Design:

These reach trucks deliver greater productivity in applications where space is complicated, such as narrow aisles. Operators can customize the drive and hydraulic settings to suit their application and experience level.

The Features of Internal Compartment:

The compartment is spacious and combines comfort and functionality to improve operator efficiency. The location of operator control allows for a flexible side stance position within the compartment. Low-effort electric power steering for precise control with minimal effort is another feature of these reach trucks.

It has a highly informative display that provides the operator with vital information to remain productive throughout the shift. Storage space for the operator’s equipment, paperwork, and materials allows access to all important materials on hand. It has an antifatigue floor mat and generous padding for knees, back, and armrest to prevent the operator from musculoskeletal disorders.

Multifunction Control Handle and Customized Programming:

The interior cabins have an intuitive and multifunctional control handle that is centrally positioned for easy access to truck functions that maximize efficiency through the simultaneous operation of the travel lift and auxiliary hydraulic functions. The rounded palm rest of the control handle helps reduce operator fatigue over long shifts.

Performance profiling allows you to customize the reach products drive and hydraulic settings based on your application, personal preferences, and individual operator experience level. Display-based programming, information requests, and performance are performed with easily accessible buttons.

Lithium-ion Availability:

The ETR345 has a greater power efficiency, making it run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with opportunity charging. The battery doesn’t need much maintenance, such as watering and battery exchanges. It doesn’t have any gas emissions, acidification, and odor.