Link-Belt RTC 8090 Crane

The Link-Belt RTC 8090 crane showcases its remarkable versatility, making it a standout in the heavy-lifting equipment industry. This robust crane is meticulously engineered to ensure operators enjoy unrivaled control, efficiency, and safety.

Link-Belt has a long-standing reputation as a leading manufacturer of high-quality, innovative crane solutions. Dating back to 1874, Link-Belt has consistently pushed the boundaries of crane technology. Their commitment to engineering excellence, coupled with a customer-centric approach, has established Link-Belt as a trusted name in the industry.

From crawler cranes to telescopic cranes, their diverse product lineup continues to set new standards for performance, durability, and safety. With a legacy built on innovation and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Link-Belt cranes are synonymous with precision and reliability in the world of heavy lifting.

Power and Performance:

Equipped with a Cummins diesel engine, the Link-Belt RTC 8090 crane boasts a staggering lifting capacity of 90 tons. Its four-section, full-power boom spans from 38 feet to an impressive 140 feet, providing the operator exceptional reach and versatility on the job site. This crane can achieve a maximum line speed of 360 feet per minute, ensuring swift and efficient lifting operations. The operator’s manual is vital, guiding operators on the precise techniques to optimize the crane’s power, performance, and safety.

Control and Maneuverability:

The Link-Belt RTC 8090 crane features a state-of-the-art control system, allowing operators to navigate challenging terrains and execute intricate lifts efficiently. With four-wheel drive and steer capabilities, this crane offers exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces. The Link-Belt RTC 8090 crane can achieve a maximum travel speed of up to 22 mph, ensuring swift mobilization.

Operator Assistance and Safety Features:

Safety is vital in any lifting operation, and the Link-Belt RTC 8090 crane prioritizes operator assistance and safety. The operator’s manual is a comprehensive guide outlining the crane’s advanced safety features and best practices. It includes features such as a load moment indicator, an anti-two block system, and an outrigger monitoring system, which ensure safe and efficient operations. The manual also provides instructions on proper rigging techniques and safety protocols. With the assistance of the operator’s manual, operators can navigate potential hazards and mitigate risks, ensuring a secure work environment for both the operator and the surrounding personnel.

Link-Belt Crane Operator Manual

Convenient Maintenance:

Efficient maintenance and serviceability are critical factors in maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime. The Link-Belt RTC 8090 operator’s manual offers insights into routine maintenance tasks and recommended service intervals. It gives operators a detailed understanding of the crane’s components, allowing them to perform regular inspections and promptly address any potential issues. The manual also includes guidelines for lubrication, fluid levels, and filter changes, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the crane. Following the maintenance guidelines outlined in the manual, operators can keep the Link-Belt RTC 8090 crane operating at peak efficiency.

Multiple Boom Extensions and Configurations:

The versatility of the Link-Belt RTC 8090 crane is further amplified by its ability to accommodate multiple boom extensions. With optional attachments such as lattice inserts and fly jibs, operators can extend the reach of the crane’s boom to tackle a wide range of lifting challenges. The operator’s manual provides comprehensive guidelines on selecting and installing the appropriate boom extensions. It can also be referenced for configuring the crane for various lifting scenarios. This flexibility allows operators to adapt to job site conditions and lift loads at greater heights and distances.

Outrigger System:

The Link-Belt RTC 8090 crane incorporates an advanced outrigger system that enhances stability during lifting operations. This crane ensures a solid foundation for lifting heavy loads with a maximum outrigger base of 24.3 feet and the ability to achieve full-span and intermediate-span outrigger configurations.

Efficient Transportability:

Transporting the Link-Belt RTC 8090 cranes between job sites is efficient and hassle-free. The crane is designed with a self-assembly and self-dismantling capability, reducing the time and resources required for mobilization and demobilization. Step-by-step instructions on the proper procedure for assembly and disassembly help ensure a smooth and streamlined process. With its compact dimensions and the ability to be transported on standard trailers, the Link-Belt RTC 8090 crane offers excellent mobility and easy access to diverse job sites.

Advanced Load Management System:

The Link-Belt RTC 8090 crane has a sophisticated load management system that ensures safe and precise lifting operations. The load moment indicator incorporated into the crane provides real-time feedback on the crane’s load capacity and operating conditions. The manual outlines the LMI’s functionality, assisting operators in monitoring and managing the load throughout the lifting process. Additionally, the anti-two-block system prevents the crane’s hook block from contacting the boom tip. As a result, this minimizes the risk of accidents and equipment damage.


With its emphasis on operator assistance, safety features, and easy maintenance, the Link-Belt RTC 8090 crane stands as a reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of lifting applications.