Nissan CPF02 Forklift

Many people know Nissan makes cars, but much of the public remains unaware of Nissan’s other products, such as forklifts; one such forklift is the CPF02-A25V, a side-shifter 4-Wheel Sit Down type with a 5000-pound lifting capacity. Nissan Forklift Corporation is a division of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, that also produces forklifts and other material handling equipment. Nissan produces a range of forklifts, including electric and internal combustion engine-powered models, as well as reach trucks, pallet jacks, order pickers, and other equipment.

Over the years, Nissan Forklift Corporation has reported steady growth, driven largely by demand for its forklifts and material handling equipment across a range of industries. The company has also invested in R & D to improve the efficiency and performance of its products. Nissan forklifts are sold and serviced by a network of dealers and distributors around the world.

As far as cars are concerned, Nissan Motors is in the lead with more than 275,000 all-electric car sales worldwide till December 2016. Nissan sells more than 60 vehicles under the Nissan, INFINITI, and Datsun brands, making it a complete full-line automaker. 5.52 million Automobiles were sold by the corporation internationally in the 2018 monetary year, bringing in 11.6 trillion dollars.

Let’s find out what Nissan CPF02 Forklift has to offer in terms of value.

What Kind of Machine is the Nissan CPF02?

The Nissan forklift CPF02 is a front-mounted truck created in 1995. The CPF02 is 3700mm tall and has a 2000kg lifting capacity. The main benefit of employing CPF02 is its fuel management system, which is available in LP, Gas, or both, optimizes engine performance to offer outstanding fuel efficiency and lower CO, HC, and NOx exhaust emissions inside your business.


The Nissan CPF02 contains tough Platinum II Internal Combustion (IC) cushion tire forklift truck powered by its industrial engines. The engine delivers more torque and horsepower to meet a range of high-cycle manufacturing, warehousing, or other interior submissions. Each Platinum II is equipped as standard with our complete engine protection system, which informs operators in the event of extreme heat or a significant loss in oil pressure.

Driveline and execution

The CPF02 is a lower-hour unit that runs quietly and has a Nissan four-cylinder propane engine. A large hydrostatic transmission is present to provide action in the forklift.

The Nissan CPF02 Forklift has a steering system that offers a more seamless, natural feel than a sophisticated conventional hydraulic power steering system that uses gears. With a 12V power source, a significant drop in the ratio is also achievable. A spark lead in the CPF02’s distributor cap delivers a high-voltage pulse across the contact point, carrying the current to the spark plug.

Nissan CPF02 Forklift’s contentment and convenience

The Nissan CPF02 forklift offers comfort and dependability, enabling farmers to carry weights of thousands of pounds with ease. To add a few more supplementary components and extras to your Nissan CPF02 and advance it, consult the parts catalog for the Nissan CPF02.

To make it simpler for the customer to view and comprehend the specifications, a Nissan forklift parts diagrams will show the entire machine in detail, piece by piece. This includes every screw, bolt, and wire installed throughout the machine. This allows a mechanic to look in much greater detail at the engineering in the machine and make a decision on how to reassemble correctly.

The CPF02 is the market’s entry-level vehicle. Because the business owners are careful about their maintenance process, they can promise that the automobiles will survive for several years. Due to transmission problems, this truck’s price is often questioned, but its level of reliability is unmatched.

Nissan Forklift Parts Catalog
Nissan Forklift Parts Manual

The fuel consumption and efficiency

The quality of fuel, the lubricants, how the engine is adjusted, how much the engine is wearing, the weather, etc., all affect fuel consumption. The most prevalent issue with Nissan CPF02s is frequent oil leaks. Therefore, this could have a negative impact on fuel efficiency. The work is more challenging due to the fact that the efficacy level is not constant in CPF02. Additionally, fuel consumption is not directly related to the power immediately consumed.

Connectivity features

Nissan CPF02’s connectivity and infotainment features offer real-time traffic updates and door-to-door navigation. When a forklift malfunctions, the breakdown Call feature in CPF02 enables you to get in touch with the Nissan service provider.

Worth the purchase of Nissan CPF02:

Nissan forklifts have helped many businesses become more productive. Among many of them is the CPF02 forklift. To that end, amazingly low emissions and high efficiency are provided by this forklift. Furthermore, Nissan CPF02 pallet and reach trucks move cargo between warehouse locations or retrieve products, increasing worker productivity. The sole drawback of today’s Nissans is that some users can’t get used to their CVT transmissions.

Backup Precautions

Though the CPF02 is a very reliable machine, it is unlikely that it will operate without any issues over time. Therefore, it is imperative that the proper forklift manuals are kept on hand for the day an issue arises. Otherwise, you may looking at extended down-time and an a delayed repair. To that end, keeping a heavy duty machine in operation is crucial to any business’ daily functions, worker’s safety, and the ultimate bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is high mileage for a forklift?

Anything over 10,000 hours can be considered a high-usage machine.

Who is the largest forklift manufacturer?

Toyota Material Handling

How much does a new forklift cost?

Pricing for a new Forklift will range between $20K-$50K, or possibly more. The difference is pricing will be due to engine type, capacity, and class.