Toyota Motor Company- History and Fun Facts

Toyota Motor Company is a Japanese multinational company based in Japan, known for reliable and durable automobile production. It is one of the most trusted automobile companies globally, producing over 10 million vehicles each year with its inventories all around the globe.

General Motors had been the biggest automobile producer until Toyota decided to work and grow, thereby striking down General Motors in 2008.

Toyota Established?

Toyota gave birth to the Toyota Group. Toyoda Kiichiro established Toyota Industries in 1933. The Toyota Motor Company is the subdivision of the same Toyota Loom Corporation Ltd, founded by Kiichiro’s father, Sakichi Toyoda.

Toyota manufactured its first product when it had not separated from the Toyota industries; it was a Type A engine that they crafted in 1934, and then their first automobile, the Model AA Sedan, was released in 1936. The Toyota industry thought to come up with a separate Motor producing entity later in the year; thus, the Toyota Motor Corporation appeared on the list of automobile companies in 1937.

Toyota didn’t stop thinking out of the box and established a few more sub-companies in the coming years, that included Toyota Machine Works and Toyota Auto Body.

The Impact of World War 2:

While World War 2 was a huge downfall for many businesses, it proved to be a golden ticket for Toyota. It took complete advantage of Japan’s alliance with the United States and learned much from the American automakers, which were the most famous and reliable at that time. They even toured the Ford Motor Company to judge what they lacked compared to the potential competitors.

However, Toyota stopped making passenger cars and focused on the production of trucks during this period to meet the rising demands. The company didn’t resume the production of passenger cars until 1947 because of the wrecking economic situation that arose after World War 2.

Post-War Productions:

Toyota Motor Sales was established in the USA in 1957, after which the company manufactured Toyopet Sedan, the company’s debut in the United States. It didn’t earn much recognition for its low power and high price. The 4*4 LandCruiser came right after the Sedan and became famous. Toyota redesigned the Toyopet, and the redesigned version came out as Toyota Corona in 1965; it proved to be a significant success.

Acquisition of Other Companies:

The 60s and 70s were all about growth for Toyota; they acquired multiple motor companies like Daihitsu Motors, Hino Motors, etc. Although it had become Japan’s largest-selling motor company much earlier than it became popular in the USA, the American market started recognizing it as a reliable and fuel-efficient automobile maker after the release of the Toyota Corolla in 1968.

Growth of the Luxury line

The company then enhanced its luxury line and expanded into brands like Lexus and Prius. Now it is on the list of major global stock markets, boasting rising revenue every year. The company faced significant financial issues whenever the global financial situation entered a bad phase. Yet, they always persevered.

Other Production items

 Toyota subsidiaries still produce other products like resins, cotton and woolen goods, housing equipment, automatic looms, steel, rubber, and cork material.

Toyota Motor Company Owner's Manual

Interesting Facts about Toyota Motors Company:

Toyota Motors Company has a long history. Here are some interesting facts about Toyota that most people are unaware of.

Here’s an overview of the critical facts about Toyota Motors Company:

  • Toyota derived from “Toyoda”, from the founder’s name “Kiichiro Toyoda”. However, they opted for its renewed version, “Toyota”, which seemed cooler in Japanese.
  • Toyota spends a whopping $1 million every hour for research purposes to produce safe, reliable vehicles.
  • Toyota was not as prevalent before World War 2. A deep look at the American companies’ structure resulted in what Toyota is today. Chevrolet and Dodge especially inspired the owner; he brought back the features of these two models to Japan.

More Toyota Information

  • The Toyota models manufactured even a couple of decades ago are still running efficiently on the roads.
  • The Toyota Manual that comes with each vehicle is intuitively structured to answer the vehicle owner’s questions. There are owner’s manuals, repair manuals, parts catalogs, and wiring diagrams for your model.
  • The city Koroma of Japan changed its name to Toyota to acknowledge the most successful business in the country. It is the home of Toyota manufacturing plants.
  • It was the first automobile manufacturing company to manufacture over 10 million cars in a single year in 2013.
  • Toyota was initially a textile company that eventually produced a motor, and the perspective changed!
  • Toyota is a family business owned by the successor of founder Toyoda, the Akio Toyoda.