This is a four-door sedan/saloon with a rear-wheel-drive system and a front-mounted powertrain. Naturally aspirated and with two valves per cylinder, the 5.8-liter overhead valve V-8 powering the 1978 Ford LTD is a potent piece of machinery. A three-speed automatic gearbox transfers the engine’s power to the wheels. The LTD was shrunk for the 1979 model year, now making it smaller than the LTD II. It became a mid-size vehicle for 1983. The Ford Granada was withdrawn for the first time, and the LTD name was transferred to a restyled version of that vehicle. Ford’s transition to front-wheel drive continued with the 1986 introduction of the Taurus, which took the place of the LTD’s mid-size sibling.

Performance and Fuel Economy

While the 351/400 CID Police Package was used for municipal police vehicles from 1973 to 1978, and the 460 Police Interceptor was designed for heavy-duty and high-speed applications. In terms of acceleration, the 460 Police Interceptor engine was capable of 0-60 speeds in the 8-second range and was rated at 260 Net horsepower. Over 15-second quarter-mile times, with peak speeds exceeding 135 miles per hour. Ford LTD 460 “C code” Police Interceptor, 1975-1978


Full-size sedans with a lower external footprint than their A-body counterparts were initially introduced by General Motors for the 1977 model year, marking an important milestone for the American car industry. To keep the 1978 Ford LTD (and Lincoln-Mercury rivals) in the spotlight, Ford highlighted the advantages of its bigger sedans, contrasting the LTD to GM’s flagship Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham sedan. Introducing Ford’s “Trim Size” LTD II, the next version of the Torino midsize sedan, the “Trim Size” LTD II is almost as large as the Chevrolet Caprice.

Panther Rear Wheel Drive

The 1978 Ford LTD was the first car to be built on Ford’s groundbreaking Panther rear-wheel-drive platform, which was a radical departure from the Chrysler R platform in terms of design. The Panther design featured a thinner body, more agile body handling (due to its smaller size), and greater fuel economy over the previous model. Until 1980, Lincoln was the only brand with a more limited selection of vehicles. 1979 saw the introduction of the Ford LTD sedan and LTD Country Squire station wagon, both based on the LTD platform. It was the standard model in Canada until 1981 when it was phased out of manufacturing in other parts (including the United States).

Reduction in Size

To stay up with its 1978 Ford LTD, the 1979 LTD had its total length and wheelbase reduced by 15 inches and its wheelbase reduced by 7 inches, respectively, while the Panther chassis had its overall curb weight reduced by roughly 700 pounds. Even though it was somewhat slim, the new body design gave additional inside and trunk space due to the modifications. Large-block 400 and 460 V8s were phased out in favor of the lighter Panther chassis and body. Ford shifted to small-block 302 and 351 V8s.

Exterior Lights

The LTD will lose its optional hidden headlamps in favor of the sharp-edged design of the (smaller) Ford Fairmont in 1979, More expensive trim levels were equipped with quad headlights and amber lenses. Upon introducing the LTD Crown Victoria in 1980, the LTD S and LTD Landau were phased out, with the standard LTD acting as the base model. The brushed aluminum band that wrapped the B-pillar and top of the LTD Crown Victoria, Ford’s response to the Mercury Grand Marquis, was an homage to the 1955-1956 Ford Fairlane, after which the car was named, and served as a nod to the Mercury Grand Marquis.


  • Height: 54.8 in
  • Length: 211.3 in
  • Width: 77.2 in

Engine type: naturally aspirated petrol, V8

Fuel tank: 21 g

1978 Ford LTD

1978 FORD LTD Factory Service Manual

These manuals go through every aspect of how the car operates. The vehicle’s purchase price does not include the service manual for your 1978 FORD LTD.

  • Safety Restraints
  • Instrumentation
  • Pre-Drive Checklist
  • Starting and Operating
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Specifications
  • Capacities
  • Servicing

The service manuals for the 1978 FORD LTD are vast and cover every aspect of the vehicle’s operation. Y

1978 FORD LTD — Owner’s Manual

When consumers purchase 1978 FORD LTD, they get an owner’s manual containing information for future maintenance and modifications.

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

The owner’s manual for 1978 FORD LTD provides more operational suggestions to enhance the user experience.

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