The 1991 Chevrolet S10 Blazer and its GMC S15 Jimmy counterparts were two of the earliest compact car–like sport-utility vehicles when they were originally introduced back in 1983. In the 1980s, engines often had insufficient power. The year 1988 marked a turning point for the better when Chevrolet began offering their strong 4.3-liter V6 engine as an option. Since 1990, that engine has been the regular option.

Overview and Beginning

In the beginning, there was just a model with two doors and a choice between a manual or automatic gearbox and two or four-wheel drive (with the latter having GM’s Insta-Trac part-time technology). Halogen headlights, a full-size spare tire, and twin outside mirrors were standard equipment on even the most basic versions. The 2WD cars received fog lights, while the 4WD versions received front tow hooks. Only the rear brakes were affected by antilock braking technology.

A larger wheelbase and four-door vehicle variants were introduced early in the 1991 S-10 Blazer model. Finally, competing with the very popular Jeep Cherokee was made possible by the 4.3-liter engine and four-door body of the Blazer. The only other significant modification was adding Sports trim option for both the two-door and four-door versions of the vehicle. This option included two-tone paint and alloy wheels. On 4-door models, antilock brakes functioned on all four wheels, whereas on 2-door models, they were limited to the rear wheels only.

Performance and Fuel Economy

All 1991 Chevrolet S10 Blazers were equipped with a 4.3-liter V6 engine that produced 160 horsepower at the beginning of the decade. There is the possibility of installing either a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 4-speed automatic gearbox. It was hoped that the revised fuel injection system for 1991 would make the engine easier to start. The standard engine produced 165 horsepower in 1993 (only available with a five-speed manual transmission), while a new “improved” model produced 200 horsepower and could only transfer its output to a four-speed automatic transmission.


A painted black insert in the front grille on the 4-door model (1990 2-door S-10 Blazers and Jimmies had the 3-piece grille). As a result of the new grill’s increased height, the old grill’s separate metal filler panel has been eliminated. Before summer 1990, early production vehicles were only marketed in four-wheel-drive configurations; two-wheel-drive models were not produced until that year. Before Ford’s new Explorer and six and a half years after the market-leading Cherokee debuted its four-door model, the Bronco II was axed from production. Carbon gray or argent silver snowflake alloy wheels were introduced. Chevrolet Astro and GMC Safari shared several of these wheels.

1992 vs 1991

Aside from the front grille and the absence of trim on the rear back glass, the only way to tell the 1992 model year from the 1991 model is to look at the rear back glass. Thousand nine hundred ninety-two cars were almost unchanged from those produced in 1991. (chrome shell with argent silver inserts). Except for the center console and the steering wheel, which were replaced, the interior remained almost intact from the 1991 Chevy S-10 Blazer. (X-bar style similar to the one used in the GMT400 trucks). The moniker “S-15” was also taken from Jimmy.

In 1993, the center console was relocated, and the 700r4 gearbox was replaced with a 4L60E transmission. The grille (placed next to the S-10 pickup) was also changed, and the addition of optional 5-spoke alloy wheels. Chrome-plated grilles were added to the S-10 trucks’ standard work truck grilles.


  • Height: 62.6 in
  • Length: 176.8 in
  • Width: 65.4 in
  • Curb weight: 3,427 lbs

Engine type: Gas V6, 4.3 L

Fuel tank: 20.0 g

1991 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

1991 CHEVROLET S-10 BLAZER Factory Service Manual

The repair manuals go through every aspect of how the car operates. The vehicle’s purchase price does not include the 1991 CHEVROLET S-10 BLAZER manual for service.

  • Safety Restraints
  • Instrumentation
  • Pre-Drive Checklist
  • Starting and Operating
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Specifications
  • Capacities
  • Servicing
  • Customer Assistance

The service manuals for the 1991 CHEVROLET S-10 BLAZER repair manual is vast and cover every aspect of the vehicle’s operation.

1991 CHEVROLET S-10 BLAZER — Owner’s Manual

When consumers purchased a 1991 CHEVROLET S-10 BLAZER owner’s manual, they got an owner’s manual containing information for future maintenance and modifications.

  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance Record

The owner’s manual for the CHEVROLET S-10 BLAZER provides more operational suggestions to enhance the user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my ’91 S-10 Blazer worth?

Between $331-$6263 depending on condition and mileage

What is the reliability rating of the 1991 Chevy S-10 Blazer?

Edmunds rated it 4.6 out of 5

Common problems with the 1991 S-10 Blazer?

Transmission output seal leaking, Brake system control unit failure, power window motors may fail