2004 Ford Expedition

The newly redesigned and re-engineered 2004 Ford Expedition was a big banger. Ford, always maintaining its high name in all the cars may it be a sedan or turbo diesel truck surely has its high grounds in SUVs as well.

The long legacy of having the Ford Expedition surely is the one that expedites any other SUV of its level. The 2004 Expedition was one of its kind and a big success in the market, customers were left with no choice and were for sure eager to get their hands on this SUV. This 2004 Ford Expedition has been redefined in such a way, it is far more perfect, stable, and better in drive than the rest of its models.


Power232 HP @4,750rpm  
Engine TypeTriton 4.6L 8 Cylinder
Seating Capacity  8/9  
TransmissionTransmission, 4 Speed Electronic Controlled Automatic OD
Drivetrain  RWD, Rear Wheel Drive
Body Style  SUV/Crossover
FuelUnleaded Regular
Torque  291@3,450rpm
Fuel Capacity26.0
Towing Capacity  5,900/8,300
2004 Ford Expedition

Owner’s Manual

The 04 Ford Expedition Owners Manual covers the specs, operation, and routine maintenance of the vehicle.Owner manuals are also called Operator manuals. Most other years of the Ford Expedition Owners Manual are also still available through secondary markets. They also have repair manuals available in the secondary market


SUVs generally tend to be expensive compared to any other car since neither are they a truck, nor normal sedans, they are a balance between both giving ample trunk space, seating capacity, and power. All in one, thus they are highly priced. But the range of features that this SUV offers surely makes it valuable. It is designed to be perfect for the needs of big families, especially for traveling purposes. It comes with AdvanceTrac electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, Power Fold third-row seat, only with the press of a button and whatnot! This is how it is easy to say how this car is worth every penny spent.


The Ford Expedition similarly starts from $32,500, the most basic of its trim level, and goes to $38,725, the highest of its trim level. The prices surely are daunting but cannot overcome all of the benefits and other facilities this SUV has to offer. The high prices are first because of its heavy and impressive Towing capability. This 5.4-liter, two-wheel drive Expedition is proven to have to tow up to 8,950 pounds, which when seen as an SUV is surely impressive.

What further adds to the price is the Rear-seat DVD entertainment system. This means that the rear passengers do not have to worry about setting good angles to look at the infotainment systems, they can surely enjoy it right in front of their seats, and that too personally. Hence, saying that it is an expensive car would not be suitable, especially considering all these unique features.

Trim Levels

2004 Ford Expedition came in 5 trim levels, XLS, XLT, XLT Sport, Eddie Bauer, and NBX. The XLS is the basis of the trim levels, having the least of the features other models have, whereas NBX is exclusive of this SUV, with every notable feature and outclass performance.

Trim LevelsStarting MSRP
XLT sport$35,175
Eddie Bauer$38,450

Ford, always providing their customers a lot to choose from has offered 14 trim levels within the 5 trim levels as well. This means the customers could choose the perfect one of their choice without having to compromise on anything.


The XLS has 2 trim levels, the 4.6L XLS and 4.6L XLS 4WD. Both are almost the same with the slight difference in the drive train, that is 4WD. Rest they both have 232.0-hp, 4.6-liter, 8 Cylinder Engine (Gasoline Fuel) engine and almost every alike feature, just the difference between front-wheel and four-wheel drive.


The XLT further has 4 trim levels, 5.4L XLT, 4.6L XLT, 5.4L XLT 4WD, and 4.6L XLT 4WD. These distinguish from each other in such a way that the 4.6L XLT is pretty much the same as the XLS, with slight body and infotainment differences whereas the 5.4L trim level in it has an engine of 260.0-hp, 5.4-liter, 8 Cylinder Engine (Gasoline Fuel) which is more powerful than the XLT normal or the XLS engine. Rest, the difference is again between the rear-wheel and front-wheel drive. 

XLT Sport

Pretty similar to the XLT normal models, XLT sport too comes in 4 further trims that are; 5.4L XLT Sport 4WD, 5.4L XLT Sport, 4.6L XLT Sport 4WD & 4.6L XLT Sport. What makes this different from the rest are its sports features such as different seating, drive, etc. Rest it is pretty much similar to that of normal XLT, same two types of engines and two types of drivetrains.

Eddie Bauer

Like the rest, the 2004 Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition has a somewhat different shape and is more powerful than other trims. Similarly has 5.4L Eddie Bauer 4WD, 5.4L Eddie Bauer and 4.6L Eddie Bauer trims. The 4.6L has the same engine as the XLS model whereas the 5.4L has the same as the XLT 5.4L model, again with differences in drivetrains.


The NBX has a single trim, the 5.4L XLT NBX 4WD, and pretty much sums up all of the features that all of the other trims have. It has a 260.0-hp, 5.4-liter, 8 Cylinder Engine (Gasoline Fuel), highly powerful along with 4-wheel drive, rest having the best body design and entertainment features that other trims levels might not be equipped with. This is what makes this trim level so exclusive.

What’s new?

What considerable about this new edition is its safety features. The 2004 Ford Expedition is now equipped with a lower front bumper, which acts as a safety curtain in case of a rollover, further adjustable pedals for short heightened drivers and their easy adjustments, and even a tire-pressure monitor that makes the driver, less worrisome about whether to get their tire pressure checked often or not.

To buy or not?

The good aspects of this SUV are undoubtedly its 5.4-liter heavy performance, which gives heavy towing capabilities but still gives a rather Generally light feel regardless of the heavy engine. Further, it also ensures good Seat comfort and support which is rare in such SUVs, and also a Five-star crash-test rating, an excellent milestone for this car in its time. Thus, for anyone willing to get themselves an SUV, Ford Expedition is the choice.