2005 Ford Thunderbird

Ford built a two-seat convertible Thunderbird for the 2002–2005 model years. The eleventh-generation 2005 Ford Thunderbird was reminiscent of the 1955–1957 first-generation Thunderbird. It featured a removable hardtop with prominent circular windows, a power-folding top, and a vinyl tonneau cover for the roof. Built on Ford’s DEW platform with a 3.9-liter (240 cubic inches) V8 engine and a five-speed automatic transmission, this vehicle has a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive arrangement.

To this day, the 2005 Ford Thunderbird remains a unique combination of American “relaxed sportiness” and touring comfort. Customers continue to flock to Ford dealerships because of the roadster’s unique combination of retro good looks and modern convenience. Thunderbird comes standard with a retractable top with conventional porthole windows, but you can also have one with a fixed top with the same ports. The 83-pound weight of the removable top makes it easy to take off and put back on.

The removable top is securely attached to the vehicle by using a pin-and-bolt system at the front connection points and two clamps at the rear. Modern buyers demand a two-seat interior to be as comfortable as possible while matching the car’s dramatic exterior design and romantic past.


The 2005 Ford T-bird is offered in three trim levels:

  • Deluxe: 280.0-hp, 3.9-liter, 8 Cylinder Engine
  • 50th Anniversary: 280.0-hp, 3.9-liter, 8 Cylinder Engine
  • Premium: 280.0-hp, 3.9-liter, 8 Cylinder Engine

Performance and Fuel Economy

The 2005 Thunderbird is powered by a 3.9-liter, 32-valve DOHC aluminum engine with variable cam timing. With this increase in horsepower and torque output (280 hp/286 lb-ft), the engine’s overall performance, efficiency, and responsiveness are improved. The engine’s features are platinum-tipped spark plugs, lightweight pistons, and dual exhaust. There is an automatic gearbox in the Thunderbird that shifts gears like a conventional manual transmission but without a clutch. Weight is reduced by employing a single die-cast aluminum component for the gearbox case.


  • Height: 1323 mm
  • Length: 4732 mm
  • Width: 1829 mm
  • Curb weight: 1715 kg

Engine type: 3.9L V8 DOHC 32 valves

Fuel Capacity / Gas Tank Size: 68 L

Ford Factory Service Manual

These manuals go through every aspect of how the car operates. The service manual for your 2005 Ford Thunderbird is not included in the vehicle’s purchase price.

  • Introduction
  • Safety Restraints
  • Instrumentation
  • Before Driving
  • Starting and Operating
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Specifications
  • Capacities
  • Servicing
  • Customer Assistance
  • Index
Ford Thunderbird

The service manuals for the 2005 Ford Thunderbird are vast and cover every aspect of the vehicle’s operation. A Ford Thunderbird Repair Manual is usually not included with the car and will need to be sourced from the secondary market.

2005 Ford Thunderbird Price

The 2005 Ford Thunderbird is offered at the following price rates:

  • Deluxe: $38,355
  • 50th Anniversary: $44,355
  • Premium: $39,415

Design, Comfort, and Quality

The 2005 Thunderbird retains the original’s laid-back style but does it uniquely contemporary. A hood scoop inspired by the 1961 Thunderbird’s appearance is one of the most prominent design aspects. The completely lined trunk of the Thunderbird is large enough to fit two sets of golf equipment. A soft vinyl boot is provided to protect the black woven soft-top while it is not in use.

Thunderbird’s interior is designed to make its passengers feel at ease. Accents of vivid color and metal adorn the black instrument panel. As it emerges from the instrument panel, the center stack is waterfall-like as it cascades toward the console. Black leather seats are standard on the inside. For those who wish to emphasize the inside and outside colors, a color-coordinated theme is a possibility.

An optional soft boot may be added to this kit that includes a light sand-colored convertible top and other interior components. There are bronze metallic-colored accents on the dash and door panels and the center stack, shifter bezel, and scuff plates. The cream-colored instrument cluster gauges are complemented by light sand on the floor mat edging.

Safety Features

The Ford Thunderbird is the first Ford convertible to have head-and-chest side airbags. It is equipped with front and side airbags for the driver and front and side airbags for the passenger. The Thunderbird is equipped with a variety of safety measures. It has Ford’s emergency trunk release handle that glows in the dark so that a trapped person can access it from within the trunk, as well as a perimeter alarm with an LED indication, as well as the SecuriLockTM anti-theft system.