2006 GMC Savana

When you think of an American automobile things that click in your mind are power, ruggedness, and pragmatism. US giants like Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler have produced a model that still roars on the roads and continues to amaze their users with their functionality provided with so many capabilities. The 2006 GMC Savanna is one of the automobiles produced by the GMC from 1996 and after.

GMC as the subsidiary of General Motors is no exception in this regard; vehicles manufactured by GMC are craved and admired not only in the US but all over the world, especially where power horses are desired. The model has also been produced by Chevrolet another subsidiary of General Motors in the same era with the name of Chevrolet Express/Van/Savanna.

The GMC Savanna is a full-size van that comes in different sub-models and layouts. The reason behind the demand for this van is no different than others which are feasibility and how practical the van is both in terms of passenger and cargo transportation. From basic cargo and passenger vans, it is also sold with cutaway chassis for commercial purposes. The GMC Savanna is the replacement for the GMC Vandura and Rally passenger and cargo van.

The 2006 GMC Savana is available in eight engine options combined for both cargo and passenger variants, it is also categorized into two trims; the base trim which is also called LS, and the upgraded trim which is also called LT. The price of the 2006 GMC Savana starts at $ 28,770, however, in the second-hand market Savana has a more reasonable price to pay for.

What does it Entail?

This van is admired by logistics companies, media houses, the tourism industry, and RV lovers. They are considered the prime audience of GMC when it comes to Savana. The variety that it provides in engine option meets the desires of each potential customer cluster with overall homogeneity in needs but slightly heterogeneous wants. So, without any future ado, let’s look into the details.

A Conventional Exterior

The external skin of the 2006 Savana is no different from the previous year’s model with just a slight change in the headlight arrangements, in the year 2006 it comes with a headlight divided from mid, with the turn signals installed at a separate bracket below. The average-sized central grill with the red GMC logo engraved on it is supported by the front bumper from the bottom. Sides are simpler with one body line running from headlights to the tail, with side windows covering all the pillars positioned at the mid and rear body. At the rear, the 2006 GMC Savana has high-mounted tail lights in the extended trapezium shape. The door at the rear has a license plate location on one side and Savana pasted on it on the other.

Another thing that is of value is that this van is available in two wheelbase lengths the short wheelbase (SWB) which is 135 inches and the other long-wheelbase (LWB) which is 155 inches. With this difference in wheelbase, the dimensions are also of two types. The SWB is 224.1 inches long, 79.2 inches wide, and 81.6 inches tall. The other LWB model is 244.1 inches long, 79.4 inches wide, and 82 inches tall. The wheels are made of steel in a star shape with 5 spokes that are inwards from the central outbound hub that contrast well with types and exterior colors, red being the signature color for the 2006 GMC Savana.

Interior at Glance

You do not expect the comfort and luxury of a van that is built with the purpose of transportation and utility purpose. This class of automobiles comes with limited or we can say some basic features and functions that are essential for driving.

The dashboard is made up of blackish-grey plastic material, with an analog speedometer and information panel. The climate control is also controlled with a traditional analog rotating knob, below this, there is storage space provided for smaller items such as wallets, glasses, mobile phones, etc. this type of interior is considered practical and not a lavish one but if performs the function for which it is intended to do. From the driver seat, every this is within half extended arm reach. The seating configuration is 12, with an optional 8 or 15 seats as per requirement. The cargo variant has only front two seats with the rest of the body as a carriage container with no windows at the back. The first row has 40.2 inches of headroom, 41.3 inches of legroom, and 68.8 inches of shoulder room combined for both front seats.

The cargo sub-model had a maximum cargo capacity of 152.6 cubic feet, with a maximum payload of 3270 pounds. The interior colors are limited to dark and rough colors that seem a better choice for this type of vehicle.

Power Plant and Transmission

The eight sub-models of the 2006 GMC Savana come with different engine options. Starting with the 1500 sub-model, both the Cargo and Passenger 1500 rear-wheel drive have a 4.3 liters V6 rated engine that provides 195 horsepower and 260 pounds-feet of torque.  The 1500 all-wheel-drive model is equipped with a 5.3-liter V8 engine that produces 295 horsepower and 335 pounds-feet of torque. Next in line are the 2500 models, they are fitted with a 4.8-liter V8 engine that imparts 285 horsepower and 295 pounds-feet of torque. Lastly, the 3500 models both cargo and passenger have the most powerful engine which is a 6.0-liter engine producing 300 horsepower and a whopping 360 pounds-feet of torque. This classification is a sign of a customer-oriented approach that takes care of customers from each niche.

The 1500 sub-models are available in 4-speed automatic 4L60E transmission types; whereas, the 2500 and 3500 sub-models have 4-speed automatic 4L80E transmissions. With this power and torque, the towing capacity ranges from 6600 pounds to 10,000 pounds for different sub-models.

2006 GMC Savana

Owner Manual

The 2006 GMC Savana Owner’s Manual covers the specs, operation, and routine maintenance of the vehicle. Separately, the GMC Savana Service Manual aka the Repair Manual should be consulted by a mechanic during repairs and servicing of the vehicle.


The 2006 GMC Savana has antilock disc brakes as standard on all wheels. To provide protection in collisions two airbags are standards in all variants with a sensing deactivation system. The top variant 3500 cargo/passenger comes with a stability control system. The more solid frame and upgraded braking system assisted the 2006 GMC Savana to pass with a 5-star rating in front barrier crash by National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Although, this van is not a perfect choice to make it is a handsome one for regular drive and transportation. With the availability of different variants and engine options, it could be your perfect partner for your requirements.