2012 DUCATI 848

848EVO is Ducati’s lightest ever Superbike with an incredible 140 horsepower from the Testastretta Evoluzione engine and Brembo monobloc brakes. It’s never been more exhilarating to join the Ducati Superbike community. Even more thrilling is the 848EVO, Ducati’s most astounding light-weight Superbike ever, with greater power from the Testastretta engine and more stopping power from the Brembo’s renowned Monobloc brake technology. This article focuses on the 2012 Ducati 848.


The Ducati 848 came in 2 trim levels offerings in 2012:

  • Base
  • Corse SE

Performance and Fuel Economy

The performance-minded 2012 Ducati 848 EVO is fitted with more efficient exhausts than before. Elongated big section throttle bodies have been added to the 848EVO’s engine, which has an equivalent diameter of 56 millimeters. The revised camshafts have a valve lift of 13 millimeters, up from 11.5 millimeters, and an inlet duration increase of 253 degrees to 257 degrees, contributing to the bike’s improved performance. Superbike 848EVO engine is a high-tech machine with vacuum die-cast crankcases, a magnesium alloy cover, precise power and torque curves, and a lightweight clutch. There are two ways to build the single-sided swingarm: one uses separate aluminum castings for the pivot points and wheel hubs. In contrast, the other uses lightweight aluminum parts to finish the assembly into a single, elegantly constructed piece. Black anodized paint covers the 848EVO swingarm.

Design, Comfort, and Quality

Superbike bodywork has been meticulously crafted for aerodynamic efficiency and fit the chassis’s clean lines. This allows the rider to transition into the ideal riding position seamlessly. Race-developed fairing design provides optimal integration with the cooling system via efficient flow through a sophisticated, wide surface area coolant radiator, helped by light, high flow electric fan assembly, and oil cooler. The careful placement of air ducts right below the headlights ensures that the pressurized airbox receives an adequate air supply. It helps the rider ‘tuck in’ from the wind stream more easily. It reduces drag for maximum straight-line track speeds thanks to the Testastretta Evoluzione engine’s power output being protected by the lightweight bodywork.

Trellis’ 34mm main section tubes and 1.5mm material thickness were developed with Ducati Corse for the lightweight Trellis frame. The result is a lightweight, very stiff frame that is one of Ducati’s lightest ever. Ducati has demonstrated time and time again that inventive chassis engineering and evolutionary frame advances are the secrets to success in racing. Each of Ducati’s motorcycles has a tubular Trellis frame. The Trellis design and high-quality ALS 450 tubing give this one-of-a-kind Ducati frame its low weight, rigidity, and aesthetic appeal. L-Twin engine casings are “stressed parts” of the chassis, and each tube is micro-fusion-welded in an intricate triangulated design.

Owner’s Manual

Buyers of a new bike were issued the 2012 Ducati 848 EVO owner’s manual, which included all necessary maintenance and repair information. The owner’s manual covers information on all of the vehicle’s operations, including the following:

  • Specifications
  • Security System
  • Operation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Warranties
  • Responsibilities

Because the 2012 Ducati 848 owner’s manual contains a lot of operational ideas to make the vehicle’s operation easier for the driver, these are just the most important operations to be aware of.

2012 Ducati 848

An Even Ride

The 848‘s handling is summed up in one word: balanced. In addition to its excellent balance of speed and agility, the 848’s lack of a very strong V-twin engine makes it a joy to ride. Like a Suzuki GSX-R750, it’s a pleasant bike to ride and doesn’t scare you with overwhelming power. There is no Evo Corse SE model, but even without it, the Showa suspension is equal to the task, and the shock and forks are high-quality parts with complete adjustment. When purchasing an old bike, keep in mind that the shock cannot be replaced. However, this is an excellent reason to get an hlins shock! Keep an eye out for overtightened hub pinch-bolts and seized eccentric adjusters on any single-sided bikes.

You’ll need to pay for the Evo Corse model to have traction control. Watch out for misting dashes on early motorcycles as they are prone to leak, and if water seeps into the display, you are facing a hefty expense for a replacement unit. It’s all about carbon bolt-ons and rear sets and larger screens for most riders when it comes to Ducati accessories. Slipper clutches are suggested for intense track work to keep the engine from over-revving, while aftermarket clutch slave cylinders are often used by road riders to make the lever seem lighter.


  • Height: 43.30 in
  • Length: 82.60 in

Engine type: L-Twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder Desmodromic, liquid-cooled

Fuel Capacity / Gas Tank Size: 4.1 gal

2012 DUCATI 848 Factory Service Manual

The 2012 Ducati 848 service manuals are thorough and cover every bike area. 2012 DUCATI 848 bikes won’t come with service manuals regardless of trim level.

  • Foreword
  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Chassis
  • Engine
  • Drive and Transmission
  • Fuel and Exhaust
  • Cooling System

The 2012 Ducati 848 manual for repair is intended for technicians and dealerships to maintain motorcycles. Every maintenance or repair activity that a motorcycle owner does should be accompanied by a service manual.

2012 DUCATI 848 Price

The 2012 DUCATI 848 can be bought at the following price for the Base trim level:

  • $13995 or €12721

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a Ducati engine last?

Owners reports say you can get 40K-80K before the engine breaks down

How often should you replace motorcycle tires?

Every 5-6 years

What motorcycle brands hold their value the best for resale?

BMW, Harley, and Ducati