2016 Harley Davidson Trike


Harley Davidson is an American automobile company that manufactures motorcycles. It is one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturing companies. Harley Davidson is an iconic brand of motorcycles with a huge fan following. The automobile company started its operations with the production of heavyweight motorcycles before slowly transitioning into middle-weight ones. Consisting of seven model families, the Trike comes under the Touring model that uses big-twin engines. The 2016 Harley Davidson Trike is a three-wheeled motorcycle also called Tri Glide. The three-wheeled motorcycles like Trike and Freewheeler are perfect for comfortable road trips.

The 2016 Harley Trike is a different of motorbikes altogether. Unlike all other two-wheel bikes, Trike is a three-wheeled heavyweight touring motorcycle that offers comfort, performance, luxury, and style to its drivers. Equipped with a twin-engine, the 2016 Harley Davidson Trike is roomy, comfortable, fast, and better than ever. Motorbike enthusiasts can stray away from the norms and give a chance to the three-wheel motorbike. The twin-engine 1200 pounds motorbike offers 87 horsepower for excellent road performance. As the 2016 Harley Davidson Trike is a Touring model, you can go on a comfortable road trip and enjoy mother nature to its extent.

First Look

Motorcycle enthusiasts are always pleased to see what the automobile company has to offer. Starting with simple two-wheel motorcycles, Harley Davidson has come a long in its journey of manufacturing luxurious, comfortable, and stylish motorcycles. Travel enthusiasts are intrigued by the luggage compartment. The 2016 Trike has a convenient, one-handed easy to open saddlebag that is one of the best features in the said model. The chrome bumper on the motorcycle adds urbanity to the elegant design. The comfortable passenger space with seat textures and backrests are a whole different feel to both the rider and the passenger. The front of the motorbike is equipped with LED headlamps, fog lights, and a massive steering head. The steering handle, equipped with buttons, can be used to control the 6.5-inch infotainment display.

Performance Specifications

EngineFour-Stroke, V2
Engine Power87 Horsepower
Fuel Mileage16.2 km/l or 38 mpg
Fuel Tank22.7 liters or 6 gallons
Drive Transmission6-Speed Manual
Dry Weight545 kg
BrakesDual Hydraulic Disk
Infotainment Display6.5-inch

The specifications mentioned above are some of the basic features of the 2016 Trike. The front wheelbase is 130/60-21, and the dimensions of the rear wheels are 205/65-15 on the Harley Davidson Trike.

The particular bike is inclusive of the Touring model, so it has two rear wheels. A saddlebag on the bike with luggage compartments are the perfect tool for a convenient road trip. You can store all your necessary tour essentials in the saddle, which can be effortlessly opened with one hand, and go on long comfortable tours.

2016 Harley Davidson Trike

Owner Manual

The 2016 Harley Davidson Trike Owner’s Manual covers the specs, operation, and routine maintenance of the trike. Other yearsof owners manuals, as well as other types for various repair and rewiring projects, of the Harley Trike manual are also available.


The Twin-Cooled, High Output, Four-Stroke, V2 engine installed on the 2016 Trike allows it to gain top speeds in mere seconds. The engine offers 87 horsepower that produces a whopping torque of 106.2 foot-pounds which allows the motorbike to go from 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds. Such fast performance is linked with convenience and comfort. The comfortable seating is just enough for a rider and one passenger. The backrest on the passenger seat is cherry on top because motorcycle rides can be hectic and tiresome to many, especially long ones. The Touring model on Harley Davidson motorcycles has revolutionized in this case by providing comfortable long trips. The strong heavyweight motorbike is the perfect companion for cross-country road trips that can withstand everything mother nature has to offer.

Additional Features

Apart from all the basic specifications already mentioned above, a few additional features are added to the 2016 Harley Davidson Trike that distinguishes them from other models and competitor vehicles. A Tour-Pak Design is a luggage carrier that offers a sleek look to the saddlebag. The design does not reduce the luggage space, rather it is bigger and can easily fit two face helmets. The Tour-Pak luggage carrier offers massive space to store the travel essentials of two people. The lock to the latch is accessible with one hand. These are the convenient and comfortable features the automobile company proudly offers its loyal customers.

Another additional feature is upgrading the infotainment display. The basic display comes with a standard 4.3-inch display. Customers can upgrade it to a bigger and better 6.5-inch display that covers Bluetooth, USB connectivity, phone charge availability, Text-To-Speech, and GPS. The four built-in speakers enhance the driving experience of the riders.

The front headlamp is huge with LED/Halogen lighting. Riders need not worry about driving in the night as the front headlamp is brighter than ever. The Dual Hydraulic Disk brakes in the front and rear wheels enhances safety.


The MSRP of the 2016 Harley Davidson Trike is $33,499 with a 24-month warranty. However, a used 2016 Trike can cost around $20,000. The annual maintenance cost for a Trike is $1600 on average, with a $400 schedule maintenance. As these motorcycles are comfortable for long cross-country trips, riders often need four scheduled maintenances in a year.


Competitor models in similar domains are available in the market. Just like this three-wheel Harley Davidson Trike, Ural Baikal, Can-Am Spyder, and Harley Davidson Freewheeler are all three-wheel motorcycles. All these motorbikes cost less than the 2016 Harley Davidson Trike. Although these competitor motorcycles are inexpensive, their features are not even close to what the 2016 Trike offers.

However, if you are a beginner, thinking to enter the world of motorcycles, you can start light with Yamaha Tricity 125 that has a 125-cc engine. It is no match to a Harley Davidson, especially to the 2016 Trike, but it seems a good choice for beginners.


All in all, the Harley Davidson motorcycles are not just bikes, they are a lifestyle. The automobile company offer unique, sleek, and stylish motorbikes with unique features. Being one of the leading motorcycle companies in the world, Harley Davidson never disappoints its customers. So, if you are looking for a three-wheeled touring motorcycle, the 2016 Harley Davidson Trike is the one.