2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

At first glance, the 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter may seem like an extravaganza for any company or a large family, but it doesn’t miss out. While it costs more than its Ford, Nissan, and Ram competitors, the top tier is nothing like what you’d pay for a Mercedes sedan or crossover. The Sprinter was intended as a workhorse, today it’s no longer a luxury vehicle, so the most pretentious factor is the big three-point name on the grill. If you are no longer convinced, remember that the Freightliner Sprinter is the same truck in everyday use.

In terms of displacement, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter offers an excellent variety of body variants and an unrivaled amount of space. Both cars and trucks must be available in length and with the desire for normal and excessive roof heights. Likewise with its exaggerated roof option. With the 7 feet of space in the Sprinter, Mercedes has finally given the Portland Trailblazers the focus for catering or wedding cake applications. Traction on the four wheels. 

From the back of the steering wheel, the 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter offers a clear view of the road in advance and a driving function that is more reminiscent of an SUV than a business van. In the tightest of spaces, it is more maneuverable than its gigantic dimensions suggest. There may be a tricky hyperlink here, it’s the pretty humble overall performance under the hood. The same old four-cylinder diesel engine and the non-mandatory V6 diesel may have enough power in the city but tend to run out on the highway. If you find the 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter lacks acceleration, keep in mind that every rival has greater power in the faucet.


Note that Sprinters are divided into categories: Adjustable Duty 2500 and Heavy Duty 3500. The standard trolley unit (in trendy and durable frame designs and 2500 or 3500 configurations) consists of 16-inch metal wheels, a jump starter, and a sliding passenger tailgate, a wooden entry deck, tailgates from 270 degrees, air conditioning, a tiltable telescopic steering wheel and a five-way sound device front speaker with an additional audio jack and a USB port.

The group van gets the same present-day tool but gives a second-row bench seat and adjacent component domestic home windows. The passenger van (moreover only available in 2500 configuration) is similar, but abilities three rows of rear seats, rear interior trim, tinted rear domestic home windows, and eight more audio machines withinside the rear for a grand basic of 13.


The group van receives the same ultra-current device however gives a second-row bench seat and adjoining factor home domestic windows. The passenger van is similar, however, its capabilities 3 rows of rear seats, rear indoors trim, tinted rear home domestic windows, and 8 extra audio devices withinside the rear for a grand accepted of 13. There are no estimates from the EPA gasoline financial system for giant vans, but given the power of diesel engines, the Sprinter is said to have much higher mileage than its gasoline competition. A total of 5,000 kilos and a 3,500 can pull a total of 7,500 kilos. The Sprinter’s payload is even more impressive. The freighter 2500 weighs 2,973 kilograms to 3,513 kilograms, depending on the frame configuration. 


The idea of ​​driving a van for the first time can be overwhelming, but it’s a lot easier than you think. Most modern vans are like normal streetcars, with features like ABS brakes and control systems., Airbags in the steering wheel and audio systems.

There is no getting around the sheer length of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, especially when it’s set to its longest – over 24 long tons and 10 too long toes – but regardless of its dimensions and tour bus-like form factor, the Sprinter drives well. make the Mercedes truck extraordinary and particularly maneuverable in the city, even if digital helpers help against rapid gusts of wind.


While its miles have traveled through Mercedes-Benz, the 2016 Sprinter isn’t exactly a model of luxury and opulence. Still, the exceptional construction is great for the phase and the cabin overall feels cutting-edge. A tiltable and telescopic steering column and an unusual front section, the seats, with a few changes, ensure sufficient drive comfort, even if the cutting-edge handling format feels more like a mid-size SUV than a commercial vehicle. The knobs and buttons are a basic piece, yet useful and easy to use.

While the same old roof on the Sprinter sets the usual elegance at 65 inches, the overhead alternative raises the roof to 78.2 inches. As if that weren’t high enough, the enormous roof-top alternative of the transporter lifts it to 84 inches. That’s more than 7 fingers from the summit indoors and more than enough to be the phase guide.

2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Owner’s Manual

The 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Owners Manual covers the specs, operation, and routine maintenance of the vehicle. In case yours is damaged or missing, other years and trims of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Owners Manual can be found for replacements on the secondary market.


Every 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is stylishly equipped with balance and traction control, front airbags, and rollover protection. Standard on the Sprinter 2500 is front airbags and front facet curtain airbags as well as Crosswind Assist, which uses focused braking for additional balance control at speeds above 80 mph.

Optional protection features include a main drive facet airbag, packed passenger and main airbags, front curtain airbags, front and rear parking sensors, and a reversing camera. Lane departure prevention, blind-spot warning device, and automatic over-light control.


Driving the Sprinter, its charm is obvious. It’s a top-quality deal with in and out, with excellent handling, crisp performance, and much lading space. Yes, the seven-speed automobile adds experience, and many of its advanced safety systems aren’t standard, however, it’ a proven product that will be such to fulfill a large variety of needs. For people who aren’t shelved by the hefty purchase price, this is often a rock-solid commercialism tool with races on the board, and its reign appearance set to continue for quite a while.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are worth the price. Among the features that make the Sprinter affordable are the many modern safety options, the upgraded and premium MBUX infotainment system, and a reasonable running cost.