Freightliner Trucks

In the realm of heavy-duty transportation, where power meets reliability, one name stands tall: Freightliner Trucks. With a rich legacy spanning decades, Freightliner has solidified its position as an industry titan, delivering vehicles that conquer the road with unwavering strength and dependability. Join us on an exhilarating journey as we delve into the realm of Freightliner and explore some of their most popular models, each a testament to engineering excellence and innovation.

From the iconic Cascadia to the versatile M2 series, we embark on a captivating exploration of the Freightliner lineup. Let’s begin uncovering the features, capabilities, and unique qualities that have made these trucks a preferred choice worldwide.


Freightliner Trucks is one of the oldest semi-truck manufacturers in the US. It was founded in 1929 as a division of consolidated Freightways for the manufacturing of trucks. Many years later, Freightliner Trucks is now a part of Daimler truck North America, a Daimler truck subsidiary.

It produces a range of occupational vehicles like medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and a range of vans. It also produces cutaway chassis and bare chases for multiple vehicle types. Its headquarter is in Portland, and its manufacturing facilities are in Cleveland, Mount Holly, Santiago Tianguistenco, and Saltillo.

Top Models of Freightliner Trucks:

Freightliner has always aimed to provide superior trucks to lower the owner’s real cost of ownership. It delivers reliability and innovation to enhance one’s profit while minimizing expenses. Freightliner Trucks has produced numerous vehicles in about a century. However, some of its productions turn the table in favor of certain businesses. Following are those top Freightliner models that are the dream of any no wise business.


The electric Freightliner EM2 has almost increased up to million miles on roads with zero emissions. It is a 100% battery electric box truck that entered production in 2022 with zero emissions.

The EM2 is inspired by best-selling medium-duty trucks in North America and built on a global Daimler platform. It offers industry-leading connectivity and technology that makes it ideal for local distribution. It has come up as a result of a highly collaborative approach towards the testing and designing process to ensure that what comes out of manufacturing facilities is a game-changing electric delivery truck.

And whether you are driving on wide roads or narrow streets, the nimble navigation of EM2 helps you maneuver it without fear. It is a quiet, easily driven, and comfortable EV truck that is a perfect option for warehouses for pickup and delivery purposes.


Cascadia is a truck made to operate on highways with its 350 to 615 horsepower-producing engine. It is the most advanced highway truck from Freightliner, with advanced aerodynamics that helps it slice through the air and enhance fuel efficiency. The thoughtful exterior design also improves vehicle servicing and uptime.

The interior of Cascadia is driver-oriented, with proper space for paperwork, eating, sleeping, and exercising between driving. It also features disc brakes and Detroit assurance collision mitigation that commits to the driver’s safety. Their design improvements, new safety features, and technological advancements ensure the top goal of accident reduction.

Freightliner Custom Parts Catalog


The Freightliner ECascadia came out with a goal to power businesses with the next level of safety. More uptime and safe driving are standard on this model.

It is an electric semi-truck that keeps roads safe, charging simple, and the world moving with zero emissions. It has a superior performance with exceptional driver comfort. The smart and automated safety systems keep it the truck of choice for different organizations.

Its safety features include active side guard assist as per Freightliner parts catalog, which is industry-first technology for preventing the truck from making a turn into a pedestrian or a moving cyclist. Therefore, it is an assurance of the driver’s safety as well as the protection of the urban environment.

Freightliner ECascadia is moving forward with genuine sustainability goals throw its zero-emissions policy. The ECascadia is ready to move the world toward quieter, more efficient, and cleaner operations.

It features chargers that keep fleets going strong with power delivery and ultimate reliability. It is particularly engineered to meet the demands of the commercial truck world.


The Freightliner EconicSD delivers low entry, accessible, adaptive, and safe cab over the engine. It combines ergonomics and convenience with the versatility to offer an innovative solution to the waste collection industry of North America. Yes! It is a garbage truck with practical features that helps the garbage industry get the job done and keep the environment cleaner. Detroit Assurance suite of the safety system is a standard feature of this truck. It has a low step-in height and offers panoramic visibility and an ergonomic interior to add more to the safety features.

It features a DD8 engine that produces 350 horsepower with 1050 Ib-feet torque for long maintenance intervals and after-treatment performance.

M2 112 Plus:

The M2 112 plus has quickly gained the trust of various businesses with its dependable nature. It has an all-new interior for better driver comfort, a power train that generates 260 to 525 horsepower to deliver more, and advanced safety technologies that enable more uptime.

One can easily customize this truck according to one’s needs through the Quickfit electrical system that enables programming and simplified upfit. You can get your M2 112 plus as a tractor or straight truck with an extended cab, Crew Cab, or Day Cab. One can also avail himself of an all-wheel drive option for unique applications.

It also offers a standard cabin insulation package for a quieter environment. It offers a smart design with safety that is designed for power and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions about Freightliner Trucks

Who makes the engines for Freightliner Trucks?

Freightliner Trucks primarily uses engines from Detroit Diesel, a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America. One such model is the 114SD, while some of the Coronado models also use DD engines.

What does CA mean on Freightliner?

“CA” on Freightliner stands for “cab-to-axle” measurement, which refers to the distance between the back of the truck’s cab and the center of its rear axle.

Does Freightliner use Cummins engines?

Freightliner has used Cummins engines in their trucks, including Cascadia and M2 models. Cummins, a renowned engine manufacturer, has been a trusted partner of Freightliner, providing power and performance to their vehicles.