Daimler Truck AG

General History & Overview

Daimler Truck AG is the world’s first-class company manufacturing commercial vehicles. The journey of manufacturing buses and trucks that started more than a century ago is still growing stronger with Daimler’s commitment to producing strong and efficient automobile vehicles.

This article will look at the history of this fantastic corporation and the overview of the most popular companies that come under Daimler Truck AG.

The Beginning of Daimler Truck Production:

The company didn’t start as “Daimler Truck AG”; Daimler and Benz independently founded automobile inventories in 1886. DMG of Daimler and Benz & Cie of Carl Benz soon became the leading automotive manufacturers. Unfortunately, Daimler didn’t live long to see his company flourishing and died in 1900, but Benz lived enough to see the progress of his venture.

Daimler Truck AG (Daimler-Benz):

The two companies kept working independently until the first world war, when they thought of merging two companies. They signed an agreement in 1924 that focused on combining their individual expertise while having independent legal implications. They followed this procedure to enjoy a combined approach to sales. Nonetheless, Daimler-Benz AG was formally created in 1926, putting the first brick in the foundation of the Daimler-Benz automotive brand.

The “Downs”:

In an enthralling journey full of ups and downs, the “downs” began for Daimler-Benz around the second world war. The company was forced to make cutbacks in the 1920s. The company focused on the general market trends and released its first small domestic passenger car Mercedes-Benz 170, which was way cheaper than most cars of that time. Daimler-Benz AG produced 90,000 models of this car, all of which won the heart, making it the most successful car of that decade.

Daimler Truck

Military Engineering:

The German automobile industry started witnessing a rise in automotive demand and an improvement in engineering. A new regime came into power and announced monumental reliefs for automobile companies since it believed in the power of mobilizing people and technical wars.

Therefore, Daimler increased its production for military use from 1937 onwards. It produced large-scale aero-engines, understanding the need of the hour. Truck production was on the rise, but their focus on producing military vehicles stopped the production of passenger vehicles they started making in the pre-war years.

A New Era of Growth:

The company’s plants started working with full potential soon after the world war ended. The Daimler-Benz was in a situation to help reconstruct the company with its commercial equipment.

The company started its pre-war progress processes again and expanded as it got in contact with Brazil to build manufacturing plants there.

After that, the company started producing innovative domestic and commercial vehicles with its foreseeing approach. Some significant companies merged with Daimler Motor AG to expand their area of operations.

Top Daimler Truck Owned Companies:

Let’s briefly overview the most popular companies under Daimler AG.


Though not a truck brand itself, Mercedes has been the top-selling premium car in the US since the start of the 1900s. So for this reason alone, it’s worth mentioning! This division produces different categories of SUVs, coupes, convertibles, and S-class luxury Sedans.

Western Europe and America are swarmed with the Mercedes-Benz commercial lineups, including bus chassis, trucks, buses, and coaches. It was around 2020 when Forbes listed it as the 23rd most valuable brand.

Detroit Diesel:

Detroit Diesel is designated to produce mid-range and heavy-duty diesel engines, safety systems, transmissions, and telematics products for the commercial automobile industry. Each company’s product comes with its Detroit Diesel Service Manual, which helps companies use the equipment. Detroit Diesel has six manufacturing plants in the USA that have 2000 employees. The products are distributed through 800 service centers in North America and three distribution centers worldwide.

DD15 repair manual
DD15 Repair Manual

Thomas Built Buses:

Thomas Built started as a streetcar company in 1916 and soon became the largest bus manufacturer in the United States. Daimler AG took charge of this company from the Thomas family in 1998. It produces buses specialized for different purposes, I.e., school buses, childcare, activity, and energy-efficient buses. They took the honor of being the first automobile bus manufacturing company to produce buses that ran on compressed natural gas.

Mercedes-Benz Bank:

Mercedes-Benz Bank is the financing and leasing department of Daimler AG automobile industry that offers its customers easy financing options. Earlier known as DaimlerChrysler Bank, a banking license was obtained in 2002. The company officially changed its name to Mercedes-Benz bank in 2008. Currently, it serves around 10 lac customers worldwide.

Many more companies work under Daimler Motors; it has been expanding for more than a century now, and the process doesn’t seem to cease.

Daimler Heavy Trucks:

Daimler also produces a number of familiar heavy truck brands. This list includes Freightliner, Western Star, and FUSO, among several other aforementioned brands. These trucks remain a crucial pillar of Daimler’s strategy and the world economy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Daimler Truck AG Motor Company

Are Detroit Diesel engines reliable?

The DD15 is extremely reliable and can have a long life expectancy when maintained properly. Detroit Diesel engines can reach 1-1.2 million miles in a lifetime.

Who owns Detroit Diesel?

Detroit Diesel was purchased by Daimler-Chrysler in 2000. Through further mergers and acquisitions, Daimler Truck AG is now the parent company.

Why are Detroit Diesel engines called Jimmy’s?

General Motors and the GM Diesel Division was the original manufacturer of engines that became Detroit Diesel trucks. The nickname of “Jimmy” became common when referring to GM-made motors on the assembly line.