2019 Chevy Colorado

Chevrolet is a car company owned by General Motors. It is commonly known as Chevy, and informally known as The Chevrolet division of General Motors. They are famous for manufacturing affordable vehicles, especially beefy trucks. They have also produced a very popular sports car in the world, including the 2019 Chevy Colorado

If you are one of those, who prefer reliability, interior design, and safety, then Chevrolet is definitely the brand for you. The 2019 Chevrolet Colorado is one such car that offers complete safety and has so many advanced features and technologies. The amazing rear parking sensors and line departure warning have you control over your Chevy all the time.

Let us see what more this car has to offer and if it is worth giving a try.

Chevy Colorado Manuals

What type of car is a 2019 Chevy Colorado?

The 2019 Chevrolet Colorado is a medium size truck having a robust engine. This car is comfortable, efficient, and an off-road superstar at the same time. It has an extended cab and Crew Cab body styles. This card represents second-generation Colorado. Overall 2019 Colorado is a comfortable Chevy pickup truck that is perfect for those who are looking for safety and comfort in a single vehicle. You will find it in various configurations having multiple cab styles and bed lengths.

All the Colorado manufactured by Chevy in the previous years have the best fuel economy and amazing handling. They are typically equipped with advanced technology, including Apple Car Play and Android Auto smartphone integration. Although full-size trucks have ruled the truck market, the 2019 Chevy Colorado midsize truck has changed the perspective.

Nevertheless, it provides the best feature at affordable rates.

Powertrain and Performance

The powertrain of Colorado comprises a four-cylinder manual transmission with a speedy 308 hp V6 and an 8-speed automatic. It has a diesel 2.8 liter 4 cylinder with a whopping 369 lb-ft torque. The only drawback is its 2.5 liters 4 cylinder, which is quite grumpy.

When talking about the towing capabilities of the 2019 Chevy Colorado, it can do 7000 pounds with V6 and 7700 pounds with diesel. There is a big difference between both the diesel and gasoline V6 Colorado, but undoubtedly both of them serve very well. You will find it the best-performing engine in the whole lineup. Overall the V6 engine is robust and lively, and the eight-speed automatic is amazing.

The 2019 Chevrolet Colorado interior and comfort

Compared to its competitors, the 2019 Colorado is a very comfortable car as it offers climate control, noise isolation, and seat adjustability. All the seats in the car are nicely molded and thus provide a comfortable position. It offers a smooth ride even on the bumps and small cracks. However, when it comes to engine noise, it can be a bit loud but not enough to make the passengers uncomfortable.

You can look up the Chevrolet Colorado owner manual to get an idea about the more complementary parts and accessories to take your Chevrolet Colorado to the next level.

The turbo diesel engine in the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado also has an exhaust brake system, which is helpful in reducing brake pad wear on Steve gates. It also has a forward collision warning and lane departure warning available that keeps you safe on the go.

Though it’s a midsize truck, it is relatively high, which is why it has optional steps that make it comfortable for adults of average height. However, the door for the back seat is much narrower, which makes it difficult to move in and out of the rear seats. The 2019 Chevy Colorado is quite spacious and offers a lot of room around the front seat. Since it is a midsize Chevy truck, it can be a bit difficult to access the rear seats. You might face some difficulty due to the large roof pillars. However, the switchgear is generously sized. You can easily operate the center console while wearing heavy gloves.

The Fuel Economy of the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado

The fuel economy of the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado considerably depends upon the type of engine. The four-wheel drive with the V6 can have an EPA rate of 17 to 24 and even 19 mpg in the city or highway. However, the rear drive boosts the estimate to 18-25 and 20 mpg.

Infotainment Features and Connectivity

Colorado has some standard features, which include power windows and locks, air conditioning, and a power-adjustable driver seat. Coming onto the infotainment features, it has a 7-inch big touchscreen multimedia system that includes Apple Car Play, Android Auto smartphone connectivity, and Bluetooth streaming audio. It also offers a Wi-Fi hotspot and 4G LTE connectivity. This is beneficial for you to connect on the go. It also has an 8-inch large touch screen, which has built-in navigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of the 2019 Colorado?

The Colorado has a life expectancy of 200,000-300,000 miles.

What are the most commonly reported problems with the Colorado?

Owners reported power steering failure, fuel sensor issues, engine misfire, and transmission problems the most.

Which Colorado Truck engine is best?

The 2.8L Duramax Turbo Diesel