Ingersoll-Rand : History & Top Models

Ingersoll Rand is America’s most popular and one of the most successful industry equipment manufacturing companies. Albert Ryan and Simon Ingersoll were two entrepreneurs who joined in 1905, which led to the development of IR. Over time it expanded over the country and finally evolved into a global enterprise, which is now commonly known as Ingersoll Rand Co.

Ingersoll is widely known for providing various industrial equipment, including temperature controls, golf cars, turbines, refrigeration equipment, security locks, and various agricultural and construction equipment. The annual sales are around $10 billion, and it has employed over 40,000 people to manufacture these products. Since their products are of high quality and they have been working in the industry for over a decade, they are trusted by millions of people.

Ingersoll-Rand – How it all Started?

Grill company was founded by Simon Ingersoll in 1871 in New York. Later in 1888, this company joined with Sergeant drill, resulting in the Ingersoll Sergeant drill company. Once together, this company manufactured the world-class direct connected electronic motor-driven compressor for the very first time.

To repair sawmill equipment and other such products, Abijah Watson formed a machinery repair facility in New York. He lost this sawmill to fire in 1896, which was a big shock for him. But he didn’t lose all hope and still managed to establish a Weston Engine Company. It was formed to sell high-speed steam engines. The company remained functional until he was alive. But after his death, Rand Drill Company, which was an air compressor manufacturing company, purchased it. Later in 1906, Rand combined with Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Company, which is now today known as Ingersoll-Rand Company.

The 20th Century

With the new name Ingersoll-Rand. The company started producing air compressors and gas engines. They also started expanding their business on a large scale. Following this, they manufactured XOG in 1929, which was the very first vertical integral engine compressor. This was rated as 90 hp as per the information mentioned in the Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors Manual

Ingersoll Rand also supplied diesel engines manufactured by ALCO and General Electric during the 1920s.

The company observed another success in 1949 when it manufactured the first gas turbine-driven pipeline compressor that significantly reduced overall maintenance.

In the coming years, we saw an increase in the integral engine size. They also introduced various high-speed and low-speed separable compressors. Again, it was in 1986, when Ingersoll Rand Company decided to form a joint venture with Dresser Industries. This would lead to the formation of Dresser-Rand. In 1999, Dresser Industries merged with Halliburton Industries.

The 21st Century

Hussmann International Inc. became part of Ingersoll-Rand Company in 2000. The deal came to a conclusion for $1.7 billion. It was a refrigerator manufacturing company. In the meanwhile, IR also bought Kryptonite Corp., Taylor Industries Inc., National Refrigeration Services, and many other such manufacturing firms.

Ingersoll Rand Parts Catalog
Ingersoll Rand Parts Catalog

Nickels Industrial was purchased by Cameron’s Compression Systems in 2001. This company was dominantly providing all sorts of repairs, upgrades, and service parts in the market for the three engine lines. Cooper moved on a bigger scale and is now supplying a wide range of products around the globe. They are serving as product suppliers for Ingersoll Rand, Worthington integral engines, and Clark.

Ingersoll Top Models

The following section comprises some of the top models manufactured by Ingersoll-Rand Co.

Type-30 Compressor

Ingersoll Rand designed a Type 30 compressor in 1929 that was made especially for heavy industrial applications. The performance and quality of the compressor were top-notch. It was all according to the customers’ demands and requirements.

Centac Centrifugal Product Line

In 1953, Ingersoll-Rand launched a product line of Centac centrifugal compressors that were both reliable and energy efficient.

Oil-free Rotary Industrial Compressor

GHH Rand manufactured an oil-free rotary compressor in 1953 that proved truly reliable and consisted of innovative design. Oil-free compressors remain a common air compressor design to date.

Oil-Flooded Rotary Screw Compressors

This is a family of high-quality compressors that gives excellent performance. It is a series of low-maintenance compressors that are made of innovative technology. The compact design helps this product fit in all kinds of environments.

Ingersoll-Rand Today

IR has manufactured exemplary products in the past that were according to industrial standards. They are leaders in sustainability and the circular economy and have been awarded for doing their best in conserving energy and minimizing pollution.

They are focused on continuous innovation and development for the past 160 years. Customers have stuck around them for so many decades for their high-quality products, including compactors, and exceptional services. They are making so many people’s lives easier with innovative equipment in a number of fields.

Simultaneously, Ingersoll-Rand telehandlers are used in construction sites across the world. Furthermore, IR air compressors are seen in countless industries and businesses. It is the innovation and technological inclusion in their products that have risen them to the skies of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 types of air compressors used in industrial applications?

There are 3 types of industrial air compressors: reciprocating or piston compressor, rotary vane compressor, and the rotary screw compressor.

Which compressor is the most efficient?

The most efficient air compressor is the two-stage double acting reciprocating compressor.