Case IH Harvesters

Case IH Harvesters offer the best and most efficient way to ease the harvesting process.

Case IH harvesters offer several benefits with the precisely mediated approach. The energy and power of the harvester and the type of threshing engine determine the efficiency and working of the harvester.

Different Series for Different Purposes

The Case IH Harvesters came in different models to carry out different processes, including Axial Flow 150 series, 250 series, 4000 series, Cotton express cotton pickers, Coffee Express 200 Multi, Austoft 4000 Sugarcane harvesters, 8010, 8810, and 9000 sugarcane harvesters.

This article will overview a few models to help you choose the best for you!

Axial-Flow 150 series:

Axial-Flow 150 series breaks its record regarding reliability, comfort, serviceability, and productivity. The main aim of the IH harvester behind the production of the Axial-Flow 150 series is increased productivity.

Easy to Access Service Points

The 150 Series serves with easy-to-access service points. It has the most advanced and quick spreading and windrowing. It ensures modern farming practices with the even spreading of the crops.

Maximum Efficiency

Combine operation costs can be expensive. However, the combination of rotor refinements and engine at the heart of the Axial-Flow 150 series ensures that the harvester works at full efficiency until the last drop of fuel or diesel without compromising on the reliability of each component.

Lift Capacity

Axial-Flow’s headers and combines are perfectly matched to bring about the perfect functionality. 85 mm lift cylinder option manages 10.7 m headers with the 6150 and 7150 combines. This huge power offers a lift capacity of 4000 kg.

Fuel Efficiency

The Axial-Flow 150’s engine has excellent fuel efficiency without costing the peak power. It is engineered to ensure that the threshing element and the driveline get all the power.

Its power growth and energy supply are substantial, and the gentle processing protects the crops from damage.

Axial-Flow 250 Series:

Axial-Flow 250 series come in three models that provide energy between 498 to 634 HP. The Case IH Axial-Flow 250 series were meant to work for purposes bigger than the increased productivity. They also coped with the challenges of climate change and other crop conditions besides bringing out a good yield.

Made for bigger Farms

The 250 series fulfill the requirements of bigger farms and crop areas by offering several services that include:

  • Increased threshing capability under the most unpredictable and challenging situations.
  • Delivery of unbeatable grain quality.
  • High-speed harvesting.
Large Grain Load Capabilities

Feeder, grain trunk, rotor, unloading system, and automatic adjustments handle large grain processing that eases your harvest.

Grain Trunk Size

The grain trunk size is 14,400 liters. This combined range takes the automated harvesting technologies under consideration. It has automatically adjusted rotor speed and rotor cage vanes that don’t need driver intervention.

Increased Traction

Even the sieve adjustment and cleaning fan speed are automated, providing the best and the simplest experience. It offers increased traction with low ground pressure to provide an enhanced output.

Axial-Flow 4000 Series:

Axial-Flow 4000 combine has the best sheer output of all the harvesters in the market. The 610mm Axial-Flow rotor improves the threshing performance of all the crops and enhances output in damp conditions, regardless of moisture content and crop type. Grain-on-grain threshing keeps the grains intact and ensures that the rain remains unbroken and unbruised.

Cotton Express Cotton Pickers and Coffee Express 200 Multi:

The two available models of Cotton Express Cotton Pickers come from 275 to 400 HP. And, they have high-capacity baskets, and the amazing compaction system ensures complete filling of the basket and a cotton payload around 25% bigger than the baskets of similar volumes. The dual side picking system and ergonomic controls make it one of the best Cotton Pickers.

Coffee express multi comes with a 75 CV engine and a gentle handling system.

Case IH Harvester Parts Catalog
Case IH Parts Catalog

Austoft 4000 Sugarcane Harvester:

The Case IH parts catalog shows how the Austoft 4000 Sugarcane Harvester is a compact harvester exclusively designed to streamline sugarcane crops’ harvesting process using reduced row spaces from 1.1 to 1.2 meters.

It has longer stool life and better cutting quality in the sugarcane field. It offers diverse functions by working efficiently in the wider rows too. This cost-benefitting and easy-to-use sugarcane harvester is the dream of every farmer!

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