The Case IH combine AFX8010 debuted in 2004, followed by the AFX 7010 and AFX 9010 Axial-Flow combines. Each model in the line launched in 2005, bringing the total number of Axial-Flow combined variants to three. The AFX rotor, initially introduced on the previous generation AFX 2300 vehicles, was utilized on these ’10’ series machines. However, with an all-new cab, gearbox, and chassis shared with sister manufacturer New Holland.

Performance and Fuel Economy

The tank has a 29 percent larger capacity and an improved location inside the Case IH combine AFX8010 to boost field hours, save maintenance costs, and enhance serviceability. The Case IH combine AFX8010 high-capacity AFX rotor is the secret to the combine’s astounding efficiency. The rotor was initially introduced in 2002 as an upgrade for Case IH’s 2003 model-year 2388 combine. Even when it was first implemented in 2388, it increased productivity by 25%. The rotor gearbox (different from the four-speed drive gearbox) is a new three-speed mechanism. As such, the gearbox was created expressly to accommodate the AFX8010‘s power needs.

Case IH now provides a comprehensive range of harvesting equipment for all kinds of +9

63sugarcane production in those nations, thanks to 28 new features and improvements resulting from more than 18,000 hours of field testing. Case IH has broadened its product offerings by introducing two new designs to replace its previous Austoft Series: the 8010 single-row sugarcane harvester and the 8810 multi-row sugarcane harvester. Case IH has 75 years of expertise in mechanized sugarcane harvesting and an enviable prestige for bringing success to sugarcane farmers around the world.

The Case IH combine AFX8010 Design, Functionality, and Quality

With the best features of their predecessors combined with the most modern solutions available to the sugarcane harvesting business, the new Austoft models provide a machine that is easier to use, produces a higher-quality harvest, and is more productive. The new Austoft 8010 and 8810 models expanded the product portfolio while satisfying the growing need for innovation in the sugarcane harvesting business. Case believed that sugarcane producers would enjoy the enhancements in this new equipment. This, in turn, would result in higher profits for farmers and higher productivity for sugar mills. LED work lights, a higher cab position for enhanced operator vision that does not contribute to the overall height of the harvester, and redesigned rearview mirrors, footrests, and operator seat to increase driver comfort are among the new features.

Optional ‘Auto Float’ feature (crop divider height control), this function automates the operation of both crop divider lift cylinders, maintaining the toe in constant touch with the soil and avoiding ‘plowing.’ It may prevent new operators from inadvertently lowering crop dividers too deeply while allowing experienced operators to concentrate on other harvesting duties. Because activation is built into the Auto Tracker control, no further operator actions are required to operate the system.

Three operable video cameras, which are now standard, are positioned on the machine’s sides and bottom section and can be readily watched on the AFS® Pro700, which has changeable displays that allow for simple interaction and switching of perspectives. Improved engine protection software, which is aimed to limit the danger of engine damage caused by a high cooling system temperature, and these occurrences are now logged to assist detect problems with incorrect operation or insufficient maintenance.

Case IH Combine AFX8010

CASE IH COMBINE AFX8010 Service Manual

The comprehensive repair manuals for the CASE IH COMBINE AFX8010 components cover every aspect of their operation. A service manual is not included with each CASE IH COMBINE AFX8010.

  • Introduction
  • Engine
  • Fuel system
  • Electrical system
  • Transmission
  • Axles
  • Brake system
  • Power take-off system

Technicians and dealerships alike should use repair manuals for the CASE IH COMBINE AFX8010. Every tractor owner should have a Case IH Service Manual for their own exact model on hand at all times while doing maintenance or repairs.

Case IH combine AFX8010 Specifications

  • Height: 3,91 m
  • Length: 7,96 m
  • Width: 3,5 m
  • Weight: 16182 kg

Engine type: Cursor 10

Fuel Capacity / Gas Tank Size: 1000 l