The backhoe that established the industry standard is equipped with even more of the capabilities that operators and companies need. The fuel-saving ECO Mode, the accuracy of ProControl, and SiteWatchTM Telematics are all included in the price. A PowerDrive gearbox, available as an option, provides even more sensitivity and speed around the worksite. Whether you’re in the rental business, or landscaping, or want to add flexible, powerful, and efficient equipment to your construction fleet, the CASE Loader Backhoe 580 will meet your needs.

A more powerful engine and a working width of over 102 inches distinguish the 110-hp 580 Super N Wide Track from our most popular backhoe loader, bringing it to a whole new level of performance. A roomy, updated cab with easy fingertip controls is housed inside the structure, which delivers more strength and stability while being lightweight. In addition to the quick PowerDrive gearbox, the powerful PowerBoost function, the fuel-saving ECO Mode, the ProControl system, and SiteWatchTM telematics are included as standard equipment in this vehicle. Furthermore, it may be equipped with Comfort Steer for truck loading operations, configurable Auto-Ride Control, and other features.

Performance and Fuel Economy

Long, heavy-duty loaders arms with dual-in-line cylinders can carry more than 6,800 lbs. easily clear dump truck walls, and the backhoe’s universal coupler option allows it to operate with almost any attachment on the market. The Comfort Steer option reduces time by halving the number of lock-to-lock revolutions required for repetitive loading activities. To reduce material spillage during load-and-carry work or while traveling, the machine’s exclusive over-center design and Ride Control option help reduce material spillage from both the machine and bucket. Additionally, with fully automated drive engagement of the optional PowerDrive transmission, you’ll have responsive speed into the pile and around the job site. With the Extendahoe® configuration, the backhoe can dig depths of over 18 feet, and the standard ProControl system allows any operator to accurately control the boom for quicker cycle times and more productivity.

We are all aware that conserving fuel is crucial. As a result, our Case 580 Economy Package is included as standard. Engine Auto-Idle and Auto-Off, which can be modified to match the way you operate, are included for the loader and backhoe, as well as an Engine Auto-Idle and Auto-Off for the engine. And, of course, with the SCR Tier 4 Final after-treatment system, you may save money on gas without sacrificing performance or reliability.


  • Height: 13.92ft
  • Length: 22.83ft
  • Width: 7.17ft
  • Operating weight: 14285 lb

Engine type: Family III 445T/M2, Tier II certified

Fuel Capacity / Gas Tank Size: 31.4 gal

Case Loader Backhoe 580

CASE LOADER BACKHOE 580 Service Manual

The Case 580 backhoe manual for service and repair is comprehensive in its overview of components. A service manual is available for purchase for the CASE LOADER BACKHOE 580.

  • Introduction
  • Engine
  • Fuel system
  • Electrical system
  • Transmission
  • Axles
  • Brake system
  • Power take-off system

Technicians and dealerships alike should use repair manuals for the CASE LOADER BACKHOE 580C. Every tractor owner should have Case service manuals on hand at all times while doing maintenance or repairs.

Design, Functionality, and Quality

The smallest details make a significant impact. For example, a completely integrated loader control lever and the standard joystick FNR on PowerDrive transmissions. This allows shifting without the driver taking their hands off the steering wheel are also available.

Alternatively, endlessly adjustable pilot control towers and adjustable wrist rests may be used to make any job more comfortable for everyone. Optional LED lights improve visibility while using less power during long evenings. Furthermore, the optional low-profile cover could improve the view of the bucket. Aside from that, there are hands-free Bluetooth with USB, and several cab configurations. Furthermore, a hand-stitched, multi-colored, heated suspension seat, to name a few things.

CASE LOADER BACKHOE 580 — Owner’s Manual

Customers who purchased a CASE LOADER BACKHOE 580M were provided with an owner’s manual. This manual explains operation procedures and features. To operate all of the vehicle’s capabilities, it is necessary to carefully read and follow the owner’s manual instructions.

  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Chassis
  • Engine
  • Drive and Transmission
  • Electrical
  • Wiring

The CASE LOADER BACKHOE 580 owner’s manual has several extra operational suggestions to assist the driver in operating the vehicle more simply. Still, the following are the most important to be familiar with.


It doesn’t become any simpler to keep up with daily upkeep. Everything may be done from one ground-level location, including checking your engine oil, transmission fluid, or coolant, as well as filling the fuel tank and DEF tank. The 580N also has Extendahoe wear pads easily adjusted from the outside, allowing you to swiftly tighten up any dipper slop. A battery disconnect and jumpstart connections – both of which are standard – give additional security and ease of access. Since the Tier 4 Final solution is solely based on SCR technology, there is no need to worry about particle filter maintenance. PowerDrive S-Type transmission, 4F-4R completely synchronized electronic transmission controller, kick down, transmission disconnect, and FNR switch in the loader control lever. The auto-shift mode and direct drive are all features of this gearbox.