Clark Forklift C500Y80

Clark material handling company, famous as Clark, is an American-based manufacturer of material handling equipment like forklift trucks and their parts. The headquarter of this company is based in Kentucky with the production plant in South Korea. Clark has been producing more than 300 different models for the last few years. The company claims that around 3,50,000 Clark forklifts are still used all around the world. It is entitled to be the inventor of the world’s first truck that exhibits a hydraulic lifting mechanism for the forklift. It begins manufacturing in 1920 and formed the base of modern forklift trucks. This article focuses on the Clark Forklift C500Y80.

Recently, Clark has also started manufacturing transmissions and axles for the automobile industry.

History of Clark forklift:

Clark Material Handling Company is a subdivision of Clark equipment introduced in 1919. Subsequently, a factory opened in 1953. Yet another milestone occurred in 1997 when Clark built its millionth forklift.

More recently, Clark celebrated its 100th year in the business around five years ago. On a similar note, the company that started in Kentucky now has factories in China, Lexington, Vietnam, and South Korea.

Introduction to Clark forklift:

Clark is considered to be one of the widest product lines worldwide with five major lines. It has been producing a variety of lifting trucks to accommodate people with different sorts of needs, including trucks ranging from 1500 to 18,000-pound capacities. Moreover, people have a choice to choose the fuel type that includes gasoline, dual fuel, LPG, electric riders, narrow-aisle stackers, diesel, and powered hand trucks.

Now, Clark has state-of-the-art where houses in Louisville, Kentucky, and Changwon, South Korea for state-of-the-art parts distribution. It provides services to all Clark dealers and customers.

The Progressive Innovation of Clark:

Clark has progressed unimaginably, being one of the industry’s most responsive and progressive manufacturers for the last decade. It is continuously seeking innovative measures to improve production, provide value to its customers, and expand service while taking care of the ecosystem. The innovative product development strategies of Clark include innovative safety features such as the restraint system that benefits operators which are set to be the standard feature on all forklift trucks. The Clark forklift manual is the best indicator of the progress it has been instilling in its manufacturing.

Clark has one of the largest dealers’ support networks in the material handling industry with over 230 locations which speaks for its demand and popularity among people.

Committed to having the number one quality system in the forklift industry, Clark earned the ISO 9001 quality standard certification and ISO 14001 certification in 2001.

Clark Forklift Manual
Clark Forklift Service Manual

With its innovative approach and thoughtful processing, the engineers at Clark are dedicated to producing and progressing new development in the workers to coordinate to minimize costs and improve the quality and efficiency of products at the same time.

Clark is well aware of the financial crisis of developing businesses, construction workers, and agricultural sites. Clark has now come up with financing services that offer dealers and customers the most suitable options in equipment financing. It’s safe to say that Clark is not progressing alone but taking its customers to the next level.

Introduction to Clark C500Y80:

Clark C500Y80 was produced decades ago as its production years trace back to 1987 to 1994. It is an LPG-powered forklift that is still popular among construction workers. Let’s look at a few key features of this forklift that have made it popular despite the odds.


The Clark C500Y80 Forklift has a six-cylinder continental carbureted engine that offers a power of 73 horsepower. The fuel tank has the capacity to accommodate 46.2-liter liquefied petroleum gas. And the main equipment of the engine is the fuel filter, two stages dry air filter with a paper filter cartridge.

Hydraulic system on the C500Y80 Forklift:

As we have discussed earlier that Clark forklift is the pioneer of hydraulically powered forklifts, Clark C500Y80 forklifts also manifest the hydraulic system by actuation of stroke and tilt by the control lever. It has main control vaults with spring-loaded text sliders and a pressure relief valve that directly drives the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic hoses are reinforced with steel.

Drive unit:

Motor, gearbox, torque converter, differential and drive axle together combined to form a single drive unit for this forklift.

Lifting frame:

The lifting rails are adjustable so that we can adjust them to the driver’s seat position, adding to the operator’s comfort. Rollers and the lifting carriage navigate by 4 rollers in addition to further rollers taking over the lateral guidance.


The chassis is comprised of heavy one-piece beam. It is accordingly primed with anticorrosion paint and weatherproof welded construction. It also has a solid finishing varnish to seal out the elements.

Other Features:

Driving speed with load: 20 kilometers per hour

Lifting speed with a load: 0.41 meters per second

Lowering speed with lowered: 0.31 meters per second

Lowering speed without load: 0.41 meters per second

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Clark forklifts still made?

Yes, Clark forklifts are still in production in 2023. Clark today has manufacturing facilities in several countries, including the United States, Brazil, and Germany.

How many hours does a Clark forklift last?

A common belief is that well-maintained Clark forklift can last for 10,000 to 20,000 operating hours or more before requiring major repairs or replacement of items such as the engine, hydraulic system, or transmission.