Doosan Forklifts-Why are they so Popular?

It is less likely that you’ll find motor-industry-related personnel who is unaware of the Doosan group. It emerged in South Korea and started producing equipment that changed the world for the better. In 2018, more feathers were added to its hat as authorities ranked it among the world’s Top 10 equipment manufacturing companies. Skoda Power and Bobcat have emerged from the Doosan Group, and they take pride in being the top equipment-selling companies in the world. This article will focus on Doosan Forklifts.

The Beginning

Doosan started its operation in 1896, and it didn’t take long; many popular heavy equipment manufacturing companies emerged in Doosan. It was indexed in the Fortune Global 500 index in 2009.

What’s in a Name?

Its name, “Doosan”, emerges from two words “Doo” and “San”, which refer to the little grains of sand combined to make a mountain, and that’s their motto. They believe in the power of uniting different forces to come up with something more significant.

The Doosan Group has introduced a complete code of core values that every affiliate has to abide by in order to keep growing with them.

They put together brilliant minds to produce things from the consumer’s perspective. Doosan has produced multiple power plants, construction equipment, drones, and collaborative robots. Similarly, the company has acquired the well-known Bobcat and Daewoo brands into the Doosan product line. The company also still manufactures other popular constructions products such as Doosan excavators.

Our sole focus in this article is how the Doosan Forklifts have changed the work field and lives for the better!

Doosan Forklifts:

Doosan started its Forklift production in 1960, and its export began in 1970. They developed over 50,000 forklifts by 1990 and received ISO 9001 Certification in 1995 as they expanded their own band’s sale network overseas. By 1992, the Doosan forklift network had hit 87 countries, a huge figure for such a short span.

Doosan Forklifts

The company got WORLD BEST AWARDS DIAMOND AWARD in 2000 for its high-standard forklift production. Meanwhile, the company kept adding different series and models to the forklift category with enhanced safety and performance features. They didn’t overlook the design and improved it significantly over decades, ultimately winning a Bronze Prize at Pin up Design Award in 2015 and 2018.

It won many other awards for its forklift engineering that was second to none. It recently attended CES 2022 in the USA.

Why Doosan Forklifts?

You may be curious to know the features of forklifts that made Doosan win all these awards and prizes in less than a half-century. Here are a few features of Doosan electric forklifts that made them different from others.

Low Noise and Vibration Levels:

Diesel forklifts produce a clatter that may divert the operator’s focus in some work settings. It also produces a significant threat of damage as the operator is not warned of any unusual operating sounds while working.

Although the diesel versions of Doosan forklifts weren’t so loud either, operators reported great comfort and satisfaction as Doosan shifted to producing electric forklifts.

They are more costly than the diesel versions, but you find it is worth it in the long run. Furthermore, it saves you from paying the high-fuel cost. You may cut costs even more if you have solar panels installed for electricity production.


Electric forklifts don’t have as much of moving parts as diesel forklifts. A single part in electrical forklifts replaces dozens of small fuel forklifts’ parts. Therefore, fewer parts need maintenance when there is not a lot of moving around to produce power. The Doosan Forklift Manual mentions how one can reduce the likelihood of equipment parts breaking down by shifting to an electrical forklift.

Doosan Operator Manual
Doosan Operators Manual

Thus, getting electrical equipment and operator manuals can cut down the maintenance cost in all cases. Doosan has a list of awards and recognitions for producing reliable equipment that boosts your business with a powerful performance.

Automated Heavy Lifting:

Doosan forklifts can be considerably valuable at farms where they minimize the need for a workforce and maximize the transport loads. The heavy-duty forklifts help you move the bags of seeds and piles of hay around in lesser time. They work in all conditions since Doosan has tested them to be able to bear huge stress in all conditions. They reduce the chance of injury inflicted on the farm workers.

Benefits to Environment:

Doosan Group has always been very cautious towards the environment. They ensured that their diesel equipment had proper filters to protect the environment. The possibility of environmental pollution reduces much more with an electric forklift.

Diesel engines produce diesel fumes and greenhouse gases that are hazardous to the environment and the workers that inhale them. No fuel burns in electrical Doosan forklifts make them safer and more environmentally friendly.

Maximizing the Use of Warehouse Space:

Doosan forklifts maximize the warehouse space by neatly stacking the products even in the hard-to-reach areas on the job site. It keeps the pathways minimal since one doesn’t have to keep ladders for easy access.

In short, a forklift by Doosan is a long-term investment that you’ll be ready to make whenever you try them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do forklifts last?

10K-12K hours

What is the engine in the Doosan Forklift?

A 2.4L LPG

Was Doosan founded in Korea?