Harley Davidson Sportster S

The history of Harley Davidson takes us back to the 1950s. It is one of the bikes that can cope with more weight than the others. People hold huge expectations from every new upcoming model for the innovative features of the last model. Harley Davidson is not just a model; it is an “icon” and the idol for many bike-producing companies for its ground-breaking features and longest shape. Here we will focus on the Harley Davidson Sportster S.

Introduction of the Sportster

Harley Davidson introduced “Sportster” in 1957, the beginning of another successful era for Harley Davidson. Whether it is XL or XR-750, each Sportster has been unique in its form and features and serves different communities differently. One of the latest releases in this domain is the Harley Davidson Sportster S that came out in 2021, and the Harley Davidson booked a cruise terminal on Sydney harbor to release its monster!

This article will look at why Harley Sportster S has gained so much popularity over a span of less than a year.


Technology and cut-edge design have always been the main characteristic of the Harley Davidson Sportster. The company knew that they couldn’t sell the vehicle for the same features every time. Push roads and open exhausts are no more valuable for the requirements of this era. Thus, the company planned to develop a strong and reliable engine for its new Sportster. It chose a 1252 cc revolution Max Engine from America and altered its internals to make it fit the Sportster.

This engine offers a high yet controlled torque, the audible capacity doesn’t correspond with the outlook, but the performance is a complete package! The company has aligned the engine well along the combustion chamber, intake velocity stacks, and airbox volume to maximize the engine speed range. You get a smooth slow ride at 121 hp and safety assurance for the 9500 RPM torque.


Brand New but still familiar

The Sportster’s design is perfect for its launch at the Sydney Harbor; classic and attractive! It seems like a perfectly carved and shaped pot at the potter’s shop, bulky at some points and perfect curves at others. You immediately feel its presence when it is around for its gigantic size and grace. It may look like a brand-new bike with advanced technological features, and that’s partly true, but you will notice a lot of inherited features in its design as you get closer!

Harley Sportster

Exhaust System

The high-mounted exhaust system resembles the old XR-750; however, it flaunts corrosion-resistant stainless-steel pipes that prevent overheating and stay cool. Despite being high-mounted, the exhaust system doesn’t seem out of place for the perfect height and diameter balance.


The oversized front tire takes the spectator back to the 70s Sportster model. And cast aluminum five-spoke wheels show its association with the new era. The oval-shaped day maker LED lamps have broken all the ties from their predecessors. The 4.0-inch TFT gauge makes the outlook more impressive!



Riding a Harley Davidson Sportster S is not easy at first. With time, you can take on the world once you master it. This model is lightweight, opposite to what you assume its looks like. Moreover, its first ride is a roller coaster ride that will make you feel like doing a lot all at once.

The chassis is very responsive and stiff, which offers a high acceleration. The gigantic tires are somewhat “plumpy,” and you may require some practice to perfectly steer the ride on these tires. The company claims its lean angle to be 34 degrees, but it is something that you must not test on the first ride. However, you can test this claim once you get a complete hold of the bike.

Harley Davidson Service Manual
Harley Service Manual

The Harley David Sportster S offers very well-damping power, offering 43 mm inverted forks with customizable compression/rebound and preload damping. These inverted forks make the bike look classier and enhance its flexibility and stiffness. It exhibits an adjustable hydraulic preload, and one can adjust it by altering the position of the knob below the seat.

A single disc linked to the four-piston caliper gives it its stopping power. It helps you apply the brake smoothly and effectively when dipping between the corners.

It’d be better to keep the Harley service manual with the bike for any repairs or service required.

Traction Control & ABS

Harley’s old models have three riding modes, but the new Sportster is yet another huge uplift in the advanced equipment. It features two more custom modes. Lean-sensitive traction control and ABS made it a perfect vehicle to ace the sudden encounter with the sharp turns like a pro!

Navigation and Comfort Features

Its TFT screen offers a navigation system, and the latest equipment of this model also includes the cruise control, multifunctioning switch gear, LED lighting, and restyle completely with a high-level truck-inspired exhaust. You can get mid-mounted foot pegs, an additional pillion seat, and a backrest that offers support to prevent your back-seat passenger from falling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many CC is the Harley Sportster S?


What is the Top-Speed of the Sportster S?

120.7 MPH

Where is the Sportster S made?

US, Brazil, India, and Thailand