Ford Early Models-The Base of Ford

Ford is undoubtedly one of the companies that started producing motor cars and spreading awareness among people. The Ford early models set the stage for decades of success. It has been around one and a half-century since Ford started its operations, and it doesn’t seem to stop producing goodness even in the next few centuries.

It became prevalent for its cars, offering reliability, power, performance, and comfort throughout its career. Now, the company that first pops up in mind when people talk about quality cars is FORD. It is an American-based company that manufactures, markets, and sells cars that feature the essence of American engineering. For Ford lovers, there is no way back!

Ford Model T Service Manual

History of Ford Motor Company:

The history of all the cars that Ford has ever made goes back to 1896. That was when Henry Ford produced the first experimental motor car. Amazingly, this was done from the back of his home.

Not long after the early production of the first experimental car, the Model A came out; it was released in 1903, marking the beginning of an era. Just after five years of the launch of Model A, Model T came up in 1908 and won hearts since it was a perfect motor car for people back then. The demand for the T model increased, and Ford had to find ways to conduct mass production to meet the needs.

Missouri Assembly

The company established an assembly plant in Missouri in less than a decade and opened its first-ever overseas branch in England in 1911. Henry Ford’s sole focus for the coming year was to bring innovation to the assembly plants and effective manufacturing, which he achieved by increasing the wages (almost double) of the laborer who worked 8 hours.


The price of the T-model dropped over the years as the company got back in line, and finally, Ford opened its first sales branch in Paris in 1908. By 1920, Ford was responsible for producing vehicles for more than half of America, with its branches in various continents. The T model was discontinued in 1927, and the new A-model and later the Ford V8 took its place.

The models we have discussed so far determined the company’s success and progress.

Let’s look at how the early models mesmerized people, making them choose Ford over any other motor company for the rest of 1900 till now.

Initial Ford Releases:

Model A:

Ford started producing Model A with a capital investment of $28,000. It took them some time to make its first sale, but the demand increased. In just two years, the 1750 Model A was sold, which left the company with enough revenue to carry on expanding its production.

Model A had two seats, but a four-seater was an option as the company added two rear seats on demand. The engine was tied under the front bench through chains. The cars had no tops, but people could get an optional rubber or leather top for extra money.

The Model A went into hibernation when the Model T dominated, but it was unforgettable. Thus, Ford had to bring Model A back to the market in 1927.

Model B:

Model B was the second production of Ford that came out right after a year of the release of Model A. It had a modern layout, luxurious styling, a front engine, and a fixed radiator. Ford factory service manual covered the vehicle maintenance guidelines that helped people understand early engineering. The 4-cylinder engine produced 24 hp that three times more than the Model A produced power. Ford didn’t produce beyond 500 models of this car and discontinued it in 1906.

Model C:

Model C came with an even better design and a bigger engine. The company also engineered the model C engine in model A to produce the new Model AC. It had two flat cylinders producing ten horsepower and a 6-inches wheelbase. It also featured an ornamental front hood; however, the engine was still under the front bench, as in Model A.

Model F:

If we talk about the top early models that went into production and succeeded, it’d be unjust to skip Model F. It was based on model F, simply called “Delivery Car.” Model F was even more luxurious, with four-people seating options as standard. The twin-engine was still located under the front seat.

Model T:

Even most enthusiasts are unaware that Ford has a complete history before the T model. Ford completed all nineteen alphabets before T; however, many of these even didn’t go into production. The most popular models were A, B, C, K, N, F, S, R, and N. Besides these, T was so prevalent that many people still considered it the first Ford car.

Before the re-release of Model A in 1927, Ford had produced almost 15 million units, which predicted the company’s long-term success.

The alphabetically named models found the base of Ford just as they did for the English language.


Many enthusiasts jump into restoring early Ford models and bring them back to their glory days. Luckily, most of the time you can still find original or reproduction owner’s manuals, parts catalogs, and service repair manuals for the job online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What year did Henry Ford start paying his employees $5 per day?

1914- he called the concept ‘profit sharing. The $5 per day wage applied to those workers on a 40 hr week.

What mpg did the Model T get?