Honda- Overview and History

Honda is a multinational Japanese company that has been producing automobiles, power equipment, and motorbikes since 1959. Its headquarters are in Tokyo, and it has various manufacturing facilities throughout the globe.Their automobile equipment is reliable and famous for its durability and safety.

Around half-century after producing its first vehicle, the company became the second largest Japanese automobile company in 2001, while it became the 8th largest automobile manufacturing company in 2015.

One of Honda’s best features is its capability to bring the things that go well with time. They don’t stick to traditional manufacturing protocols just because they are selling well; they predict the needs of the coming time and produce the vehicles accordingly.

Automobile Parts:

One of the Co-founders, Soichiro Honda, has always been interested in automobiles. In 1937, he founded a company to make piston rings. He signed a contract with Toyota but lost it because of the poor quality of their products. Honda worked on it, and finally, it could mass-produce piston rings that Toyota accepted.

The Ministry of Commerce and industry took hold of this venture at the start of World War 2, and Toyota took 40% shares in his company. That’s when Toyota demoted Honda from president to senior managing director.

The Establishment of Honda:

Honda Motor Company was established in 1949 by the co-founders Takeo Fujisawa and Soichiro Honda. Its first engineered vehicle was Mr. Honda, with the name “Dream” D-type motorcycle. The company extended its manufacturing facilities to America on June 11, when it was established in Los Angeles, CA. It was the first overseas inventory of Honda motor corporation. The first bike of Honda was a bicycle fitted with an engine, but the idea gave rise to the giants we see running on roads today.

In less than a decade after its establishment, Honda motorcycles changed the industry Harley created and became a leader. The introduction of the CB750, the first bike of its kind, changed everything about the bikes that will come in the future. In the same decade, Honda released N600, the first automobile they sold in America.

Honda Service Manual

About 1950s and 1960s:

The company continued producing bikes and automobiles for the next decade, adding to the features to comply with the requirements of the new era. In 1959, innovative minibikes created a positive influence through their National Youth Project.

In 1969 Honda came up with a fuel-efficient outboard marine engine that was quieter, cleaner, and more economical. It was a four-stroke engine comparable to the two-stroke engines produced before this.


Honda was the first company to produce a CVCC engine in 1969 that met the strict emission standards of the United States Clean Air Act without using any catalytic converter. This shows Honda is committed to making environment-friendly products to ensure blue skies for children.

The first Accord:

The first Accord was Honda’s big hit. The initial model was a hatchback, followed by an Accord sedan in 1979. From that day till now, Accord has been the best-selling passenger car in America.

The American Honda Foundation:

In 1973 Honda corporation hit a significant milestone in America as it established the American Honda foundation fulfilling its commitment to support the communities. It committed to donating over $32 million to welfare organizations in every state of the United States.

In 1974 Honda power equipment started producing lawnmowers at their new plant in North Carolina. It was a top-rated, gas-powered, and self-propelled lawn mower for over a decade.

In the 1970s, the luxury Acura was launched, which achieved four consecutive Associates Customer Satisfaction Index awards.

Acura NSX and hybrid milestone:

Acura set another record by being the first production car with an all-aluminum body. It was the most sought-after vehicle for connoisseurs. In December 1984, Insight became the first hybrid vehicle available in North America. It continued to be the most fuel-efficient vehicle for the next two decades.

The company also got involved in robotics and artificial intelligence; it released its ESIMO robot in 2000.

The 21st century:

The 2006 Ridgeline and Civic achieved the North American vehicles of the year award. That same year, Acura entered the American Le Mans Series. In 2007, Honda established its facility in Florida, and new aero equipment plants came into existence.

In 2009, Honda introduced the FCX clarity fuel cell vehicle with a more compact fuel cell stack. 2008 marked the half-century of production in the United States. In 2009, the ten millionth Accord rolled out of the Honda’s manufacturing facility.

The success of Honda continued after 2009, as it continued adding to its different lineups’ strength, durability, and technology. It is one of the largest automobile companies in the world producing motorbikes in 1959 and manufacturing over 400 million units by 2019. Its state-of-the-art power equipment made its place in the automobile and other industries, which is why they produce over 14 million internal combustion engines annually. Moreover, they have available a Honda service manual that guides the owners about the proper service and repair.

Honda continues to lead the industry in the 2nd decade and is sure to remain a leader moving forward.