Grove Cranes: A History of Excellence

Grove came into existence in 1947 in Pennsylvania by John L Grove. Due to the high company standards, Grove cranes have been winning the hearts of the operators and construction workers with its easy-to-operate machinery, making the construction work a little less tiring and burdensome. Grove is among the world-class manufacturers of hydraulic cranes and has manufacturing facilities in 4 countries. This allows the company to supply machinery to over four continents.

Grove produces a great range of equipment, including all-terrain, rough-mounted, rough-terrain, telescopic crawler cranes, and industrial cranes. It being the first company to introduce a slewing rough terrain crane and the world’s first trapezoidal boom, allowing Grove to improve it’s reputation. Grove is also the world’s first international multi-facility crane manufacturer to achieve the ISO 9001 quality assurance certification in 1994.

Grove crane

A Storied History

Grove had a reputation for making quality lifts and machines. Their industry leading designs were well-known and highly sought after year-after-year. Eventually, the company needed to update it’s moniker with it’s growth, and soon Grove Worldwide Inc was how it was known best.

Manufacturing was continued under this brand name until 2002, when Manitowoc Industries acquired Grove Worldwide to form a dynamic corporate team. Due to this change, all cranes are now manufactured as a line of Manitowoc. Manitowoc Company now lists as many as 5000 employees today, with 5 regional headquarters and 8 manufacturing sites.

John L Grove also launched the original Condor line of telehandlers and cherry pickers, which was eventually renamed JLG, which operates today as a separate business JLG Lift Equipment and is not affiliated with Manitowoc.

Innovating for the Future

In the context of technological innovations, Grove is the leader in construction equipment facilities. Grove cranes have the Megatrak suspension system, Megaform boom design, and Twinlock boom pinning system. This out-of-the-box approach has kept other crane makers constantly innovating to keep up. While some companies boast about selling hundreds of units of their single fleet, Grove keeps adding more to their range, having sold over fifty-five thousand machinery units around the globe.

Their cranes have an unparalleled reputation for quality, service, and equipment life. Grove is your best bet if you want construction equipment that won’t waste your hard-earned investment.

This article will look at the vast range of Grove cranes available in the market so that you make an educated decision regarding your purchase.

All-Terrain Cranes:

Grove all-terrain cranes manufacturing facility consumes high-quality material to produce sturdy equipment and the Grove Crane Manual. WIth this in mind, Grove utilizes manufacturing techniques and construction standards that comply with ISO9001 quality standards. It helps them constantly develop strategies to optimize the reliability and durability of the construction vehicle.

Grove all-terrain cranes are manufactured using the industry’s most stringent lean manufacturing techniques. As a result, Grove is in a class-leading lineup that achieves lifting capacities from 65 USt to 550 USt. As such, it’s easy to find a Grove all-terrain solution for almost any construction or industrial application.

Grove cranes are engineered to lift a heavy load while offering excellent off-road operation and highway drive. These all-terrain mobile cranes offer the following fantastic features:

  • They have an advanced carrier cab with outstanding ergonomic features and ample space for the crane operator. It allows easy setup to help the constructors get back to work at their earliest.
  • Free of blind spots panoramic windshield offers a clear view; you can open it for easy accessibility. The whole cab can tilt to 20 degrees allowing more comfort and convenience for the operator.
  • It features a MAXbase to reduce radius and provide better lifting abilities. It offers the best access to tighter and more confined workplaces. 
  • Full-specification service manual and parts catalog to ensure continued crane operation.
  • It provides excellent flexibility with a more extensive outrigger base and requires fewer other accessories on the spot, reducing transportation expenses. 
  • Hydraulic swing away, jib and boom extensions, and luffing jib make the operation easier and crane work more efficiently.

Grove Rough Terrain Cranes:

Grove rough terrain cranes can handle the toughest job site situations with lift capacities ranging from 30 USt to 165 USt. Performance, productivity, reliability, and operator comfort allow your operators to work tirelessly and effectively for longer days with less fatigue. Quality and easy maintenance are built into every Grove rough terrain crane, making them the right choice for construction. With unique features such as higher line pull and speed, hydraulic disc brakes, inverted outrigger jacks, and Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS) with eco-mode will ensure lower operational and maintenance costs, as they provide the best return on your investment.

Grove rough terrain offers multiple features that involve:

  • Tier 4i Mercedes diesel engine
    • Exclusive Megaform Boom design
    • Complete Megatrak safety suspension system
    • Manitowoc Crane Control system in many models
Grove Parts Catalog
Grove Parts Catalog

Telescoping Crawler Cranes:

The Grove telescoping crawler cranes are leading yet another category in the crane manufacturing industry. The Grove Telescoping crawler crane range combines excellent lift capacity and gradeability with 100 percent pick and carries capability. Thanks to a heavy-duty, rugged telescoping boom, and crawling track, it all comes in a package that the company has engineered for exceptional operator comfort, ergonomics, and maneuverability.

Grove Truck-mounted Cranes:

Quick set-up is a notable feature of Grove truck-mounted cranes, along with extended reach and high-capacity booms, while offering great speed on highways. A wide front outrigger is standard for its 360° rotating operation. Grove truck cranes are popular among construction workers because of their extensive list of world-class features.

Grove Carrydeck Cranes:

Compact industrial cranes are used for material handling jobs and plant maintenance. To that end, is operator-friendly and straightforward to operate. To perform their best, carrydeck crane units carry small decks and multi-mode steering that allow operation in tight quarters. Therefore, these machines feature compact dimensions, good maneuverability, and excellent pick and carry capacities.

Continued Excellence

After many years of storied tradition and excellence, it’s easy to see why Grove is a leader in the construction industry. Grove cranes are well-known for their reliability and raw power, and the ability to get the job done right. With it’s commitment to excellence, Grove hopes to remain in it’s position among the top of the pack for many years to come.