Grove TMS500E Crane

Cranes are now unavoidable if you work on construction sites or companies requiring heavy work. It is impossible for human beings to carry such great weights and loads that are required in industries. Therefore, automobile companies have now developed equipment like cranes and forklifts that help them through these heavy-duty tasks. This article will focus on the Grove TMS500E crane.

However, your choice of the company you choose for equipment dictates whether it will be a curse or a blessing. Your quest has ended if you are looking for a crane. This article will introduce you to Grove, founded in 1947 as the world’s leading producer of mobile hydraulic cranes.

Grove has been the world leader in mobile crane production companies for nearly a century. It has been delivering world-class performance and groundbreaking technology through a wide range of all-terrain, truck-mounted, rough terrain, military, telescoping crawler, and industrial cranes. Grove is one of the selling construction equipment manufacturing companies for its well-earned reputation for reliability and quality that remains unmatched in the lifting industry.

Your being here indicates your relation to the Grove TMS500 E crane. Whether you own a Grove TMS500E or are considering buying one, you are lucky. This write-up will look at the key features and specifications of the crane under consideration to evaluate its reliability.

Grove cranes

Grove TMS500E Crane features:

  • These Grove cranes offer a telescoping swing away of around 26 feet to 45 feet with an offset of up to 30 degrees that maximizes up and over capacity to reach higher heights and get the work done.
  • Cranes are usually slower and offer a rough ride because of their colossal size. But the Grove cranes offer rear suspension over walking beams which shock absorbers, making it a comfortable ride even at a maximum speed of 65 MPH.
  • Grove cranes feature standard aluminum rims, which save weight and add aesthetic value to the vehicle.
  • This all-steel fabricated superstructure cab has padded acoustical lining for sound suppression safety glass and excellent visibility under close working conditions that keep the operator from being exhausted during long working hours.
  • Grove Service Manual comes with a crane that other briefs the professional mechanics and owners about the detailed features and specifications.

Grove TMS500E Crane Specifications:

Telescopic Swing-away Extension:

The boom attaches with it as 26 feet to 45 feet telescoping offset table swing-away extension. This extension is offset able at zero degrees and 30 degrees. It can store alongside the base boom section and offers a maximum tip height of up to 146 feet.


The Grove TMS500E crane has a boom as a superstructure that can reach up to 29 feet to 95 feet. It has four sections and a full power boom, similar to that of an excavator. It offers a maximum tip height of 102.5 feet.

Grove Boom Nose:

Four nylon Shields mounted on heavy-duty tapered roller bearings in combination with removable pin-type rope guards form the boom nose of Grove cranes. It is a quick reeve type boom nose with an optional removable auxiliary boom nose with a removable pin-type rope guard.

The boom offers elevation from minus 3 to 76 degrees with a double-acting hydraulic cylinder featuring integral holding valves.

Load movement and anti-two block system:

Standard graphics display load moment and an anti-two block system with audio-visual warning are in Grove cranes. These systems provide an electronic display of boom angle, length, tip height relative load movement, counterweight radius maximum permissible load, load indication, and warning of impending block conditions. The standard work area definition system allows the operator to pre-select and locate safe working areas; if the crane approaches the pre-selected areas, an audio-visual warning is generated for the operator to avoid job-site obstructions.

Interior cabin:

High vision, steel fabricated with acoustic lining, and tinted safety glass cabin is the key feature of Grove TMS500E crane. The deluxe seat incorporates armrest-mounted hydraulic single-access controllers. At the same time, the dash panel incorporates gauges for all engine functions. The standard features include a circulating air fan, water heater, sliding side and rear windows, fire extinguishers, sliding skylight with windshield wiper, seat belt, and 12 Volt power outlet.

Grove crane service manual
Grove Crane Service Manual

Hydraulic system:

The hydraulic system highlights this Grove crane, with two main gear pumps with a combined capacity of 127.7 GPM. The maximum operating pressure is 3500 PSI with two individual valve banks. It also contains a return line filter with complete flow bypass protection and a service indicator. The TMS500E features a replaceable cartridge with a Micron filtration rating of 20/20/75. It contains a 96-gallon reservoir oil cooler on carrier and system pressure test ports.


The planetary swing with foot-applied multi-disc brake is a feature of Grove crane TMS500E. This swing is spring-applied, hydraulically released, and plunger-type. It has a maximum speed of three rpm while locked in one position by a mechanical lock operated from the cab.

Powertrain, transmission, and fuel tank capacity:

It has a six-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 860-pound feet of torque. It gives away an Allison automatic transmission with six speeds forward and one reverse. A service manual will cover repairs to these systems. The fuel tank can accommodate around 60 gallons of fuel.