Kenworth -Overview & Top Models

Kenworth Truck Company is an American manufacturer of trucks founded in 1923. Its predecessor was Gersix Motor Company, and Kenworth continues the legacy of Gersix Motor Company by specializing in the production of heavy-duty and medium-duty commercial vehicles.

Kenworth has been a subsidiary of PACCAR since 1945 and manufactures alongside its sister company, Peterbilt motors.

Significance of the Kenworth truck company:

Kenworth Trucks gained its significance by marking several firsts in truck production. For example, it introduced a raised roof sleeper cab, and even the first heavy-duty truck with an aerodynamically optimized body design was produced by Kenworth. Its W900 model has been serving as its longest production run; it is the longest production run of any truck company in automotive history.

Goals of the Kenworth Truck Company:

Kenworth Truck Company claims to produce vehicles based on reliability, productivity, and efficiency. Their engineers always look for innovative ways to consume the latest technology for the production of efficient trucks that are the ultimate transportation solution for customers. Building such vehicles has become the tradition for the Kenworth truck company.

History of the Kenworth Truck Company:

Having started its journey in 1923, the company was able to sell 80 trucks in its first year. It was particularly famous for its customization service. The owners of Kenworth Truck Company changed over the years. It produced military equipment as well as commercial vehicles during the Second World War. By 1955, Kenworth had made 801 earth-moving equipment and 853 oil field equipment in America. The 900 series was introduced in 1956 that could transport 3000 tons of equipment.

For the next few years, the W900 was redesigned, and K100 was introduced. Moreover, the company opened new plants in different states. It introduced several other companies, like raised roof Aerodyne sleeper, that set new goals for driver comfort. The new T600 was introduced around 1985 and was aerodynamically improved while being highly fuel efficient.

The company introduced its first-ever medium-duty conventional truck in 1994. 1996 was the year of the introduction of T2000. In 2007, Kenworth introduced the T660, which refined the aerodynamic design of highway trucks. In the following years till date, new trucks and lineups constantly improved industry standards for fuel efficiency and aerodynamics.

Kenworth Operator's Manual

Top Models of Kenworth Trucks Company:


The W900L is a great addition to heavy-duty trucks. It is particularly designed and improved over the years for reliability, ease of maintenance, long haul performance, sheer luxury, and productivity, besides being a heavy-duty truck. The W900L presents an esthetically beautiful design with one of the longest, long-nosed conventionals.

It offers great passenger and driver comfort with plenty of headroom, space, and light. The recent models feature the latest facilities like a full-length door-enclosed hanging closet, cabinet with two shelves, overbank side storage compartments, deeply tufted diamond interior, and a 42-inch mattress. One could add more luxury to the truck with side and rear picture windows, a fold-out sofa bed, under bunk drawers, and a TV mounting package.


The most highly evolved aerodynamic long-haul tractor that Kenworth has ever produced. As such, it is important for its optimized powertrain with easier-to-service and long-lived components for maximum uptime. Moreover, the Kenworth T680 is an ergonomically smart truck that makes driving safer, less fatiguing, and intuitive.

It also offers great fuel efficiency with 7% fuel savings from day one. Its characteristic feature is cutting-edge exterior styling with front air dams, optional 28-inch side extenders, and redesigned chassis fairings. The MX13 engine produces a whopping 405 to 510 horsepower, besides offering a TX-12 automated transmission.


W 990 is one of Kenworth’s long hoods conventional that offer a perfect combination of luxury, craftsmanship, traditional styling, and power. One can make it a personal statement with its straight-head performance, lifestyle amenities, uncompromising styling, and premium finishes.

It is powered by an MX13 engine, producing 405 to 510 horsepower and 1450 to 1850 LB feet of torque. For more detailed specifications, the Kenworth owner’s manual comes with the truck purchase that features its characteristics in detail.


Kenworth produced T880 for rock-solid performance in any department. It offers the owners a dependable and versatile vehicle to help them perform their toughest jobs. The T880 is based on stamina, strength, and operating economy that doesn’t only move luggage but moves your business ahead. It also combines the characteristics of a heavy hauler dump truck, bulk tractor, tanker, refused drug, and logger. If your job requires maximum effort, know that T880 is your best and top pick.

Responsible for providing the power of around 405 to 510 horsepower with 1450 to 1850 LB feet of torque to this truck is the MX-13 engine. Accordingly, it can accommodate around 12.9-liter fuel and offers an automatic 12-speed and Allison automatic transmission.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of a semi-truck?

You should expect to get at least 750,000 out of your semi if it is well-maintained and cared for

What is the average mpg for a semi?

A semi can expect to achieve approximately 5.6mpg on the average diesel fuel economy. This is considered when the semi truck is under load and over extended distances. In more local settings with more stoppage time, a semi may expect lower fuel efficiency than this.

What is better for the long-haul driver- Peterbilt or Kenworth?

Drivers seem to prefer Kenworth when they are long-haul, as they are aerodynamic and super comfortable. However, Peterbilt and Kenworth, being both subsidiaries of PACCAR, have much more overlap today than other competing manufacturers.