Paccar – Overview & Top Models

PACCAR is an automobile technology leader leading the design, manufacturing, and customer support of premium light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty trucks. It is produced under Kenworth, DAF, and Peterbilt nameplates. It also designs and manufactures advanced diesel engines while providing financial services, information technology, and truck parts distribution related to its principal business.

Kenworth Truck Company is popular for building premium commercial vehicles for sale in the United States, Mexico, Australia, and Canada. The other nameplate, Peterbilt motors, designs, manufactures and distributes premium commercial vehicles in the United States and Canada. DAF trucks manufacture trucks in Belgium, Brazil, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

PACCAR Inc delivers its services and products to customers worldwide through a dealer network of 2200 locations. It sells the company’s products globally in over 100 countries, and its dealer network is expanding in Asia and worldwide. Approximately half of PACCAR’s sales are generated outside the United States.

PACCAR parts operate a spare parts network distribution center offering aftermarket support to Peterbilt, DAF, and Kenworth dealers worldwide. This support includes customer call centers that operate 24 hours a day throughout the year and technologically advanced systems that enhance inventory control and expedite order processing.


Other Services by PACCAR:

Paccar financial services provide lease, finance, and insurance services to customers and dealers in 24 countries. It has a portfolio of more than 1,80,000 trucks and over $13 billion in assets.

One of the core values of PACCAR is its environmental responsibility. The company regularly promotes and develops new programs to preserve the environment. The company has established ambitious goals to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency in its truck models.

Its headquarters is located in Washington, United States. PACCAR also works for noble causes under the PACCAR foundation, which annually grants millions of dollars for education, the arts, and social services.

Top PACCAR Brand Models:

Kenworth T880:

The Kenworth T880 is a dependable and versatile vehicle that can perform the most demanding jobs. The strength, stamina, and operating economy from the core of this model. If your job requires maximum effort, and you can afford one truck to handle it all, know that Kenworth T880 is the way to go. Kenworth repair manual for this truck guides the owners regarding the resolution of common issues to reduce downtime.

The Packer MX13 engine deck accommodates 12.9-liter fuel and produces 405 to 510 horsepower along with 1450 to 1850 lb.-feet of torque, providing the required energy. Truck tech and remote diagnostics are also part of the Kenworth T880 powertrain.

It doesn’t only feature advanced technology, but it also has a sleek and smart design with a sloped hood and fuel-efficient drivetrain. It is aerodynamic and has job-specific options that offer unconventional maneuverability and a supremely comfortable driving environment.

Kenworth Repair Manual
Kenworth Custom Shop Manual

Durable aerodynamic side mirrors offer better stability and optimize reward visibility. Torque-assisted steering is a recent steering technology that features an electric motor control system working with hydraulic gear to offer a world-class driving experience.

Peterbilt Model 579:

Peterbilt Model 579 sets the new era of class with the standard for technology, driver comfort, and fuel efficiency. This model offers advanced aerodynamic packages and features improved fuel efficiency and bottom line. The newly designed hood and bumper maximize its aerodynamic performance. The air dam below the bumper improves aerodynamics while maintaining ground clearance.

This Peterbilt model has a new digital display with state-of-the-art technology, bold design, and class-leading functionality. Its unique 15 inches display is the largest in the industry, with customizable gauges and easy-to-use features.

The lane-keeping assist feature of the Peterbilt 579 adds to the existing advanced driver assistance system. It uses collision mitigation system inputs to keep the driver between the lines through an electric motor mounted on the steering column present inside the cab.

The PACCAR powertrain maximizes miles on the road and payload capacity with the durable MX engines paired with a 12-speed automatic transmission. It has a driver-friendly interior that offers the comforts of home with special touches. It has enough headroom and storage with the largest mattress in the industry.

DAF 95 series:

In 1987, DAF launched its 95 series that quickly gained the “Truck of the Year” award. It came with a full range of axle configurations to suit everyone’s operating requirements. Close attention was paid to soundproofing, and its gear linkage was telescopic. The in-cab noise levels on the 95 series were too low and kept the driver and passenger at ease. It was updated in 1991 with new power ratings of 329, 364, and 401 horsepower.

DAF disclosed 95.500 Super Spacecab two years later with extended height and length. The 95.500 had a luxury bunk with generous storage space underneath. It came with all the luxury options, including a fridge, microwave, and television video system.

It became so popular that the basic cab design is still in production, now as XF105.

Whether it’s DAF, Kenworth, or Peterbilt, all the divisions of PACCAR have been individually working to offer the best for the driver’s comfort and vehicle efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes engines for Peterbilt Trucks?

Peterbilt heavy duty trucks are manufactured by PACCAR Inc. As mentioned, PACCAR also produces the popular Kenworth truck line.

Who owns PACCAR?

PACCAR Inc is now wholly owned by CSK Auto, which is also tied to auto parts stores such as O’Reilly’s Auto Parts.

What is the average lifespan of a semi truck?

A semi-truck should service you for approx 750,000 miles