Komatsu 25T-14 Forklift

Komatsu Diesel and Gasoline Forklift Trucks have unequaled performance and functionalities distinct from rivals. Increased safety, lower overall lifespan costs, excellent operability with less tiredness, and careful consideration of environmental performance. You will undoubtedly be pleased with the KOMATSU 25T-14 FORKLIFT distinct advantages. These qualities will be the norm for the future, increasing work happiness.

The power steering and lifting equipment are operated separately by the tandem pump. When idle, the KOMATSU 25T-14 FORKLIFT hydraulic system raises the load at almost double the pace of the previous generation. The truck also has precision adjustments for the fork position and enhanced attachment operability while idling.

Performance and Fuel Economy

Diesel engines using Komatsu’s sophisticated engine technology provide exceptional environmental performance and meet the world’s most recent EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA pollution criteria. The diesel engines fitted on the 2.0-3.5 tonne Trucks lower particulate matter (PM) in exhaust emissions by 30% to minimize environmental strain. Fuel consumption is decreased, and strong performance is accomplished thanks to the EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA compliant engine and the Super Lift Hydraulic System*1. Fuel usage is lowered by 8% *2, and CO2 emissions are also reduced.

Visibility, Strength, and Comfort

Operators are taken into account by Komatsu’s Research & Development team. Every facet of an operator’s comfort and simplicity of use has been meticulously researched and incorporated into each design. Control indications and levers, for example, have been ergonomically developed and placed in easily accessible and visible areas. Komatsu takes pride in creating products intended to maximize both comfort and productivity. The steering wheel’s modest diameter allows for 100% stationary steering and switchbacks. The steering wheel’s enhanced responsiveness promotes agility even in tight quarters. Trip-related fluctuations have also been decreased by more than 30% to enhance travel performance.

The KOMATSU 25T-14 FORKLIFT Super Lift Hydraulic System enables the operator to execute stationary steering and easily start the vehicle without revving the engine. The engine does not stall even in this circumstance. This technique is highly valued on construction sites where stationary steering is often needed. The bell-shaped shroud directs cool air into the radiator. The counterweight hole and fan’s unique design increases cooling performance by enhancing cooling airflow. Furthermore, the Super Lift Hydraulic System is intended to limit oil pressure loss, which keeps the oil temperature from rising too high.

The original suspension cab design by Komatsu has been developed. The whole KOMATSU 25T-14 FORKLIFT cabin floats on the chassis because of the wide-set front mounts and high-position rear mounts. The engine and gearbox are floats mounted on the frame by the power train, and a universal joint is employed to alleviate engine and motion vibrations on the front axle. These Komatsu-designed devices use integrated technology to decrease vibrations conveyed to the mast, fork, steering wheel, and control lever, as well as the operator’s seat. As a result, operator comfort and cargo safety will be improved.

The counterweight’s top corners are angled to enhance vision. When reversing, the visible edge of the counterweight from the operator’s seat is meant to assist visibility when monitoring distances. The new counterweight exits are flow-directional, preventing hot air from blowing into the operator during reversing. The tailpipe has also been moved and is now situated at the counterweight’s lowest point. This increases driver comfort while also preventing stains produced by exhaust gas.

Safety Features

Komatsu’s unique innovations have prolonged the truck’s life even more. Both the revised frame construction and the mast adjustments increase durability. Improved heat balancing also improves dependability during demanding operations. The mean time between failures (MTBF) has been increased by more than 40%. Extensive testing and quality checks in various operating situations save maintenance and repair expenses.


  • Height: 7.12 ft
  • Length: 7.68 ft
  • Width: 3.48 ft
  • Operating weight: 8180 lbs

Engine type: K21, 60.1hp 2950rpm

Komatsu 25T-14 Forklift

KOMATSU 25T-14 FORKLIFT Factory Service Manual

The service manuals for the KOMATSU 25T-14 FORKLIFT are very comprehensive, covering every element of the operation. Your 25T-14 comes with a Komatsu Forklift Manual.

  • General Outline
  • Functions and Construction
  • Inspection and Adjustment
  • Dismantling and Assembly
  • Standard Value

Repair manuals for the KOMATSU 25T-14 FORKLIFT are only accessible to specialists and dealerships that undertake maintenance and repairs. Any engine maintenance or repair work performed by the owner should accompany a service manual.

KOMATSU 25T-14 FORKLIFT — Owner’s Manual

Customers who purchased a forklift new from a dealership or factory direct should have received a Komatsu 25T-14 Operators Manual that contained all necessary information for future maintenance and upgrades.

  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance Record

This is a comprehensive list since the KOMATSU 25T-14 FORKLIFT owner’s manual includes several operating recommendations to improve the user experience.