Komatsu FG30HT-16 Forklift

Komatsu Ltd., also known as Komatsu (TYO: 6301), is a well-known Japanese multinational firm. It produces diesel engines, industrial equipment such as press machines, lasers, and thermoelectric generators, as well as construction, mining, forestry, and military equipment. This article will focus on the Komatsu FG30HT-16 Forklift.

You must choose a Komatsu forklift with specifications and dimensions that will match your workplace if you intend to make an investment in one. You may compare the features and dimensions of Komatsu forklifts from the comfort of your home until you discover what you want. This needs to be in relation to the conditions at your workplace. In this way, you may purchase a Komatsu forklift that can work on your project and be conveniently operated.

What Type of Equipment is a Komatsu FG30HT-16 Forklift

A dual-fuel forklift with a 6000-pound capacity is the Komatsu FG30HT-16. It features a 241-inch reach height, a quad mast, and pneumatic tires.

It is a motorized industrial truck that is used to lift and transport items over short distances. Several businesses, notably Clark, which produced gearboxes, and Yale & Towne Manufacturing, which produced hoists, invented the forklift in the early 20th century.

Komatsu forklifts are used to raise objects into the air, including people and cargo. However, they are mostly employed to reach out, unlike other lifts. Forklifts made by Komatsu have been developed to be simple to use, effective, and dependable. Depending on the project, a Komatsu forklift’s specifications and dimensions enable you to access the site’s height and complete the task.


People are investing in high-quality, long-lasting, high-performing forklifts from Komatsu to improve their operations. Moreover, they take help from the Komatsu Forklift parts catalog in case of any assistance.

Its closed-loop exhaust system uses a three-way catalytic converter since it has a K25 Nissan 4-cylinder engine with an electronic management system. With two stages of high engine heat, the engine protection system is activated.

Lifting, lowering, and tilting locks are the benefit of operator presence systems. It is an interior three-way hosting system. Standard taper and tip Class III forks are also included. How can we forget about the backup safety alarm while discussing its features? One of its main features is a 5-pound fire extinguisher.

Other features include

  • A single-speed power-shift transmission.
  • An anti-restart safety ignition switch.
  • Gauges for water temperature and gasoline fuel.

Powertrain and Performance

Komatsu FG30HT-16 has four cylinders and Nissan K25 engines. When using gasoline, it has a power of 60 hp (45 kW) at 2700 rpm. The torque calculated is 142 lbs/ft at 1600 rpm.

Up to 5,000 lbs may be lifted with the FG25T-16, which is 50% less than the average competition. It can reach top speeds of 11.2 mph when fully loaded, which is 1.4 mph slower than is average for vehicles in its class. It has a maximum lift speed of 120.0 feet per minute, which is 23.4 rpm quicker than the industry average for lift trucks in its category.

Its turning circle is 18% narrower than average for its class due to its 88.2-inch outer turning radius. When operating at full load, the FG25T-16 can tackle gradients as steeply as 27%, which is comparable to what the majority of competing models can manage.

The Komatsu FG30HT-16 Forklift Interior

Komatsu FG30HT-16 possesses engineered Forklift Roofs. It has a distinctive dome shape that directs precipitation and airborne debris away from the operator. Cascading water is eliminated through channels and gutters. Shrink wrap, plywood, and cardboard are substitutes that improve operator safety and comfort. Clear Caps complies with the OSHA standard that overhead protections do not hinder the operator’s field of vision.

Further enhancing operator safety is the revolution cascade fork positioner option. Not having to move the truck’s forks by hand helps save back pain and finger injuries for the driver.

It also increases productivity by removing the need for the driver to climb on and off the forklift to manually reposition the prongs. The damage is reduced by enabling the operator to precisely place the forks from the driver’s seat when handling a range of pallet sizes.

Komatsu FG30HT-16 Parts Book
Komatsu Partsbook

Communication and Information Technology Installed in Komatsu FG30HT-16 Forklift

The Komatsu Forklift uses the mobile phone network to relay machine data, which is then stored on a Komatsu server. It enables you to do things like plan maintenance, understands fuel use, and assess machine utilization.

KOMTRAX lowers your operating expenses while assisting you in maintaining the functionality of your equipment.

The Fuel Economy of Komatsu FG30HT-1

Forklifts with internal combustion engines use around 6 lbs. of LPG every hour. However, a variety of elements can affect how well your forklift consumes gasoline. Forklift operating errors can result in reduced fuel efficiency, just like driving habits can influence fuel usage in cars. One adjustment according to the partsbook specs to aid with cost reduction is to limit forklift fuel usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Komatsu manufacturing plant in the US?

Komatsu operates out of a main location in Peoria, Illinois.

Who is the top Construction equipment company in the world?

Caterpillar is in the number 1 spot, and Komatsu follows in 2nd.