Mahindra 1526 Wheel Tractor

The Mahindra 1526 Wheel Tractor is a compact utility tractor with a four-wheel drive that belongs to the 1500 series. During the year 2016-2018, this tractor was produced by Mitsubishi for Mahindra. It is available with one of two gearboxes, in addition to the 1.3 L three-cylinder diesel engine: a constant-mesh gearbox with a dry single disc clutch (which has eight forward and eight reverse gears) or a hydrostatic transmission (which has infinite 3-range forward and reverse).


The Mahindra 1526 is offered in two trim levels:

  • 1526 S: 4WD SHUTTLE
  • 1526 H: 4WD HST

Performance and Fuel Economy

The Mitsubishi S3L2 engine was installed in the Mahindra 1526 compact utility tractor. It is a three-cylinder natural aspirated diesel engine with a displacement of 1.3 L (1,318 cm2) (80.4 cuin) with a diameter and stroke measurements of 78.0 mm (3.07 in) for the cylinder bore and 92.0 mm (3.62 in) for the piston stroke. The compression ratio is 22.0:1 according to the rating. The highest output power of this engine was 25.8 PS (19.0 kW; 25.5 HP) at 2,500 rpm, which was the maximum speed.


When it comes to light to medium applications, this is a perfect choice for smaller operations because of its high-performance, premium 4WD, Tier IV compact tractor design. With engines ranging from 26 to 38 horsepower, you can have the power you need without going overboard (though doing so is always an option, of course). This tractor provides further customization possibilities, such as shuttle or hydrostatic transmissions, soft or integrated cabins, and agricultural, industrial, or turf tires, among other things. Additionally, our heavy-duty loaders and backhoes, mid-mount mowers, and a range of additional accessories may be simply combined to provide unrivaled flexibility to your operation.


With a strong 3-cylinder engine that provides 25.6 HP Max Power and 1318 CC Displacement, the Mahindra 1526 4WD SHUTTLE Tractor is an excellent choice. Its distinguishing characteristics include Constant-mesh Type Transmission, Wet Disc Brakes, and Hydrostatic Power, to name a few. The Mahindra 1526 4WD SHUTTLE Tractor is simple to operate and may be utilized for a variety of agricultural services due to its effortless steering and maneuverability. It is built with sturdy, durable construction that can resist the rigors of commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications alike.


In this Tractor, the Mahindra 1526 4WD SHUTTLE is equipped with a 7.1-gallon fuel tank, 8-speed transmission, Tier IV, four-cycle, valve engine technology, and is 2290 millimeters in wheelbase and 280 millimeters in ground clearance. The Mahindra 1526 4WD SHUTTLE Tractor has an electrical power of 12 V, 46 Ah, and 540 CCA. It is one of the most lucrative items in the Mahindra Tractor Series, and it has a lot of power.


Compared to 1526, 1526 is bigger and has a longer wheelbase. It is available with either an 8 x 8 shuttle transmission (1526 S) or a three-range hydrostatic gearbox (1526 H), and it is also longer in length. 1526 is designed for comfort and simplicity of usage and has side controls, tilt steering, standard cruise control on HST, a right-hand step, and a thick rubber floor mat to achieve these objectives. This is the only shuttle transmission available in the class. Three-point lift capability has been increased by 38%. Loader lift capacity has been increased by 38% and increased built-in weight results in improved traction and stability. Ag, industrial, and turf tires are all available options. Implements that are simple to install include a backhoe, mid-mower, snow blower, blade, and broom.


  • Height: 81.5 in
  • Length: 121.3 in
  • Width: 63 in
  • Weight: 2,436 lbs

Engine type: Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline

Vehicle type: 4WD compact utility tractor

Fuel Capacity / Gas Tank Size: 7.1 gal

Mahindra 1526 Wheel Tractor

Mahindra 1526 Wheel Tractor Service Manual

The detailed service manuals cover the Mahindra 1526 Wheel Tractor Manual components in depth. Paired with a parts catalog, a mechanic should have all the necessary information:

  • Introduction
  • Engine
  • Fuel system
  • Electrical system
  • Transmission
  • Axles
  • Brake system
  • Power take-off system
  • Steering system

Mahindra Tractor repair manuals are intended for use by technicians and dealerships. While performing maintenance or repairs on his or her tractor, every tractor owner should have a service manual on hand as well as a Mahindra Tractor Parts Diagram to ensure proper reassembly.

Mahindra 1526 Wheel Tractor Price

The Mahindra 1526 Wheel Tractor can be bought at the rates mentioned below:

  • 1526 S: $22,750
  • 1526 H: $23,940