Mercury Marine – Overview & Top Models

Outboard motors are famous for their lightweight and compact mass, allowing the boat to accommodate more people. Looking at the history of the outboard motor manufacturers, one can easily find out how Mercury Marine is one of the top options out there. It is a division of Brunswick Corporation, solely founded to work on marine engines. Even though it is most famous for its outboard motors, its inboard motors and sterndrives line is second to none.

An interesting fact about the beginning of Mercury Marine Company is that the founder Carl Kiekhaefer wanted it to be the manufacturer of magnetic separators for dairy factories. He purchased an outboard Motor Company in Wisconsin, and it included about 300 defective outboard motors. He hired a small staff to rebuild those motors and later sold them to Montgomery Ward. The motors worked well, so the buyers purchased more, and the business expanded. It gave confidence to Carl Kiekhaefer, who then designed new motors with better elements that gave tough competition to his competitors. He then called the motor ‘Mercury’ with a logo of the Roman God.

He took over 15,000 orders at the New York boat show in 1940.

Mercury Marine in World War Two:

Mercury Marine after World War Two:

Considering the Americans’ interest in boating after World War Two, Mercury introduced a 10-horsepower, 19.8 cubic inch, two-cylinder alternate firing design engine at the New York board show in 1947. It was called “Lightning”, and the “Hurricane” with a solid block engine followed it in 1951.

The company continued progressing as it introduced its first large outboard with a four-cylinder called “Thunderbolt” in 1949. Although rated at 25 horsepower, it could put out around 28 in real.

In the following years, mercury manufactured snowmobiles; there were the fastest lake racers in those days. It gave new ideas to the whole industry of modern snowmobiles.

Mercury Marine Top Models:

Whether you talk about quality, innovation, performance, or reliability, Mercury Marine is the master of all. Outboards designed to go the distance while delivering legendary performance come out of the Mercury manufacturing facilities backed by years of innovation and leadership. Let’s look at some of the top Mercury Marine models that have changed human life on oceans.


Mercury Marine’s latest 7.6-litre SeaPro 500 horsepower meets the water with its first-ever V12 outboard. It is Mercury’s most powerful and capable commercial outboard, with heavy-duty components that provide reliability. Its revolutionary steerable gear case and two-speed transmission offer fantastic handling and maneuverability. As per the Mercury outboard manual, it is highly fuel efficient despite high power output, yet simple to maintain. That’s how it is an expert at minimizing expense and down timing while maximizing the output.

These models contra-rotating props and exceptionally smooth and quiet functioning are yet another bonus. It is corrosion-resistant to withstand the rigors of saltwater and comes with a corrosion warranty.

Mercury Outboard Service Manual
Mercury Marine Outboard Service Manual


The latest Verado delivers the ultimate luxury boating experience with a 7.6-liter V12 engine and a 600-horsepower output. It also features revolutionary advancements in control and handling. Automatic 2-speed transmission doles out maximum torque and acceleration in first gear before silently shifting to second for efficient thrilling and cruising. It has a superior fuel economy calibrated to deliver full performance on octane fuel.

It established new standards for quiet and smooth operations, and even at such a great power, its noise and vibration relate to the V8 300-horsepower Verardo outboard.

Fourstroke 175:

The 4.6-liter V8 and 3.4-liter V6 FourStroke 175 ensure reliability, power, flexibility, and efficiency. It delivers legendary performance and forward-thinking technology. It is designed to serve a wide range of marine workers as it’s built for any water body and a wide variety of boats with adaptive speed control, smooth and quiet functioning, easy maintenance, and ample charging output. Its quick acceleration, superior fuel economy, and light and compact nature are other positive points that make the players think twice before moving on to see another outboard.


Mercury Jet outboards are exclusively designed to pilot boats in shallow waters where propeller-driven hulls can’t operate. The Jet drive allows passage over obstacles that would otherwise restrict access to a propeller-powered outboard boat. It comes with an optional center-mounted big tiller for enhanced control. It is most commonly used for fishing purposes.